ive nothing to say about this

me: *literally says nothing about drag race*

cishet girl who has only seen season 7: oh honey, oh honey, me? like drag race? hunty I’m literally a drag expert mama your edges can’t take this knowledge miss thing okurr oh yall wanted a twist? fuck me in the pussy with a rake mom


♥ D-12 until VIXX-OTPS’s fourth anniversary: 10 reasons why Ken and Hyuk fans love them so much ♥

if you all ever need a good laugh, always remember that eustass kid thinks he has the ability to kill shanks

Yoko Ono’s “Cleaning Pieces”


Write down a sad memory. 

Put it in a box. 

Burn the box and sprinkle the ashes in the field. 

You may give some ashes to a friend who shared the sadness. 


Make a numbered list of sadness in your life. 

Pile up stones corresponding to those numbers. 

Add a stone, each time there is sadness. 

Burn the list, and appreciate the mount of stones for its beauty. 

Make a numbered list of happiness in your life. 

Pile up stones corresponding to those numbers. 

Add a stone, each time there is happiness. 

Compare the mount of stones to the one of sadness. 


Try to say nothing negative about anybody. 

a) For three days 

b) For forty-five days 

c) For three months 

See what happens to your life. 


Write down everything you fear in life. 

Burn it. 

Pour herbal oil with a sweet scent on the ashes. 


Let a list of arbitrary names come into your mind as you go to sleep. 

Say “bless you” after each name. 

Do this with speed, by keeping a constant rhythm, so, in no way, you would hesitate to bless them.

- SU AMETHYST THEORY: “Deep Cut” Definition - Not a Defect; a Secret Weapon!! -

So when the Crystal Gems are all at the forge, Bismuth calls Amethyst “Deep Cut”. She says “Hey deep cut, what’chu packin’?”

When Amethyst pulls out her whip, Bismuth is genuinely impressed and continues, “Not every Quartz can make a whip like this”

I looked up what a “deep cut” means in gem terminology. 

“When we discuss colored gemstones such as sapphire, ruby and emerald, the main motive of cut is to maximize color to its full potential. In contrast, cutting in diamonds mostly refers to maximizing brilliance.”

Stones that are too deep will look smaller than expected but they will show off more color than they would if they were cut to normal proportions. Deep-cut stones also preserve weight, increasing the cost of the stone without the expected increase in the size of the crown (top portion of the gem).”

Well, we now know why Amethyst is considered a defect by Homeworld, she came out cut too deep, so she looks smaller. But check out what else it says about deep cut gems; their color is more saturated, vibrant, beautiful. Possible relevance as their bodies are a projection of light, and with light you get colors. I think that’s why her weapon is special.(Or, if the color has nothing to do with it, then a deeper cut/color would mean her potential is maxed out. Like maxed IVs!)  They also ‘preserve weight ’ without having to be physically bigger. That could mean Amethyst has more mass packed in her body than the other gems; she’s smaller because of her gem’s density, which would explain her shapeshifting prowess.

In particular, why Amethyst can shapeshift into someone twice her size like The Purple Puma, or Jasper, without taking damage (when she’s used to the form, comparing Purple Puma vs Jasper, she’s been shown to sustain Puma for much longer without resting). Even then it took a long time before being Jasper started to be hard for her. 

In contrast, remember how tired Steven got, from just stretching his body a few inches??

Her smaller body is ALSO why when she finally accepts herself, it takes her TEN SECONDS to reform after she’s poofed the second time: 

How long did it take Pearl the Perfectionist?

TWO. WEEKS. So in battle, though she still needs some protection, Amethyst’s small size gives her a tremendous advantage; she could potentially save herself from being shattered by reforming almost immediately. No other gem has had that ability so far.

Finally, Amethyst is just deep. She’s a very deep person.

Why else do I think this is relevant? Well… 

“Stones that are too shallow will look big for their weight and appear lighter in color than deeper-cut stones.”

Why does that sound familiar?


Shallow has several meanings here. Her weapon is a helmet. Her battle strategy is to run into her foe. 

That’s a shallow strategy. No one will stay with Jasper because she only thinks of things from her perspective; she lacks insight in other’s emotions. She’s, in a way, shallow. 

Or, an allegory for being born with pure talent vs having to work for everything you have, and how shallow pure talent alone really is. 

In Conclusion

Homeworld has a recourse problem, and Amethyst’s ‘deep cut’ gives her all the abilities of a regular cut Quartz soldier plus more, while taking the same amount of resources to create, and they’d consider her a defect?? Homeworld. You fools. 

