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Rfa members reacting to MC just casually saying she hasn't eaten or slept in like a week because her job is so stressful (she could have multiple jobs)

Be careful everyone and take care of yourself properly!!! <3 


  • Since MC worked night shifts he assumed she slept when he was in class 
  • but MC was also working at her day job. She mostly just had 3-4 hours free in between and mostly used that time to get ready for the next job and take really short naps 
  • and at she usually had a sandwich for the day 
  • at most 
  • So when about 6 days had passed since this mess started 
  • it was saturday so Yoosung would be home the weekend 
  • And he wanted to relax with MC 
  • but MC was working the entire time 
  • and then when she did come to relax during her break 
  • she looked like death 
  • she was about to pass out tbh 
  • Yoosung asked her if she was fine 
  • MC groaned 
  • “Uh I’ve had so much work I think ive been surviving on like 5 hours of sleep this week” 
  • Yoosung sort of just stares for a second in disbelief 
  • “I barely get any breaks so I haven’t really had time to eat except for like sandwich a day” 
  • MC sorta forgot how protective her boyfriend can be 
  • so obviously he freaked out 
  • MC needs to quit at least on of her jobs! 
  • MC explains that she has rent to pay and she quits she can’t afford it 
  • So Yoosung tells MC to live in the dorm with him, He doesn’t care if its too small. MC is gonna live there. 
  • I mean it’s a win/win. MC doesn’t have to work as much and gets to spend more time with Yoosung


  • He has also had to work too much 
  • but he knows taking care of yourself is really important 
  • especially since hes an actor hes sorta of extra with it 
  • Like he is quick to notice the bags under MC’s eyes 
  • but he doesn’t wanna say anything 
  • he doesn’t wanna sounds rude :( 
  • but when MC mentions she slept for about half an hour the last night 
  • !!!!!!!!!
  • he asks how long that’s been going on
  • “i don’t know, Maybe a week?” 
  • !!!!!!!!
  • he makes MC take a nap right away and cooks for her
  • He suggest she quits the late night job so she can sleep
  • it takes a while to convince her 
  • he will scold MC if she’s not taking care of herself
  • he will take care of her for her if she doesn’t 


  • MC had been hiding it from her for about a week but when MC is just too tired and starving and she doesn’t really have a filter with what she says 
  • so when she mentions it to Jaehee 
  • she understands 
  • she understands that work can be stressful and it’s not easy to just quit even though it might be slowly killing you 
  • but she also understands how awful it can be 
  • She tries to convince MC to quit at least one of the jobs since she’s working three 
  • Suggests MC can live with her since she can afford for both of them to live together 
  • but MC doesn’t really wanna rely on others??
  • So MC does move in with Jaehee but keeps one of the jobs 


  • boy he was quick to notice that MC barely had any free time 
  • but he didn’t notice that they weren’t eating and sleeping 
  • until he got a call 
  • MC had passed out at work 
  • her boss didn’t think it was serious so he didn’t call an ambulance or anything 
  • but when MC woke up he did say she should rest for the rest of the day and he would call for someone to pick her up and he called Jumin 
  • when they were driving home he was so worried 
  • he confronted her about this 
  • “Don’t worry! I’ve just had a lot of work and I didn’t really have time to eat… Or sleep” 
  • with the last two words MC realized this was something that wasn’t easy to talk about casually 
  • Jumin didn’t want to force her to quit 
  • but if shes overworking, not eating or sleeping 
  • He’s ready to force her to quit 
  • He doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable though
  • but she must already be pretty uncomfortable at work 
  • he talks about with MC
  • MC explains that she actually does enjoy working but yeah this might be too much 
  • Jumin will make sure that MC has a better job where she can actually take care of herself 


  • He’s a hypocrite 
  • It’s completely fine if he doesn’t sleep or eat but if MC does it then no!!!!!
  • MC didn’t really mention it 
  • but he had figure out MC’s work schedule 
  • He wasn’t gonna mention it until MC came to see him 
  • and she looked exhausted 
  • he actually made her food 
  • it wasn’t hbc and dr.p 
  • also he’s ready to make sure you have less shifts and more money 
  • how would you even do that? 
  • I’m pretty sure that’s illegal 
  • He makes sure you actually sleep when you get back from work 
  • and he brings MC lunch to her workplace 
  • also convinces her to take less shifts 
  • eventually MC starts getting a better schedule with work 
  • and Seven makes sure it won’t go back to being this bad!! 

