ive never liked someone so much

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


I think I went a little overboard putting male Robin in a yukata

But I got the idea from an otome game I play bc I was admiring the kitsune mask of my fave chara (who also has white hair lol) which was my main insp for this and I was like…you know who else has a purple/gold color scheme and also has white hair? ROBIN.

Bonus: Robin’s a youkai or is the vessel of a demon spirit (like Grima lol)


So ive been dealing with a lot of art theft but this is beyond awful i honestly never thought someone would go this far as to erase my watermark from my work just gain what pleases them. this is honestly disgusting to me
i worked hard on my things, it may not seem so but i do work hard, i spent hours thinking of what to do next it’s basically a waste if people like this are going to do such things. please report them so they can take their account down, so much art is being stolen by this person @xabsolutelyafangirlx ’s line art was stolen just the other day.

no but fr dear evan hansen got me in tears bc this is the first time ive seen a GOOD portrayal of social anxiety?? it’s not solved by becoming more attractive or having a love interest or a life changing event, it’s not portrayed as “everyone has social anxiety”, evan is shown having to take meds and see a therapist for social anxiety.

and waving through a window is so fucking real, it’s exactly how i feel every day and as someone who has had social anxiety for years i feel so much less alone now, like, i never see stories about social anxiety to the degree i have; i mean im still alone and have no friends but im glad that this story about this boy who feels the same crushing loneliness that i do is one of the best shows on broadway and IM EMBTIONAL

i dont get that culture of hating valentines day and being bitter towards ppl who have someone 2 celebrate it with like…. its such a beautiful pure concept?? setting aside a whole day just to acknowledge love in all of its forms, actively celebrating the connections that so many ppl take for granted, and encouraging ppl to do something special for their lover ive honestly never heard of a more heavenly good thing Pls Stop Valentines Day Hate

okaY so ConSider ThIs–Mick’s medical skills probably aren’t half bad.

Like Len said, Mick’s always been the muscle to Len’s brains, and that means more often than not, Mick is the one coming home with the injuries, which he usually had to treat himself–Len isn’t an option, because as clever as he is with his hands, Len doesn’t really do gentle with anyone other than his sister (and sometimes not even then), and as a general rule, Mick doesn’t like to be touched by anyone that he doesn’t know and trust .  So he had to learn to administer medical treatment to himself.  He’s not a brain surgeon, but he’s about as good as someone who’s self-taught can be.  He knows how to check for a concussion and internal bleeding, how to stitch up an injury and deal with infection, and has a grasp of basic pain relief.  (He also probably knows how to deal with bullet wounds pretty capably as well).

Mick doesn’t really like to advertise these skills–they’re helpful when he needs them, absolutely.  That’s 99% of the reason why he cultivated them, but this particular skillset is distinctly removed from the version of himself that he likes to project.  Now, he doesn’t hide them either, but the ship can treat most other injuries, so really he doesn’t see much point in utilizing them when they’re unnecessary.

Ray is the first to find out.  Mick had meant it, after the gulag, when he’d said that they were even, and was personally content to leave it at that.  But Ray’s medical (and self preservation) sensibilities are terrible, and even though practically all his ribs are broken from that damn sledgehammer, his solution is to just go “eh, I’ll just bandage them and get back to work,”  because that’s how they deal with broken ribs in movies and stuff, right?  Wrap bandages around them and troop on?  Ray just makes the mistake of asking Mick for a hand bandaging them.  Ray winces immediately after, intimidated by the force of Mick’s glare, and pretty sure Mick is going to refuse his request for help on the spot.  He did not expected Mick to sigh in irritation because for fuck’s sake, sure, if you wanna die of pneumonia.  Instead, Mick does a quick check–running his hands along Ray’s ribs, trying to ensure that none of them are in danger of puncturing a lung.  Then, he firmly steers Ray into bed and gives him painkillers, as well as stern instructions to rest.  The rest of the crew coos at this, though Mick maintains that he was not doing a nice thing, he was just preventing an act of egregious idiocy.  No one actually believes him.