I. Choke up the depression
Feel it shape-shift to mania in your larynx
You’re drinking bottled happiness now

II. Find someone that scares you more than you scare yourself
Rip your own heart out of your chest and put it in her hands
You’ll only feel real when it hurts

III. You’ll be a mirror
The girl that dropped out of physics–
Bend her light through your focal point
Show her what she wants but does not need
Your friends will say nothing about the bruises
They all know reflected images are not real

IV. Sink deep into your own body
For the soul you convinced yourself was never really there to begin with
Sickness eats at your brain and shreds the lining of your stomach
Self diagnose, self medicate, self destruct

V. Tell the boy in gym class about the pills you pop on the weekend
Two years later he’ll crash his car rolling on the same prescription
Shatters his ulna on the driver’s side window
Quit those and started abusing his adderall
Another casualty left in your wake

VI. Continue to avoid yourself
Internal monologue is canceled today
Drown out any remnants of thought with music louder than your lungs when they scream for nicotine

VII. Today you’re the cool girl in all black
Tomorrow you’ll wear tie dye and soften your voice
Spending the day wondering if your bisexuality is an excuse to ignore the burning need to find your identity

VII. Music can’t drown out the intrusive thoughts
Stay up all night waiting for the floor to fall out from underneath you
Justify three days without sleep as a forced shift to mania
Realize you’re still wallowing in crippling depression

VIII. Switch to uppers

IX. Get clean under a microscope when she gets sick of carrying around your arhythmic heart
Detox in front of an audience
Spend March sweating and shivering
Dry heaving in the back corner of the girl’s bathroom between AP literature and AP psychology
There’s no time to talk about it

X. Spend a year learning to trust again
Make progress through regression
Hurt your friends
See a doctor
Keep an untouched bottle of pills on your nightstand
Let them pile up month after month
Is addiction okay if your name is on the prescription?

XI. Become enchanted by the boy in your ceramics class
Let him shatter the mirror you hide behind
Force yourself to face the tough questions
He’ll hold your hand as you navigate the shattered glass
Lead him to safety–he doesn’t wear shoes

XII. 2 a.m. on a school night and you’re sitting in his car looking up at the stars
Wrapped in the blanket he keeps just for you
Laughing at nothing and feeling everything
This is it
This is you
And you are enough

—  Thank you for holding my hand while I find myself

things to consider; agender magnus chase

• magnus has a pretty good concept of gender and identity. he always has, at least, when it comes to others - reading himself has always been a little harder for him.

• he imagines he’s probably a dude. people have called him a dude up til now, so, theyre probably right. he never really thinks too much on it

• until alex makes a silly comment about “getting together ever thursday to question our gender like a team”. magnus laughs and it makes her smile, but it sticks in his head for a long time. he starts to really wonder what makes someone a man and what makes someone a woman.

• he thinks it might be rude to ask alex, but he cant think of anyone else who would have a better handle on it. he doesnt ask her anyways - he goes to sam. “what makes you a woman?” he asks. she goes quiet for a moment, like she isnt sure. “strength” she answers. “the thing inside me that makes me a woman is my strength.” she shrugs. “its different for everyone.” this wasnt the answer he was expecting and it doesnt help much, but hes glad he asked anyways.

• he goes to hearth next, asks him what makes him a man. hearth signs “rebellion” lazily, then shows the edge of what magnus thinks is a tank top under his shirt. magnus makes a face of confusion and hearth signs “binder.” he shakes his head. “i wont be his sweet little daughter. never.” magnus brings his hand towards his face without thinking about it, signs his thanks. “you always surprise me” he says out loud, almost to himself. hearth shrugs. “i know” he signs.

• magnus is at a loss. he knew gender was confusing, but this? this is ridiculous. neither answer helped him feel anyway towards the other, and maybe that was just the thing - he didnt feel particularly like a boy or a girl. he’s about to go ask blitzen when alex cuts him off.

• “okay, maggie. you and me. we’re settling this.” he doesnt understand what she means until she crosses her arms and says much more quietly “samirah told me.” she tucks a lock of shockingly green hair behind her ear, much more withdrawn than usual. “are you asking for yourself or-” magnus nods immediately. she seems to relax a bit, tenseness leaving her muscles. “oh… i mean. you can talk to me, if you want. if anyone can help you with gender, its me - ive got two of them.” he laughs a little. “practically makes me an expert.” he grins at her and she grins back. they leave for a more private location.