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how is school my favorite meme lord? any spicy stories from the first two days?

ok ok wowowowow school has got me so frickin busy i am so sorry if this blog hasn’t been as spicy as usual; I’m building a queue rn so it’ll be aight

so lemme rattle some spicy tales about the first 2 weeks of junior year at my new school okay get ready this might be a lil long

• okay when I was driving to school on the first day “stay alive” came on my radio and I straight flipped and almost cried no really I was screaming in my car when it came on

• there’s a student spirit rock on the east side of campus, during the first week it had a tiger on the front and said “welcome to the jungle” and it also featured Harambe on the back


• I sat in front of a very smely man in home room rip me

• so before school started I had no idea who was gonna be in my classes, so when i walked into my first period Spanish class after home room I met up w/ my official new school tour guide @cupcakesarepeople2, aka sam (honestly the child is an absolute honeybun bless him, meme mommy 2.0) and a friend I remembered from summer camp a few years back aka sierra; we all instantly formed an alliance and we had a power trio (it kinda reminded me of the ending of aaron burr, sir where everyone was like “this new person’s cool, let’s be friends with them”)

• my Spanish teacher actually likes me this year, holla (she and my mom are like really good friends, so I’m set for the year)

• I have like 5 periods with sam so ive kinda been following him around like a lost chicken since I don’t know a whole lot of people

• ok so study halls are usually held in the cafeteria, and the teacher is pretty crabby- but you can go to the library which is like 30000x better but you gotta have a pass; the librarian is a total Cinnabon and made me sam and sierra aides so we don’t have to keep getting passes and we never have to go back to the cafeteria ever

• this school is definitely harder than my last one, I gotta get my ass in gear and get studyin bc I need A’s, especially in math and chemistry

• Ive been working on a really cool panting for Art for the past few weeks, I might post it if you want (it’s very meme-y just sayin)


• I have open lunch this year, and for my first lunch at my new school I bought a chicken sandwich from McDonald’s in my car and contemplated how I survived the day (don’t worry famoli I’ve been eating in the library now so it’s gucci, i got the whole power trio to eat there too)


• I wrote an college entrance essay about giant bottles of mustard for english; it’s due Tuesday but I know mr. rabbene is gonna love it

• we’ve got a group presentation on huckleberry finn due on thursday; it’s finna be lit and full of memes (also I think sam is gonna make apple pie or some huck finn related dessert, it’s gonna be rad)

• on day 2, some peasant emo lady told me to “stop screaming in her f*ckin ear” when I was speaking a good yard away from her (it’s good tho bc I hit her with like 5 tootsie rolls at the parade yesterday)

• algebra 2 is gonna be p a i n f u l, my teachers cool and all but I’m gonna need to work my butt off bc she’s not crystal clear when she teaches

• chemistry this year is gonna be the best but also the worst at the same time; mr. hindy is a walking meme and full of hilarious quotes; I’m also sitting in front of the dude that played Gaston in beauty and the beast; so we probs gon have gaston/lefou lab sessions

• after the first two days of school im not sure if I was like super overwhelmed or adjusting to change or what but I had really bad stress headaches in the evenings

• I’ve mascotted two games, a cross country meet, a pep rally, and a parade and it’s been amazing, I’m having an absolute blast donning the tiger costume every weekend

okay famoli that about sums up my first two weeks at school, hope all ya meme farmers have a wonderful crop yield this season; lov u all ️*scurries back into hole in the ground*