Sara is next.  She does not get injured so often anymore (I mean, it does happen, but more often than not she emerges from ridiculously dangerous situations utterly unscathed, a skill of which the rest of the crew is very envious).  But her old wounds might as well be fresh ones, some days–there was no time for proper healing on Lian Yu, and certainly not as a member of the League of Assassins, where you either got up and kept fighting or were left for dead.  As a result, many of her old wounds still pain her–a knot of scar tissue just under her arm that aches fiercely when it rains, a knee that hurts to move when she overexerts herself (which is hard, but not impossible).  Before joining the Legends crew, she would have masked her pain.  She’s gone years just gritting her teeth and pushing her way through.  But the more time that passes with the team, the less her instincts tell her to hide the pain–the more comfortable she is letting herself be seen at her weakest.  Now, on her worst days, after particularly brutal battles, she’ll give up on it altogether, and limp through the Waverider to collapse on the couch (yes, the Waverider has a living room, because I say so).  Now, the team will all try to comfort her in their own ways.  Jax and Ray will sit on the other side of the table and play board games with her.  Stein tries to replicate Clarissa’s mac and cheese (he cannot, but the effort is thoroughly appreciated), Rip will quietly postpone their next mission, and Len offers comfort as non-obtrusively as he can.  But Mick? Mick shows with a heat compress and a liniment for her knee and some advice–(lay on your side and put a pillow between your legs, it will straighten your spine and take the pressure of your injury) from old injuries of his own.

Jax (and by extension, Stein) find out the extent of Mick’s medical expertise in the field, when Jax takes a bullet in the side.  He’s hemorrhaging fast, flames flickering out as he unfuses with Stein, who looks so worried that a heartattack may be a legitimate risk. They’re far from the ship–but not from a nearby medical clinic.  Before the rest of the team can process what’s going on, Mick is pressing a jacket (requisitioned from Snart) to Jax’s side, and rushing him into the clinic, where one of the doctor’s takes over.  That should be the end of it, but Mick has had more than his fair share of bullet wounds, and backseat drives the fuck out of that medical procedure, because there’s no need to be so rough, doc and if I’d wanted him to bleed out I would have left him out there, jesus and basically just glares and intimidates until the doctor, in frustration, pushes the tools into Mick’s hands, because “you do it, then!”.  Mick shrugs, and does the job more neatly and efficiently than the doctor could have hoped (much to the man’s chagrin).

After that, the rest of the crew starts coming to him for everything.  For such a violent, large person, Mick is surprisingly delicate when treating injuries, with a feather-light touch.  Most of the crew discovers that they prefer being treated by Mick (who tries to avoid causing them pain, and who is almost sympathetic when he has to) than they do Gideon in the medbay.  Kendra gets a cut on her leg while sparring? She’ll hop, leg dripping, to his room and knock on the door–”Hey Mick, can you take a look at this for me?”

Stein thinks his back is acting up again? “Mr. Rory, would you mind terribly advising me on this?”

Even Rip gets in on it, though he argues that its because when he’s injured, he likes being able to receive treatment in the comfort of his own quarters.

Every time, Mick grumbles, don’t you guys have Gideon for this? I thought this ship was from the future–.  But every time, he takes a look at it, because he just knows that if he refuses they’ll just stand there looking sad and mopey, before limping off to the medbay, and for fuck’s sake, he’s not heartless (and maybe he likes knowing that he can use his hands for something other than destruction, but that’s another beast altogether)

TL;DR–consider Mick Rory, entirely against his will, becoming the team medic (and sighing because, damn, if he doesn’t step up, these idiots are all gonna die.)

(PS, let it be noted that, inevitably, there may be some basis in batmanisagatewaydrug’s headcanons in here, particularly her headcanons about Sara’s old injuries causing her pain, because her headcanons are so good that I can’t help but think of them as ingratiated into canon.)

look no offense but please consider yamasuga

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hellooo ive been following u for a while and ur writing leaves me mesmerized every single time u upload a post, something about reading thru its lines is so fascinating in a unique kinda way (this is coming from a person who has read basically a lotttt of fics and books and ive never encountered such amazing style of writing. ionno its just monumentally fulfilling to me if thats a thing) so im just asking if u can give some tips u wuld like to share w someone who is so penchant about writing xx

this is really kind of you, i’m happy to hear you like my writing that much

i wrote about my process here

when it comes to advice i’d say keep reading and keep writing. i’ve been writing for the majority of my life and i was always a big reader. i’d say read a lot and read different types of fiction and read it critically and then write a lot

trust your voice when it comes to writing but also be critical about it. the sooner you learn how to edit yourself the better. having an editor or a beta is important cause we miss shit but when you can look at your own work critically and scrap it/rewrite parts of it that aren’t working you’ll be a stronger writer

the biggest thing is just keep writing

someone on my dash said poptarts looked awful and now im wondering if im petty enough to unfollow

ive never thrown up so much in my life. ive never smoked so many cigarettes. ive never done so many drugs. ive never slept so much and slept so little. ive never been this distant from my parents and siblings. ive never cut off so many people. ive never been this timid and afraid to tell people what i want from them. but this thing happens a year ago and im just so useless as a person now and ive been watching myself kill myself for a year now and im just feeling so pathetic because its to the damn day and im just a sniveling heap of a person and i hate to think that someone else could destroy me like that and i dont even remember their name