“i just dont get it” magnus admits when they get there. they’re sitting side by side in alex’s room, enjoying the wide open space. theres something sacred and secret about it. something they share. “is it possible to have no gender?” he continues. “is it possible to just… be nothing?”

alex blinks rapidly. “well, sure.”

his head turns towards her quickly, eyes wide. “seriously?”

alex shrugs and says again, “sure. i mean, you arent ‘nothing’ - that would make you agender. neither man nor woman, not nonbinary, and not fluid like me. but not ‘nothing’.”

magnus falls backwards, letting the back of his head touch the ground. he’s staring up but his eyes aren’t seeing. “wow. im.. that? agender?”

alex lays next to him, some of her hair falling over his face. he absent-mindedly blows it away from his mouth and she laughs. “if you think so. you can always… i dunno, try it out and see if its right. i used to think i was only a girl.” she shrugs again. “its okay to be wrong about stuff like this. you find your way to yourself eventually.”

theyre quiet for a moment. then he says “youre being very nice to me right now.”

when he turns his head to see her, he sees shes cracked a wicked smile. “im just warming you up. that way youll never see it coming.”

he raises an eyebrow, the corners of his mouth lifting just a little. “see what coming?”

alex hums. “it.”

they go back to staring at the expanse of sky above them, both smiling. magnus wasnt sure how he expected the day to go, but this wasnt it. he feels… good. he feels like something has shifted, something that was always meant to be has come to be.

magnus has never noticed it before, but for the first time, things just feel right.

mikailamika  asked:

Hi! could you do friends to lovers for jaehyun too? I really like your aus <333 thank youuu :D

a lot of people asked for him ^^ (im also working on his college au~)
find others: ten | sicheng | mark

  • you actually don’t know jaehyun at first,,,,,but he knows you
  • because you work part-time at this restaurant that he and mark always go to and for some reason,,,,even though they’ve been there like 1354484 times you,,,,,never remember his name
  • you remember mark tho,,,,really well????? and every time he comes in you’re like “canada!! whats up?” and jaehyun is like ???? canada??? they have a nickname for you
  • and mark is like yeah, i have a nickname for them too they’re really cool
  • and jaehyun is like ?!??! because,,,,,,,he wants a nickname too what,,,,i mean no he just wonders how mark got to know you so well
  • and mark explains that its just because he comes here with other members too so you see him more and he’s like “jaehyun,,,i can introduce you if you want?”
  • and jaehyun is like,,,,,,,s-sure,,,,not that i wanT To bE TheIR FrIEND or anything,,,
  • and mark is just like mhmm anyway the next time we go ill do it~
  • mark keeps his promise,,,, the next time they stop by the place for some food you’re like grinning when you see mark,,,high fiving him and giving jaehyun a polite nod
  • and marks like “btw this is jaehyun,,,he comes here a lot but you always mix him up with doyoung and taeyong and taeil so remember him ok??” 
  • and you’re like laughing into your hand and you’re like im sorry jaehyun,,,,i have terrible memory i only remember people by their nicknames
  • and jaehyun quietly mumbles that it’s ok,, and mark is just like “hey! you can call him jeffery. that was his name when he was in america” and you’re like cool!!! jeffery and canada then
  • and jaehyun is like !!! they gave me a nickname
  • mark: actually i-
  • jaehyun: sh
  • but,,,from that day on you keep saying jaehyun’s nickname and he even works up the courage to come without mark and you’re like !!!!! hey jeffrey 
  • and he’s like,,,,,,,oh my god they remember me now
  • you guys get closer too because sometimes he’ll come in and you’ll take a little break to sit and talk and jaehyun tells you embarrassing stories about mark that you later tease him for just a bit,,, or you guys talk about the fact that you both like movies and sports and whatnot
  • jaehyun always asks if you’ll give him the recipe to the restaurants spicy pork and you’re like the owner would kill me so,,,,,no
  • and its nice,,,,,because jaehyun finally feels like he’s your friend the way mark was and mark assumes jaehyun wants to be more than just ur friend
  • but jaehyun is like !!! what???? haha no ive never had a crush in my life
  • and mark is like ok,,,,dude,,,,sure
  • until one day jaehyun comes to eat with mark and you don’t greet them with the usual smile and joke,,,to be honest the look on your face is pure exhaustion and before mark can ask jaehyun takes a hold of your wrist as you set down the water for them and asks,,,concern laced in his voice,,,,about whats going on
  • and you look at him,,, try to muster a smile and say that it’s nothing. work and school have just got too much too handle and you’re only running on 2 hours of sleep
  • when you disappear into the kitchen mark looks at jaehyun and is like “,,,,,hey are you listening?” but jaehyun’s eyes are glued to the kitchen door,,,,,,,waiting for you
  • and mark just chuckles to himself and when you come back out he tells you that he can’t order - he needs to get back home really quickly but that jaehyun will stay
  • confused, both you and jaehyun look at him but mark winks at jaehyun before slinging his bag over his shoulder and waving goodbye
  • and you rub your eyes,,,still tired before asking what jaehyun wants and he orders the usual but he’s also like “do you think you can sit down for a bit,,,you look like you might pass out”
  • and you’re like im fine jeffery,,,it’s all good and you even try to laugh but jaehyun can hear the strain in your voice
  • and when you get his order,,, he notices you almost trip and instinctively gets out of his seat and when you’re about to set down the plate,,,you wobble a bit and it almost slips off the tray but jaehyun catches it
  • and you apologize and jaehyun,,,,cant take it 
  • he calls out to the owner that you’re going to go with him outside
  • the owner makes a face but jaehyun says its urgent - he’ll come back and pay for the food and everything so the owner waves their hands and says that it needs to be quick
  • with jaehyuns arm around your waist he helps you outside and tells you to sit down outside the restaurant while he runs to the grocery nearby to get you some drinks and snacks and you whisper that he shouldn’t have done that,,,
  • tell your boss you needed a break you were fine and for the first time you see jaehyun frown,,,like really frown and he opens the drink for you and is like “here. eat this too, and stop talking nonsense. no one is fine on 2 hours of sleep.”
  • you try to protest but jaehyun is like “drink. eat. dont argue.” and you do it,,,,sighing and getting up because you need to get back to work
  • but jaehyun stops you and he’s like “if you need help, you can lean on me. really.”
  • and you’re like “jef- jaehyun?”
  • and he shyly looks away but after chewing his lip he looks back at you,,,,,and your heart does a little spin because ??? was he always this handsome/??
  • and he goes “mark was right, you know i never just wanted to be a friend to you. i want to be,,,,,,something more,,,,,,,so if that’s ok -”
  • swallowing he pulls you into his arms and against your hair whispers “if that’s ok,,,let me take care of you ok?”
  • the moment is,,,,heart touching and you feel your face flush red,,,but being in his arms is so comfortable
  • it feels,,,,right
  • and you hear your boss open the door and yell for you to come back but jaehyun is like “owner!!! id like to order 7 more sets of the lunch special!!”
  • that gets the owner smiling and they’re like ooo coming right up,,,,7???? that’s like more than a hundred dollars-
  • and you pull away and you’re like ??? jaehyun 7 sets??? can you eat that much
  • and he’s like “i can eat a lot more than you expect, also ill share with the other guys, but um -”
  • he looks around and then suddenly pecks your lips and he’s like 
  • “sorry,,,i wanted to do that before your boss makes you go back in”
  • giggling,,,you touch your lips and you’re like it’s ok ,,,,,,,,, jaehyun
  • and he’s like no more jeffery? and you’re im not gonna call my boyfriend a nickname,,,ill call him jaehyun or,,,,,,do you like my baby more??
  • jaehyun blushing: i,,,um,,,oh,,,, 