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Can you give me any tips for highschool? I was stressed out last year enough to scare my teachers and I don't want that to happen again. And I know after high school theres college and thats even more stress full.I'm planning to take mostly AP classes is there any way to manage the work?

youve come to the right place, honey, i am someone who took 6 ap classes my senior year of high school. (at the end i will talk about college)

so, youre gonna take mostly ap classes !! bravo honey !! ap classes (though most of the time students are put in them bc of their parents) are a wonderful way to challenge your academic abilities through a higher form of study which are at a mock-college level. here is tumbler user nedleee’s declassified school survival guide: high school edition, ap volume

1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. this is the golden rule. tattoo this to your fucking arm, okay !! procrastination is the number one cause of stress and panic among students, especially ap students. let me tell you my personal experience with it: david gave us a project during spring break, it was due one week after spring break, i didnt do it until the night before. erica gave us a BIG art timeline project, i procrastinated until the thrursday before the due date which was a friday: i did not sleep at all, i was sluggish and half-dead all day. this is what killed me during my last two years of high school, and i am sure if i didnt procrastinate, i’d have much higher grades !!

2. Time Management. This is quite literally the most important, and most overlooked, part of an ap student’s life. ap classes can have two extremes: generally have more homework than regular, or, no homework at all. I suggest getting a notebook planner (none of that digital shit, tho, bc writing it down helps the brain remember it and add a greater sense of importance to it), and writing down all of your assignments, due dates, bell schedules, etc. Manage your time in order to make sure you have sufficient amounts of time for each thing, while making time for yourself and social stuff and rest and eating. DO NOT: do all of a big assignment all at once (ie: reading a book, an essay, etc), because this leads to the assignment being sloppy, inadequate, rushed, and you might learn something later on and think “damn, i should have put that in there.” It is much better to allot your time and assignment so that you do a little bit each day up until the day its due, that way it’s more structured, organized, and will have the sufficient information. 

3. Extra Curricular: This goes along with time management, my advice is this: dont. I always always suggest people do their extra curriculars during your first two years. Unless you can manage your time to the point where you can go to a club, a sport, or a job, I wouldnt really recommend it because it can deprive you of down time and rest. The body and mind needs rest in order to function well, and to be able to perform better academically. Youre better off studying all semester responsibly and adequately rather than cramming and pulling an all nighter the day before a final. 

4. Take the Advantages. If the teacher offers extra credit, TAKE IT. If the teacher offers a re-take on a test: TAKE IT. If the teacher offers a tutoring session: TAKE IT. And please, for the love of all that is pink and frilly, if you do not understand something or are troubled, ask the teacher for help. Pull them aside and say “Can I talk to you after school for some help.” Chances are, they will help and will do their best to. I know we can be shy, we can feel our hearts beat and our palms sweat and think that theyre gonna think we’re dumb and dont know how to pay attention, but dude, do it. I know, when I walked up to david for the first time and asked him to help me on my essay, i was nervous, i was scared, i had trouble talking and babbled out “I need help on this.” I went after school with him, he broke it down for me, reassured me and basically made me feel more comfortable about my essay writing. And this goes a long way. I can easily say that that was one of the main reasons i was able to make such an outstanding essay to the point where he even said that it is the best final project he has ever received. 

5. AP Tests: They are scary, yes they are. Make sure you eat a good meal before hand, relax, and do your best. Let me tell you what erica, cindy, and david told us, “if you dont know it by now, there’s really nothing else I can do.” sounds harsh, but theyre right. Think about it this way, you go to bootcamp. You train all those weeks, months, etc. all for the big day when they assess your strength and ability. Youre not gonna just hyper-exercise for three days before the big day, no. That’s ridiculous. Youre just gonna be very tired, sore, and unable to do good on the big day. What will make you do good, is making sure youre trying hard every single ay and training yourself well all throughout the time at bootcamp. It’s the same thing for an ap class. Mike Wazowski it all year long, study every day, do your works, etc, and you should be fine. If you need to, retouch on some subjects you remember struggling on previously in the class. As for AP Test Study books, yeah theyre okay, but I feel it is better to rely on what youve done throughout the year. Bc ap tests of all types all have one thing in common: it’s about analysis and application, not solid memorized information. You may disagree and say “oh, but ned, you gotta remember shit for ap art history, nah?” Nahhh. Yea, there is always memorization involved, but let’s say I see a painting on my art hist test and i have nEVER ever seen it. I can say, hmmm, well, the lighting in this looks carravagist, so it is from the Baroque period !! There is no religious symbolism in it, so it is Dutch Baroque, not Italian Baroque. Who was a famous dutch/flemish baroque painter? Rembrandt. HEY! LOOK AT ME !! I ANALYSED A PAINTING AND ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT KNOW THE PAINTING. WOW !! 

