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Dinner? (Part IV)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language. Fluff. Mild Angst.

Word Count: 2369

Author’s Note: It’s a short ass chapter!! Forgive me please!! Based on a conversation with @pleasecallmecaptain​. FINALLY. PART 4 IS UP. I’M SORRY IM GARBAGE. PLEASE FORGIVE AND FORGET. This is NOT the end! PART 5 IS COMING. I SWEAR. Thank you to everyone who has liked and reblogged this fic, and helped this blog grow tremendously within the past month!!!! ALSO. DISCLAIMER BECAUSE I’VE NEVER BEEN TO A CON BEFORE SO IDK HOW ACCURATE ANY OF THIS IS.

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By the time you had finished getting ready, your underwear was dry. You slipped it on, opting to stay in Sebastian’s shirt. After finishing the leftover pizza, you, Sebastian and Hayley left for the convention centre.

When you arrived, there seemed to be some sort of commotion so you were all escorted into the centre through the back entrance. There was still some time left before the panel started so while Sebastian and Hayley left to join the cast, you wandered around backstage aimlessly, checking your Tumblr.

You were just mindlessly scrolling through your dashboard when suddenly something caught your eye.

Is that? Ohmygod. What? Is that? No way. How?

There, on your dash, was a picture of you and Seb leaving the centre together last night. You stared at it. You felt hot tears prickling the corners of your eyes. How would he react? What if he refutes it? Or what if he’s not ready to talk about the pair of you? What if, what if, what if?

You didn’t want someone to catch him off guard at the panel. He didn’t deserve that. You set of in search of him, nervously wringing your hands. You had no idea where he was but you had to try. You walked around backstage, frantically searching for Sebastian.

As you ran about the convention centre, you failed to notice the stares that people were giving you. Especially from those that were extreme fangirls of Sebastian’s. However, in your hurried state, you simply breezed past them, head swiveling left and right, eyes focused and snapping about. Every time you thought you saw someone who even remotely looked like Sebastian, your neck snapped around, eyes narrowing in before disappointment and frustration settled in as you realized you were mistaken.

You searched and searched but it was no use. You wouldn’t be able to warn Sebastian that someone had seen you two leave together. You didn’t know the extent of the reactions of Sebastian’s fans over the picture but if you had to guess, they would either be really supportive or hate your guts.

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