i can’t tell what’s funnier, taako and lup being like brother-sister weirded out by the other one’s relationships, we’re talking like, lup making the world’s lamest innuendo to barry as they’re cleaning up the dinner table and taako yelling “EWWWWW” and dropping the plates he’s holding on the floor and they shatter as taako sprints from the room. we’re talking justin mcelroy listening to his father talk about sex levels of “GOD, NO, IM DYING SOMEONE PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY IVE DIED AND IM DEAD”. we’re talking lup getting a spritz bottle and spraying taako with water if he tries to give kravitz a goodbye kiss before work

OR taako and lup being best-friends-and-absolutely-nothing-you-can-say-will-phase-me because they did grow up together on their own for decades, so maybe after a point they just maxed out on grossness. of course, this would lead to some dinner conversations where both of them have had a little wine and are flirting with sharply decreasing subtlety with their respective boyfriends (krav and barry are slightly uncomfortable but ok until the twins have the convo “mind if we take the guest room? we’re gonna need the space IF ya know what i mean” “sure, sure, but you might have to dry clean the rug in here that cool? also can i grab some fantasy condoms from in there first” “yeah you got it bro”)

Ok so as you might know, Villainous has a ask.fm, and some of the questions are in spanish, so here are some translations

Why is the bears name 5.0.5?
Its the number that Flug assigned to his project.

Is Flug hired or enslaved?
whats the difference?

What abilities do you have?
Imagine your worst nightmares, the most unpleasant and most terrifying blasphemies; Because its all nothing compared to what i can do

How many suprheroes have you defeated?
Too many! ive already lost count of how many incompetent heroes have been victims of my evil!

Can i torment 5.0.5?
you can annihilate him if you want.