6. Sentimental shit: I know it’s hard. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve taken 10 ap classes. Ive struggled a lot, and I have had instances in which my personal life made things ten times harder. I’ve stayed up late at night crying, ready to give up, ready to kick the bucket and just struggling. Ive cried at least 6 times in my ap chem class. ive lost days of sleep bc of ap art history and us history. BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON GOING. JUST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT GIVE UP ON ME, CHAMP. I know youre gonna cry, youre gonna get mad, youre gonna fall, I KNOW. I know we each have differences that make life harder for us, whether its poverty, domestic abuse, mental/physical illness, low self esteems, family problems, death, etc, but i know im gonna sound like a total douche, but thats life. life is not gonna be served to us on a silver platter, its not always gonna cover your eyes and walk you through things, we cannot avoid everything, no matter how much we want to. life is gonna kick us in the ass. but you have to take this in stride. remember your little victories, youre outstanding performances, the fact that you will sHINE. You know that piece of paper that your principal is gonna give you at the end of those four years. yea. Thats what its gonna be. That paper is not just a paper saying “hey~ generic high school kid, you made it lmao” it is saying “You know what, champ, you fucking did it. You fucking did it. All those nights you spent along in your room crying while doing an essay and marina and the diamonds was on repeat on your ipod, it was fucking worth it. youre here, the bulk is over !! colleges are practically on the floor BEGGING you to go there. you did your best, and you fucking made it. I’m proud of you.” And you know who is gonna be saying all that? You. Because throughout all this, you were your greatest ally. 

AND NOW COLLEGE: this is what I observed from college so far. It’s one million times better than high school. Why? BECAUSE YOURE ALREADY HERE, AYYYY. Something that I loved about what college does, at least mine, is that they say, yes, learning is important and all, but you have to have fun and relax and enjoy yourself. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. SO GO OUT AND PLAY JACK. STUDY NOW, PARTY LATER.

And from what I’ve learned is that, the bulk of the people who suffer in college, and it pains me to say this (and it makes me look like a douche) brought this upon themselves. They were the ones that decided, Nah, im not gonna study right now. Nah, Im just gonna chill in my dorm and do nothing. Nah, Im not gonna take advantage of office hours and not ask my prof for help. Nah, im not gonna go to that cool concert on campus. Nah, nah, nah, NAH. stfu, get involved, have fun, take advantage. Dude, youre an adult know, have fun. And studies do show that students who get involved and bond with their profs do much better and have much higher gpas than those who dont. 

Apply for your scholarships, buddy, dont be like me and apply for none. (Though I was lucky to get a 15,000 cal grant and the chancellor’s scholarship via recommendation, as well as a few pell grants). 

Stress is gonna come, its inevitable, but if you manage your time wisely, understand why youre doing all this, and keep your goals in mind. You wanna know what mine is? To become financially successful. My motive: i grew up with a family that is “well-off” but financially strained. We’ve had eviction scares, everyday my dad half-heartedly thanks the lord that our insurance covers almost everything bc if it didnt, we’d be done, my mom and dad had to sell their wedding rings, and we move so often. 

Get your goals, get organized, and go hard, but dont go home.

You can do it, champ, I know you can.


