ive read this book at least 10 times

  • <p> <b></b> People who think doing acid is the worst thing you could ever do make me laugh. Yeah, things can go wrong I guess but doesn't stuff go wrong no matter what you're doing? Getting drunk is legal and could potentially kill you. You can even have bad experiences with just smoking weed. With ANY kind of mind altering drug OR drink anything can happen. Its about the set and setting. Of course I'm not saying go get a bag of heroin or go buy some crack I'm talking about alcohol weed and hallucinogenic drugs. Acid isn't addictive. Overdosing is near impossible. Acid DOES NOT stay in your spine and you won't become addicted and start tripping if you crack your back! I'm living proof. Prior to a fatal car accident of mine I did acid at least 3 months before and about a month after I started going to daily chiropractor appt. I NEVER once started tripping after or during and I am not dependent on the drug. Acid can be the best thing ever. Seeing things you wouldn't see normally, noticing small things you wouldn't have acknowledged before, hearing sounds in new ways, thinking of things about life you've never thought of before, smelling scents you wouldn't have ever smelt. Its a great drug. BUT, along with this mind changing experience you shouldn't do it every day or even month. A few times every year. Doing acid daily, weekly, or monthly could change your perception if your using too much. Its not weed. Excessive tripping could change your mind state if your constantly tripping. Do not drive on acid. Acid is something you need to prepare for. Its like a big event. Tripping and having a good trip is all about set and setting. Don't set yourself up to be in danger and be with close friends who you can trust. Even having someone sober would be good. Don't go out in heavily public places because you WILL become paranoid. Don't drive on acid or let someone drive on acid. Don't underestimate the power of the drug. Choosing a bad set and setting could result in a bad trip which you do not want to experience. You will have a good trip if you follow what I said. DO NOT do acid if you are going through mental health problems and don't do acid if you've been through a recent trauma such as a fatal car accident, close family or friend death anything that could be on your mind and upset you. Acid isn't as bad as people say. People say weed is the worst thing ever but st the same time people love it. Just because you read weed makes you this and that and does this to your body and that to your body doesn't mean its true? As many people who say its horrible will say the exact opposite. Its your decision to do what you want.<p/><b></b> I AM NOT TRYING TO ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO DO DRUGS OR DO ACID I AM TRYING TO EXPRESS HOW I FEEL ABOUT THESE DRUGS. I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR ANYTHING I AM GOING OFF MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES BOOKS IVE READ FRIENDS EXPERIENCES AND OTHER SOURCES. I HAVE DONE ACID AS MANY AS AT LEAST 10 TIMES AMD HAVE NEVER HAD ANY BAD EXPERIENCES. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH WHAT I HAVE SAID PLEASE JUST AGREE TO DISAGREE WITH ME. FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANYTHING.<p/></p>

@irishforjane yes yes yessss omg it was stunning i loved ive told 62 ppl to read it and im about to start it again so i can make notes and bookmark which is always a sign i like a book ha. I HAVE THOUGHTS. also i got it on my kindle but i will be getting it in hardback in the new year which i always do with my favourite books so all in all yes i loved it lol