(there is one about artificial black holes but honestly i have no idea what it says and google leaves me even more confused)

how do you dress like a gentleman and at the same time be so intimidating?
I like to do evil with class

About the plane that is… crashed beind your mansion, could that be Dr.Flugs lab?
That plane needs to be removed, its generating too many questions.

Dear Black Hat, i see that you’re selling weapons to super villains, but but what about your goal of dominating the world? now you’re giving the weapons to other villains. why the change of plans?

Hey!! what plans do you have about world domination by dear BlackHat?
Demencia! you’ve already asked me this six times in person this month! and now this!?

Black Hat, What are you?

i’ll translate the rest if there is a demand for it

i. I absolutely cannot stand the snares of your hands,
or how I catch myself on your barbed wire mouth,
when I choke on your gasoline voice,
or cut myself on your switchblade fingers.
I loathe these weapons of yours more than I loathe the actual tangible knifes you keep hidden under your sleeves.
I hate that somebody did something so awful to you that you were forced to wear hatred as a second skin.
I hate myself more that I wasn’t there to shield you from it.

ii. I wonder how different our lives would be if we had been switched.
Me: Andrew.
You: Aaron.
Me: Given up on.
You: Kept.
Would everything turn out the same? Would we have led completely different lives? Would we be broken again? Made whole?
(Would she have hit you, too?)
(Would he have used me, too?)

iii. I hear the way people talk about you when you’re not there.
Like you’re this awful thing.
Like they’ve taken a bite out of you and realized you’ve gone bad in the middle.
When they speak, they’re trying to get the taste of you out of their mouths,
Spitting and spitting until there’s nothing left to expel.
Sometimes I want to say something.
Sometimes I want to argue.
But we come from the same batch, after all.
How can I argue when I taste just as bad as you do?

iv. I went to the Circle K around the corner one night and bought myself a pack of cigarettes: the same brand you use.
I stood outside and popped one in my mouth,
lit it with unpracticed hands.
I had seen you do this so often,
I thought maybe it would come almost naturally, like I had been the one catching fire to things all these years instead of you.
But the weight of it felt so wrong between my fingers,
the motions unfitting for me,
the taste acidic and raw and awful.
It reminded me too much of him—of that stray dog that follows you around all day—and less like you,
less like home.
I’m trying to understand this. I’m trying to be okay with you-and-him.
But there are some things that people shouldn’t get in the way of. This was one of them.
The box cost $7.89 and screamed your name. I didn’t even hesitate when I threw it away.

v. Every once and a while I’ll dream about that night.
Sometimes it’s me instead of you, or I can’t move at all and I’m forced to watch, or I beat him over and over but he keeps getting back up.
Either way, the entire time you’re just laughing.
Like I told a joke and you think it’s the funniest thing in the world.
I’m beating him to death and sloshing his blood around and you’re laughing like you’re at a comedy show.
Whenever I wake up from those dreams, I never want to sleep ever again.

vi. I never understand our fights.
Normal people throw around words they don’t mean and slam doors they would usually leave ajar.
But us?
We fight like our lives are on the line.
We fight like it’s a race and there’s only one winner.
You leave me aching and I leave you waterlogged.
We become such ferocious animals, all sharp teeth and heavy claws, ripping and tearing without a care to give.
The entire world comes to a stop when we have even the slightest disagreement,
a spotlight shining down to showcase our own personal brand of hate.
I sometimes wonder if that’s us making up for lost time.
All those years we never got to spend fighting like brothers.
Maybe we’re finally making up for that.
Maybe we’re trying to meet our quota before our time is up.
Before we can’t fight anymore.

vii. One time when you weren’t looking, I stole one of your pills.
I saved it for when you wouldn’t be around and swallowed it dry, felt it run down my throat.
I thought that if they made you smile all the time, maybe they’d make me smile, too.
But all I felt was this hallow ache in my chest,
like something bad had grabbed hold of me from the inside.
I was used to flying high, higher than most people would dream to go,
But this was just wrong on so many levels.
It lasted only four hours before I started to wind down, but that was one of the longest four hours of my life.
I wasn’t happy. But I smiled anyway. I couldn’t stop. My cheeks hurt after.
I think I understood you a little better after that day.

viii. I voted to name your cat Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. And I’m not even sorry.

ix. (I’m sorry.)

x. I love you.

—  Ten Things Aaron Wants To Tell Andrew (But Never Will)
Business or Pleasure? (Seungcheol x Female Reader)

Order up! for @jicheolftw

Request: Hospital setting. You’re a cardiac surgeon, and Seungcheol is the new nurse on your floor.

Smut; Exhibitionism; Kinda Dirty Talk?

Word Count: 5104


“You’re drooling.”