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Psst, I can't help but notice all the boombox fanart you reblog. Do you have any headcanons for that ship? 'Cuz I'm all ears if you do.

i discovered this ship a few days ago and i have a bunch of fanart queued for reblog 8))) lemme seeeee what i can come up with:

  • these two are so full of energy and they probably would appreciate that in each other bc they can actually keep up with each other!! lucio gliding around on walls and junkie doing that thing with the bombs where he goes up and up and up forever,, theyd have fun lmao
  • junkie would listen to lucio’s COOL JAMZ while he’s flying around and blowing shit up. keeps him #energized
  • i call junkrat “junkie” bc it’s cute and 2% easier to type. maybe lucio would call him that too, give him a #chill nickname ;3c and maybe junkie would call him luci in return
  • i find it amusing that junkie is so much taller than lucio, but lucio’s a year older ;p junkie’s probably the type to rest his elbow atop he head of his shorter buddies. maybe he referred to lucio as “kid” jokingly a few times, assuming lucio was like 20 or something [but calling him “like 12″] but nearly had an existential crisis when he found out small fry is 26 [i think junkie is 25?]
  • maybe lucio is calm when junkie does the elbow armrest thing normally and just lets things be, go with the flow, but if junkie’s being too annoying he can totally sound blast him tf off lmao
  • generally tho lucio’s probably pretty tolorant of junkie’s excentric personality ;p tho, i get the feeling they’d have disagreements when it comes to robots
  • look. lucio is beautiful. this is a fact. i know it, you know it, and im sure junkie knows it. junkie, however, is not the type to really care much about his appearance- he’s got better things to think about! but perhaps,, when he really starts noticing lucio’s natural, raw beauty,, junkie starts spending like, two extra minutes getting ready in the morning to comb his eyebrows or something. roadhog is very confused but it’s not even close to the strangest thing he’s ever seen the guy do
  • i havent heard it in game so im not sure if the tone here was sarcasm or if he really believes this, but this reddit post has junkie saying “ I consider myself a freedom fighter. A misunderstood one,” and i totally think that’s something he’d use to brag about to impress people,, esp lucio since he’s got that whole peacemaker/fighting for brazil’s freedom thing goin on. “yknow luci, the two of us aint so different, u and i” “haha what”
  • lucio and d.va are fans of each other [AND THEREFORE FRIENDS] and d.va is a fan of mei’s science so maybe the three of them like to hang together (plus tracer, and maybe also reinhardt. get that man some groovy tunes dammit) so when lucio brings junkie to chill, it’s a battle between the rat and mei (and again maybe a little tracer). lucio’s like “y cant we all just get along and be friends plz relax love each other :((((” but suddenly the room is simultaneously frozen and on fire and strangely damp and wow look at the time guys junkie and i gotta go lol catcha later
  • i am in love with all fanart/hc posts ive seen with junkie being a flustered dweebo with a dumb crush, and i especially appreciate it when directed towards Perfection Personified, lucio. junkie is an intense dude and if he’s not one to hide his feelings, i feel like he’d talk about his crush @ anyone that is unfortunately within earshot like “i dunno about religion but i am absolutely certain that luci’s a literal angel,, fuckin damn am i right?? have you SEEN those dimples?? LETHAL, i tell you”
  • lucio would be a good influence on junkie, maybe keep him out of a little bit of trouble (he may be pure, but hes not a complete miracale worker)
  • lucio looks like a gentle lover type. his voice is soothing and he gives sweet soft kisses that melt junkie’s twisted heart lmao
  • junkie is a super duper intense dude. he definitely seems the type to show off in the most obnoxious and destructive ways to get attention. depending on the stunt or whatever, lucio’s reactions probably range somewhere between “haha nnniiiiice dude” to “bro :((( why u gotta go and blow it up like that :(”
  • junkie cares about those who are close to him, as seen in the comic. if someone upset lucio, junkie would probs need to be held tf back lmao. may God have mercy on their soul
  • lucio would try and cheer a bummed out junkie with some upbeat funky tunes, or if that’s not working, he’d offer his emotional support/probs be pretty good at PEP TALKS
  • like 90% of the overwatch posts ive reblogged are about lucio but i  feel like most of this post was about junkrat lmao whoops. probably bc i’m imagining this as like, junkie trying to get lucio’s attention bc lucio is already wonderful and doesnt need to do anything extra to get attention ;) but if he did… perhaps he’d play his music a little louder and maybe show off with his wall gliding just a liiiiittle more than necessary. subtlety is key [something junkie could learn about lol]. he’d also stick close to junkie in battle to keep him healed up/aid with speedy getaways from the enemy team

