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My Saviour - Negan x Reader x Husband (part 1/?)

“Could you do a pre Apocalypse where Negan and reader live in the same apartment complex. And reader and her husband fight and argue. Maybe a little abusive. He leaves the reader for another girl. Negan sees her being a single mom with a new born and a 2 year old and having a hard time. He starts talking to her the 2 yr old starts getting attached to Negan and things get heated between the reader and negan. They become a couple. Maybe the ex husband tries to come back there was a fight between Negan and the ex husband. The reader chooses Negan. You can decide the ending if they get married. If you want to do more parts it can go into the out break? Idk sorry it’s a super long request.” - @lilred91


He staggered home drunk again. You couldn’t stand him when he was as drunk as he was now. He had the inability to see reason and anything you did could set off his rage, you were walking on eggshells again. However this time something was different. Something in the way he walked maybe or something in the way he spoke, a cockiness, a smug knowledge surrounding him.

You watched him from the window of your shared apartment. You were meant to be running a double shift at work but you had come home early. You hadn’t told him in hope he would not come home until his regular time, giving you a while to yourself to enjoy the silence without him. As he approached the door you saw him take his phone out of his pocket. In the heat of the moment you decided to grab some money, a coat too and leave to go for a coffee and return when you usually would be home from work so he would never know about you being off and also so you didn’t have to stand for his drunken wrath.

You turned off the lights and the electrical equiptment so he would never know you had been in, slipped inside your thick winters coat and took a quick glance in the mirror. He had ingrained hate into your mind and every feature of your face reminded you there would always be someone better than you. A harsh browning bruise sprawled across your forehead from the other night when he had hit you. You couldn’t leave this man you had children to take care of, a newborn baby, Amelia and a 2 year old, Isaac. They were both currently at a childminders until in a few hours.

You gently crawled out and around the front door without making too much noise and locked it behind you. Deciding to take the side stairwell so your husband ddint see you, you slipped away down the hall trying to make as little noise as possible. You waited until you heard his footsteps coming up the main stairs which led to your apartment and then you know it was safe to continue. On the bottom level of the complex was a built in service staton-esque coffee shop.

You pull up a seat in the dim glow of the room, ordering a bitter and dark coffee to help chase away the coldness and the pain. It was near the time you needed to pick up the children. From the dark of the outside world strolled in a man with a leather jacket on. The way he walked give an air of cockiness which immediately grasped your attention, he was strikingly attractive with a neatly trimmed beard, greying in parts and slicked back hair with deep and soulful dark eyes.

You’d seen him before, yes, you were certain you’d seen him just down the hall from your apartment. What was his name again ? You wondered to yourself.

“Hi, I’m Negan” A voice broke your train of thought and you looked up to see him standing there, he looked rougher and more ruggedly handsome now he was closer. You remembered now. Standing up to greet him you held out a hand and said, “I’m (y/n)” You felt slightly intimidated but slightly weightless from speaking to him.

“How very nice to meet you, I don’t believe weve ever spoken, I live just down the hall from you. Fucking lovely coffee shop though right?” He spoke so deep and low it made you feel peaceful.

“Yeah its amazing the quality for such low prices !” You replied, albeit a little flirtaciously. You’d never spoken to him before but you wish you would’ve done. The only problem was your husband, you could speak to no one he didn’t know, go no where without his permission.

“Arent you with that short guy ? The one who drives the Audi ? I swear ive seen you two together but I wasn’t sure if you were together, if you know what I mean” He asked, trying to make conversation.

You clammed up at the mention of your husband an Negan noticed.

“You feeling alright (y/n)? You’ve gone all stiff” He asked. You tried to reply that you were fine but you just weren’t and he knew that so why would you try to hide it now. “You look really really upset… “ He added, You tilted your head away to try to hide the tears but instead it just made him see the bruise easier.

“Holy shit ! How did you get that mighty fucking bruise ?” He asked more urgently, leaning forward to try to see it better.

You couldn’t say anything. You were speechless. How could this man that had barely even spoken to you, understand your hurting more that anyone else you knew. You tried to keep your cool, reach out for your coffee and take a sip but a hard ball was forming at the back of your throat and the tears had already begun to well up in your eyes.

“Shit ! I’m so sorry ! I didn’t mean to upset you at all, Ive just seen you around a few times and was wondering who you were and if you were okay” he tried to help, looking mortified he had made you cry and giving you a tissue and a sympathetic smile.

“Its fine, really, its just him, he just… I just get on his nerves sometimes” You manage to stammer, “I think its time ill be going now”

It was nearly time to go get the kids but you wanted to pop back to the room first to sort out your tears and the bruising.
“ I think I should be too” he replies coincidentally, “Do you mind if I walk you back? I want to make sure you aren’t too upset”

What would your husband say? Would he think you were cheating on him with Negan? You decided you preferred his company over none at all and agreed. You both stood and set out towards the stairway you shared, making general conversation and chit chatting. When you approached your door, Negan stopped you and tuned you around to face him, “I know we’ve only just met but I want you to know that if you ever need to talk with me, you fucking can and the way he treats you is really shitty and is in no way your fault.” You try to nod in confirmation, your head a little heavy and shaky and soon you continue walking and edge closer to the door.

Audible over the humming of generators and other apartments is the throbbing sound of sex. Loud panting and crying out, the sound of a headboard banging against a wall which seemed all too familiar. It was coming from your apartment. Your mouth fell agape in shock and Negan saw your change in attitude, he knew what has happening, hed figured it out too.  You were weighing up if it was worth even opening the door, you were mortified. You began to cry again and Negan crashed into you with a hug, “Are you sure you want to go in there ?” He asked, wiping a tear from your face with his thumb.

Sadly, you nodded, not sure about your decision to go in. Placing your weight against the door, you pushed and twisted the handle and as the heavy wood swung open your worst fears were confirmed. He was having sex with another woman in your bed at this very moment. You could not describe how much you loathed him, how hed bully and hit you and now he had cheated too. Usually youd be scared and most likely turn a blind eye, but not today, not with Negan by your side, you knew you could trust him.

“We are fucking over !” You yelled loud enough to get their attention. Your husband, looked mortified and shared a glance between him and the other woman, “Good, shes better than you anyway” He replied before laughing and plastering a smirk over his disgustingly greasy face. You slammed the door and sunk back against it. It felt like your heart had been torn out of your chest and pissed on. You cried with your head in your hands for a long time  before you remembered Negan was there and you tried to apologise for looking like such a mess but he was angrier than you and a thousand times more disgusted.

An alarm went off from your pocket and you cursed through the tears.

” time to pick the kids up “ you confirmed.

“Fuck. well let me drive you” He offered and took your hand

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