           You startle and drop your pen. It falls with a clack onto your clipboard before rolling off the counter towards the LPN sitting at his desk in front of you. Jeonghan picks it up and hands it back.

           You take it, suppressing a blush. “No I’m not.”

           “Practically,” he says, tucking his bangs back. “I bet he can feel you staring.”

           You glance over at the object of your gaze again. Choi Seungcheol, the new nurse on your floor, is busy at the medicine cart, picking through bottles for whatever another doctor asked for. When he bends down to look on the second shelf, his black scrubs stretch taut over his broad shoulders and show the faint outlines of well-toned muscles. Though he’s been working here for almost a month now, you’ve barely talked to him save for a quick Patient in room forty-two is due for an IV change, or Watch room twelve on his oxy intake. Work stuff. Medical stuff. Very unsexy stuff. And always followed by a deep Yes, Doctor. You don’t like to admit to yourself what that voice makes you feel under your skin.

           And Jeonghan has been giving you hell about it ever since Seungcheol introduced himself on his first day.

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anonymous asked:

u mamamoo fans are always fucking protecting them even with all the stupid shit they do. even as white girl i can see that they appropriated the bindi. u fucking whore.

i wasnt going to answer this because, as a general rule, i dont post rude anons on my blog but this really bothered me. so im going to break this down for you.

1. What Mamamoo wore was NOT a bindhi - it was an Urna. We know this because of the lyrics in Aze Gag. Now an Urna, according to Google (and my mom), is a spiral or circular dot placed on the forehead of Buddhists and is very often seen on east and south asian art work. It is not constricted to one specific culture, but the religion as a whole. So many east asian women and men who practise are seen wearing urnas:

ex 1 (this is specific to Korea, I believe):

ex 2:

Fun fact, everyone in my family are practising Buddhists. we love it when people look and recognize our culture and religion. I showed the mv to my parents because i wanted their input. my mom laughed and my dad said they looked cute.

Another fun fact, Solar is also Buddhist. If she wanted to wear the urna and let her friends wear an urna. that’s that. nothing to say. nothing to do. If you are insulted because they wore urnas and are buddhist, you have every right to be and can unstan them. its ur right.

2.  Again, what they wore was NOT a bindhi. ANOTHER FUN FACT: i am from India - born and raised who now lives in Canada! I’m not exactly sure about other South asian countries because ive never been there but in India,  the traditional meaning of the bindi is extinct (i dont even know what it means), it’s more a fashion accessory than a religious thing.

Also, most Indians LOVVVEEEE it when foreigners come and try on our kurtis/kurtas and wear bindis and come with us to temples. WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE. i effing love it when i see other people take part and understand it.

this lovely lady does a much better job at explaining this: https://twitter.com/stravaganxo/status/877490121443913729

Again, Mamamoo were not wearing bindis and even if they were it would not be a problem to Indians living in India. However, if you are South Asian and you felt uncomfortable with the fact, you have every right to be and can unstan them. 


4. Was is really necessary to curse? you could have easily written your opinion in a dignified manner - even if youre angry or upset, name-calling is not the way go.

5. Like I’ve mentioned before, as an indian buddhist i was not offended by what Mamamoo did at all. But if YOU were, that is completely youre right (BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE BUDDHIST OR SOUTH ASIAN). You can unstan them but please just stop leaving hate everywhere, telling them to die, etc. it’s just horrible. If you are from a different culture, religion, etc you can ALSO unstan them - its completely your choice! just stop butting in with ur opinions when you dont know the true culture or know all the facts.

thank you. sorry for any mistakes, i wrote this when i was very upset. 

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I'm so glad you love davepetasprite and understand their character too oh my god. they were the first character I've seen who's cannonly non binary and just do casual about it? and i love them so much so when i see people like you calling out people who are being misunderstanding dicks to them i get so happy

davesprite and davepeta are characters of particular interest to me because they explore a hs theme that i find pretty cool

ive seen a lot of people insist one or the other – that davepeta is their own character and not dave and nepeta at all, and that you cant gather any info about either of them from davepeta. then ive seen people say the opposite, that theyre basically just nepeta and dave taking turns at piloting a 3d holographic card in person form. then ive seen both factions insist the other one is completely wrong.