it’s midnight thirty so imma cut myself off there but woo, that was fun 8))) sorry for the long post tho omg

My Funny Valentine

Author: dontstopwiththelyin

Featuring: Bucky Barnes x OFC

Length: 1901 words

Warnings: idk fluff overload? Like this is legit just made of cotton wool, a little bit of swearing too (I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF OKAY???)

A/N: omg well hello, this is my first fic and first time writing in four years so ugh idk it’s probably not gonna be what you expect, but anyways please enjoy!!

Based off of this song: Ella Fitzgerald – My Funny Valentine

Summary: AU!Bucky where there has been no winter soldier stuff, both arms are intact and made of flesh fyi. Maggie takes the day off work to pull out all the stops to treat her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

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Fear is a 4 letter word


For a while, while patching the rift between them… while Arthur was still REALLY wary of Lewis, usually finding excuses not to be in the same room, or trying to avoid looking at him. Lewis was at a loss on how to get close to the blond. He knew it was his own fault, for attacking him the first time he saw the smaller man after his death. But once he understood the truth of the event, he wanted to try to get back to normal. But it was a losing battle, things may never return to the way they were.

So Lewis had started to let the Deadbeats show his affection to Arthur. If they saw him stressing or distracted at his desk, they would rub against him like cats… flopping down in his lap, or rubbing against him just begging for scritches. And it helped.

Arthur warmed up to the Deadbeats, getting used to their coolness. They were somewhat fuzzy, like teddybears. He couldnt help but smile at the welcome distractions of them rubbing against him, or just on top of the diagram he was trying to draw. Soon Arthur forgot his fears on these ghosts. THey were too cute to be scared of, even tho he knew of how scary they CAN be. But like a cat, if you dont bother it, it wont attack you. Their affections often made him smile.

One day, while making a sandwich, Arthur wasnt really paying attention to his surroundings, and felt a familiar cool lay on his shoulder. It seemed smaller than one of the regular Deadbeats, but he didnt think anything of it. He reached over to pat it and realized it wasnt a Deadbeat. It was a large hand. He realized only one person had hands like that… But he found himself for once NOT afraid of the large ghost. He tilted his head back and confirmed his hunch. Lewis was right behind him.

“Oh. Hey.”

“Hey. Sorry. You were completely out of it so i couldnt get your attention any other way.” Lewis slowly lifted his hand off Arthur’s shoulder

Arthur shrugged and went back to what he was doing. “S'okay. What’s up?”

Lewis noted for once Arthur wasn’t tense in his presence. Perhaps his little experiment with the Deadbeats had worked. He still felt he had to take this slow.

“Not much. Vivi was going to put on a movie, thought you might want to join us? And no, its not a horror, its that new Disney film, Big Hero 6.”

Arthur scratched at the back of his neck. “I dont know, Ive been working on some mods on my arm, and theres a kink i want to work out on it. Maybe later.”

It was too much at that point. Lewis had to know why Arthur was avoiding him.

“What’s wrong Arthur, why are you so afraid of me?”

Arthur looked at Lewis like he grew a second head. “Im not afraid of you, YOU’RE the one who’s afraid of me.”

It was Lewis’s turn to look confused. “What are you talking about?”

Arthur put his plate back on the counter. Then he proceeded to try to walk around Lewis. Lewis turned his body in the same direction Arthur went. Arthur changed direction and went the other way, and still, Lewis seemed to attempt to keep Arthur at hte front of his body. Arthur stopped what he was doing, and crossed his arms, leaning against the fridge.

