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TrekFest 2017

Four times you fell for Bones, and the one time he fell for you, pt3: The Tempest

Word Count: 1878
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You weren’t sure which came first: the ship’s sudden tilt or the red alert klaxons. Whichever it was, it woke you from a dead sleep, the jolt dropping you to the floor like a sack of bricks. You pushed yourself to your feet just in time for the ship to rock again, knocking you back down onto the bed. 

“Attention all personnel, this is Captain Hamada. We are under attack from a small Klingon squadron. Battle stations.” The Captain’s voice rang over the speaker, her tone clipped and terse. The communicator on your bedside table whistled and you flipped it open.

“Ambassador Y/L/N, please report to the transporter room. We’ve sustained significant damage. Our distress signal has been picked up and we will be within transport range in five minutes,” Captain Hamada sounded just a terse over comm as she did on the shipwide speaker.

“Just give me your orders, Captain, and I’ll ensure they are met.” You pushed yourself back to your feet and collected the files you were transporting. Amongst them were included the plans for a new class of ship, designed by the New Vulcan Science Academy. It was not something you or Starfleet would want captured by the Klingons.

“Just get yourself and those plans off the ship,” Captain Hamada replied. You flipped your comm closed and followed the wall to the exit the room, leaning heavily against the bulkhead to keep your balance all the way to the transporter room. After a few more direct hits to the ship, you finally made it to the transporter, and were immediately directed onto the pad for transport with a number of injured. When you rematerialized, you recognized Lieutenant Commander Scott, and realized you were on the Enterprise. You handed your file bag over to an Ensign.

“Please take that to Captain Kirk’s ready room. I’ll help get these injured people to MedBay,” you directed.

“It’s nice to see you Ambassador, although the circumstances aren’t ideal,” Scotty waved at you as you began to help a bleeding ensign off the transporter pad. You forced yourself to smile to acknowledge him before leading the crewman out to MedBay.

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