honestly i think it comes straight down the middle. i think davesprites arc is an exploration of the dichotomy between mind and heart. davesprite is a divergence from dave – we see very clearly how he reacts differently to things than dave (getting pissed off at john for being ungrateful while alpha dave tells john its nothing and not to worry about it right after), davesprite saying hes just a janky dave knockoff and not worthy of having friends or relationships of his own, and john very notably telling davesprite to fuck off and that he couldnt wait to meet up with the real dave when he got angry at him during his birthday.
davesprite underwent different experiences, different choices, and is different from dave in a measurable amount as a result. this is where you get people insisting that davesprite is his own character completely separate from dave. and while i agree in the same way that bro is not the same as dirk, grandpa harley is not the same as jake, kankri is not the same as the signless, etc, it doesnt mean that davesprite doesnt illuminate certain things about daves character and personality and how he would react to similar situations or his general thought process. (you see this get sort of lampshaded in this conversation, where davesprite says that he just noticed he likes to talk to himself, wonders if alpha dave also made that observation and concludes that nah, he had to be a bird for 3 years to come to it. meanwhile….alpha dave at about the exact same time has this monologue where hes come the same realization, sans birdness factor)
its the balance of nature vs nurture, and while davesprite comes swinging in heavily on the mind/nurture side of things (with some indications that its not a complete divergence) and this contributes to his lower self esteem and identity crisis, once he merges with nepeta (a heart player) a more balanced view of this is achieved. davesprite, through davepeta, gains an understanding that hes still technically connected to the greater platonic entity of dave just as much as the current alpha version of dave is and is just as important to the grander scheme of things, which was the main source of his inner turmoil.

this is where you get a lot of complaints saying that the ultimate self resolution to davesprites character went completely against his previous conflict, and while i understand people who say this…. this isnt really taking into account the other things davepeta said about their existence. they still declared themselves a new person, with new pronouns, consciously decided not to act on nepetas former feelings for karkat, and decided to just live their new life as a new person, instead acting on former feelings for jade. (presumably because shes not in a relationship like karkat already is, and the former relationship was requited and just…more thematically tied with jade) while talking about how everyone is connected to a greater self, at the same time they still went ahead and distinguished themselves as a new entity separate from that. you could say it should have been executed better, but its still a balancing act between the two aspects.

anyway this was way longer than it should have been but in conclusion davepeta rules

social media creates the illusion that artists are constantly producing incredible things every single day since we see so much art on our dashboards and timelines at once…but the reality is that these artists are all individuals with their own lives and struggles, maybe some of them have a hard time making even one decent drawing in a week.

anyway what im trying to say is, theres nothing wrong with struggling making things, its ok to take breaks if you need it…this has been discussed by others but i think its important to Not draw sometimes. art is extremely important to me and its important to me to continue improving what i do, but if im feeling unhappy while drawing i just stop and do something else…theres no need to destroy yourself for the sake of creativity. nothing good can come out of that

I. My mother doesn’t know that when I have nightmares they are of rotting corpses lying on the inside of my ribcage. She doesn’t know how much it hurts to crack myself open as though I am a rock who won’t let anyone shatter it. A rock too solid for mankind, too headstrong to exist.
When I had ripped myself apart before I thought maybe this is it, the moment where the jigsaw pieces fit together in my two fragile lungs.

II. Chiseled jaws stay silent when all they want is to be heard; a lifetime of molasses drips from the mouths of those who only want to be listened to yet nothing comes out except the slow excerpt of their lives. I am looking at myself in the mirror as I write this and I realize my jaw line only exists when I turn my head. This must mean I am outspoken.

III. When you ask me what body memories are I will say this: nothing is the same anymore. I’m faced with the possibility of my own limbs not working when I think too hard or too long. I will tell you that some days I see my future; a long generation of my own, clapping and dancing together as tough they are content. I will tell you that other days I feel Antarctica splitting apart in my bones and I can no longer feel the touch of another person without feeling the beat of his heart.

IV. My father tells me not to worry about myself yet he tells me it is a wicked world out there. How does he expect me to feel with my own hands the sweet sap of this small earth if he doesn’t let me free from this cast he molded with his mouth?

V. You never lose memories, they are distributed troughout the brain, stored in multiple cells and cages. One day I searched all day for the key to my memories. And that was the day I learned the rotting begins once you are born.

silmarillion characters as wolfpupy tweets

CELEGORM: survival tip: you can sleep in an unattended birds nest for free

CURUFIN: have to stop saying “how am i going to kill my way out of this one” everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud

EREINION: im well aware that ive accidently set myself on fire and its none of your business. i dont need your pity water either. let me burn in peace

FEANOR: the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead 

FINGOLFIN: haha youd have to stab me with atleast 6 more knives than this, this is so little amount of knives that i am stabbed with

FINARFIN: some say killing people is the answer to the problems, me personally i think killing people is bad to do because im not a horrible monster

GALADRIEL: you have to be cruel to be kind, no wait the other thing, you have to do nice things. phew, could have caused a lot of problems

GLORFINDEL: it happens to the best of us, the best of us such as me, out of both of us im the best one, probably too great to give you usable advice

