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Sirius stepped outside of the Potter’s house, his arms hanging limply by his sides, the lump in his throat was aching and he wasn’t sure how he was still standing. Everything was broken; he didn’t know where to turn. He tilted his heavy head towards the sky and he felt grief drown him and fill his lungs when his eyes laid on the Dark mark looming over the house. It was mocking, it was cruel, and Sirius couldn’t take it anymore.

He screamed up at the mark, his hands curled into fists so tight that his knuckles turned white and his nails drew blood from his palms. He bellowed and cried until his distraught sounds were echoing off all of the houses in the street, until his voice was cracking and breaking. But he didn’t care; he’d had the only real family he’d ever known ripped from him. He was allowed to feel this pain; he was allowed to hurt, he was allowed to mourn. Sirius’ knees gave way suddenly and he dropped limply into the snow as he began to sob. Hands yanking at his hair as he begged, to no one in particular, for it all to have been some horrible nightmare. He was trembling and his youthful face was distorted to a horrific measure of pain, screaming out once more as he tried to force himself further into the thin layer of snow – to hide from the truth. Sirius punched at the ground in resignation, hitting the paved pathway beneath the snow sharply - barking in pain as he felt a few of his fingers crack and break under the pressure.

He’d lost his best friend, his brother – the only person in the whole world to care for him when no one else did. Sirius felt like he’d had his heart ripped from his chest, doused in gasoline and set on fire. James had been there for him when no one else was, through his darkest days and through his brightest. James was always there for him; he was the only family Sirius had. Now that he was gone, Sirius was alone. More alone than he had ever been before.

Sirius weakly rolled his arm against the ground, so his palm was facing the black sky. He pushed the sleeve of his leather jacket up to his elbow to look down at the tattoo on his wrist, the one that read 'MWPP'.  He broke into another fit of pained sobs as a line began to draw itself across the final ‘P’.

James Potter was no more. Prongs was no more. And Sirius Black felt broken beyond repair. 

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*whispers* Was part 4 & 5 of the Space AU comic ever up? I tried searching it through your tags but couldn't find it... :( Sorry!

sorry, no, i kinda lost the drive for it. maybe ill find the motivation to finish it soon, but i kinda hate what ive finished so far of part 4 and 5 since its been such a long time since working on it… i have to just start over with those panels ive started, in addition to the ones i havent done yet, and with school and everything, i reeeeeally dont have time for that kind of undertaking right now. im gonna have to do it pretty close to all at once if i want any sort of consistency (which i do), and i kinda lost that over the course of working on the three panels i have done so far (out of a planned…15 i think it was??? ugh it ended up being way longer and way more work than i originally meant for it to be).

as an apology ill just post this panel… it was supposed to be the one that came next from where i left off. it looks… ok… but im not happy with it at all and the other panels ive done look much worse and i just. *sigh* im really sorry you guys i really dropped the ball on this one

like i said, i wanna finish it eventually but i really dont have the time or energy to fight with the rest of these panels right now