“THATS what I’m talking about. Who’s afraid of whom?” He waived his hand at Lewis with a sad tired smile.

Lewis paused a moment to ponder, realizing that he was making sure to keep Arthur away from his back. Perhaps he was doing it subconciously. He brushed his hand thru his hair. He’d been so sure that Arthur was afraid of him.

“Wow. Here i thought you were avoiding me cuz I was making you uncomfortable with my ghost form.”

Arthur shook his head. “At first yes. It did bother me at first, but once I realized you’re YOU, even as a skeleton, I got over it. But Im still wary of upsetting or offending you, so I try to stay out of it. Especially if you are there with Vivi. I dont want to ruin the mood or something.”

They stood in silence for a moment, which was suddenly interrupted.

“You both are complete dorks!”

The 2 boys jumped, startled by the ourburst. Standing in the doorway was a short female dressed in blue.

“Seriously, Lew, you know Arthur wouldnt hurt you right? And that incident wont happen again, so long as my charms on his arm stand! You need to let that go. Got it!?”

The large skeletal man stared down in shock at his girlfriend, he could only nod.

Vivi then turned to Arthur. “And you, you need to stop acting so uptight around Lewis. You say youre not afraid of him, but I still see you flinch when he shifts to his ghostly form. Lewis isnt going to hurt you at all. What’s happened is in the past. OK?”

Arthur suddenly felt that the small bluenette was something to be more feared than a giant bara skeleton.

“Relationships are built on trust. You both have to trust the other isnt going to hurt you. We cant make this relationship work untill you do. So please just relax, and lets go watch a movie!”


OK so yeah, this started out cutesey with the DB being all fluffy kittens with Arthur which then suddenly turned into angst. glad i was able to turn it sweet at the end lol.

Inspired by pixlokita and her kitty deadbeats.

“Kiss Me, Love Me”

Anon said: That kiss (upside down one) tho! Imagine Felicity Smoak coming home from a busy day of running her own company to find a sleepy Oliver lying across the bed.. he’s so adorable she can’t help but kiss him!

@florence-bubbles agreed and requested a prompt of anon’s message. Hope you and anon enjoy it. xo


Felicity dropped her purse on the floor and took off her heels one at a time as the front door of her and Oliver’s apartment clicked closed.  Her feet ached and all she wanted was a hug and maybe a long warm soak in the tub.

The low lights in the quiet loft reflected the lateness of the night. She had talked Oliver out of coming by the Palmer offices once they found out it would be another long night catching up on projects. She smiled as she recalled the phone call. He had been so upset that she wouldn’t let him take care of her, but tonight had been filled with overseas phone calls and high tech schematics.  Felicity absolutely adored the care and love Oliver showered on her as she took over Palmer Tech, but he needed to take care of himself too.

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What are the odds!! Part Five

Hi everyone :)
So here is the final part of What are the odds!! I’m not as happy with it as i would of liked to be so for that i am sorry!  i just hope i haven’t disappointed you all with the ending!! Thank you to everyone who’s read it and also who’s sent lovely messages about it, i really didn’t expect anyone to remember it with it being so long between parts three and four so it was amazing when so many of you did. So thank you :) i hope you like it.

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Rae slammed her fist down onto her alarm clock before rubbing her eyes sleepily.
Why had she agreed to meet up with Chloe and Izzy so early, especially when she knew all they wanted to do was talk about Finn and his apparent flirting.

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Digital Love

Pairing: Joel/Ray

WC: 1,086

Rating: PG-ish

Summary: It’s Ray’s birthday, and suddenly video calling is his favorite invention.

A/N: I guess the only warning/note I can put here is that Ray is like 17 and Joel is an adult in this so???? If that bothers you then please don’t read ;; And their age difference is way off but shh,,, (Lastly, anything in italics is their messages through skype so yeah, sorry if that’s confusing at all)

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