GWINDON: things are going really well for me now that ive changed the meaning of really well to the opposite of what it means in my head

MAEDHROS: to everyone who said this would never work, sorry about the huge amount of damage and all of the fires 

MAEGLIN: i don’t want to throw anyone under the bus here unless they are my enemy or betrayer or if it will help me get where i’m going faster

MAGLOR: the “drama” fiasco is over, we learned nothing from it and nothing changed but we can safely say it is over for sure i hear that

MANWE: “who am i to judge” - the confused judge, the court room just became a comedy room in this all new sitcom, i sentence you to laugh in prison

MELKOR: at the end of the day whats important is not the enemies you’ve crushed and killed, it’s the gems, coins, and jewels you got from doing it

SAURON: only the good die young? phew good thing that i am so incredibly awful

TURIN: can only assume bad things keep happening to me because of the large amount of hexes and curses put on me by everyone all the time 

TURGON: people say “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” when in factuality i don’t know anything and am constantly being seriously injured and hurt

Dating Tony Stark Would Include
  • It wouldn’t be a relationship at first
  • It’d just be sex a sort of fling
  • There’d be a bit of an age gap but neither of you would care
  • He would slowly fall for you
  • Against his will because Tony hadn’t had a relationship that lasted longer than five minutes in a long time
  • He’d tell you that he loved you by accident
  • You tell him you loved him too right away
  • You’d be best friends with the Avengers
  • Bickering so much bickering
  • And the sarcasm oh god
  • JARVIS would love you much to his annoyance
  • Him making you coffee every morning, you snaking your arm around his waist and kissing his neck
  • Not being much use with technology but Tony loving teaching you
  • He annoyed you when he didn’t understand how you didn’t understand it
  • “it just went off” “it never just ‘goes off’ Y/N what did you press?” “nothing! It. Just. Went. Off” “mmhmm” “ugh” *throws something at tony*
  • He’d update your stuff all the time which would annoy you because you’d just gotten used to the last upgrade
  • As far as PDA it’s mostly showing off ass slapping, dirty remarks to wind you up
  • But he likes sharing kisses behind closed doors
  • Whispering he loves you
  • He wouldn’t love cuddling per say but he’d always need a hug from you which meant interrupting just about anything you were doing
  • He’d invent a protection device maybe even your own suit
  • He wouldn’t have to force you to wear it you’d do it automatically knowing how much he worried about you
  • Forcing him to take breaks after going on an inventing bender
  • “JARVIS please tell Tony to take a break” “JARVIS tell Y/N ive just got to finish this part” “JARVIS tell Mr. Stark that I’m currently waiting for him on our bed wearing nothing but my underwear” “JARVIS tell Y/N I’ll be right there”
  • Weekends spent watching movies and eating loads of food
  • He’d love showing you off at fancy parties
  • You’d hate it so would spend most of your time whispering dirty things in his ear trying to persuade him to leave
  • He’d always spend money on you buying you gifts and dates etc
  • You’d hate it and reprimand him for it
  • He’d pretend to listen and roll his eyes but by next week he’d buy you something else
  • Everyone hated when you got in an actual fight 1) because the amount of passive aggressive behaviour and stubborn silences were unbearable 2) because they wouldn’t see you for gold-dust once the two of you were making up
  • Deep conversations in bed where it was just the two of you and you could bear your souls
  • “I never saw my life like this y’know” “what do you mean?” “y’know me being sensible, having people in my life, married” “tony honey, were not married” “oh yeah… maybe we should be”

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People will laugh at us iff we're wrong about it being Sam. We should calm down just incase it turns out it's someone else

Anon I’m currently sitting in the hospital beside my Mom. I just finished feeding her because she can’t do it herself. She’s 60 years old. This is my reality every single day. Do you really think I’m concerned about people laughing at me for fangirling over Sam and Cait too hard or possibly being wrong about whose hand is in the picture? Life is too short. Ive spent the last two weeks of my life in limbo not knowing what to do with myself while everything around me was changing and the only thing putting a smile on my face is being in this fandom with all of the amazing shippers who I’m lucky to call my friends. Nothing else matters to me when I’m sitting here watching my Mom who was once so full of life slowly deteriorating. And I don’t say any of that for sympathy because I don’t want any, this is the life I have to live and I accept that, I just want some of you to wake up and realise that none of this is important in the real world. The constant back and forth fighting between sides is ridiculous and a waste of time. If the people over there laugh at us then they laugh. Sam and Cait being a couple won’t change anyone’s life, no matter what the truth is. If they make you happy and give you a reason to smile then embrace it. Don’t worry about anyone else. Drown it out.