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uh my secret is im 19 and never so much as kissed anyone

omg that is really absolutely NOTHING to feel insecure or secretive about i know tons of men and women who are in their early 20′s who havent either and i can assure you that you definitely wanna wait it out because if you just kinda do it just with someone you dont like you lose that “flare” 


im new to this community (about 2 months) and ive never felt like this so long. i feel like im loved and i belong here. ever since i started watching jack/sean, ive been so happy. jack’s videos have cheered me up so much lately. his positivity & happiness is so contagious. just recently, im going through a break up and i was going through suicidal thing for awhile now and jack’s videos have been cheering my up. like seriously though, ive never felt so much better in my life.

@therealjacksepticeye, thank you for everything. your videos are the best. your warmth, compassion & positivity never stops spreading. listening to you say these words, “you are not a bad person, you can get out of it and i believe in you. if nobody believes in you just trust that i believe in you”, makes me so happy. I can’t even describe the feeling because the fact that you can be a huge impact in someone’s life who is like 30000 miles away from you is just heartwarming. i wish i can spend a day with you or even just meet you in person so i can just give you the tightest of hug so that i can thank you for everything you’ve done for me. or just talk to you so that you can spread your happiness and positivity and make all my negativity fade away. i know it’s not much but you make me so happy i cant even describe it. ill never stop supporting you because you are an amazing person. you deserve so much. thank you for everything. 💗

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you have such a condescending and dismissive way of communicating. you talk about how much you regret your embarrassing phases, and you don't even realize how embarrassing it is to act like disliking 3D Disney animation is somehow an original idea. Plenty of people hate the direction 3D is heading down, but I have yet to meet someone who is this haughty. Jesus Christ. having thousands of followers doesn't mean you're original or superior. you have so much potential. I hope u grow up

Uhhhh lol never did i state that my OPINION on disneys direction was original or correct it’s an opinion. ive never said it was fact or anything close to that. Somebody having and sharing an opinion isn’t haughty hope u learn to recognize other points of view.


“'You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first’ Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you, oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

i. these arms of mine//otis redding | ii. tighten up//the black keys | iii. stay//mikky ekko | iv. never saw the point//cults | v. death of a bachelor//panic! at the disco | vi. the story//brandi carlile | vii. diane young//vampire weekend | viii. give me love//ed sheeran | ix. know you care//ellie goulding | x. in my veins//andrew belle  | xi. dust to dust//the civil wars  | xii. she loves me//willy moon | xiii. lucky ones//lana del rey

listen here

hello friends
can someone who has been to the hospital for something bad but not Emergency Sickness please tell me the basic run down of what the doctors do? ive been having a really bad hives breakout for pretty much three days now with no signs of improvement and i think its getting to the point where my parents are going to take me to the hospital. ive never been there before and hospitals and needles really really scare me so id just like to know the basic routine for something like this so i know what to expect

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hey are taemin's legs hairy like jongin's? i've read someone said they are but i save every taem-in-shorts pics and i dont see much hair on his legs tho??

idk who said that to you, friend, but ive literally never (as in not once in any pic ive laid my eyes on in my 21 years of life) seen a hair on lee taemin’s legs so whatever plane of reality they live on must not be the same as me. like his leg hair isn’t just sparse, taemin has 0 hair lmao?? his legs are smoother than mine. taemin’s body hair is dark and if he had any on his legs you’d be able to see it in simple pics of him in shorts, it wouldn’t take zooming in and squinting at the most hq close-up of his legs available on the internet. taemin doesn’t have mysterious and magical unicorn leg hair only visible to the expert eye under 10x zoom and a magnifying glass, if you can’t see it, i assure you it’s not there anon

and to say they’re “hairy like jongin’s” warrants some genuine concern

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hi! im glad someone out there also feels the same way about mike sandoval! ive been watching svu forever but have only just recently started watching from the beginning, and im disappointed to see that they focus less on characters like fin and munch as the series go on? and can i ask why people are annoyed with mariska? sorry if these are dumb but ive never been involved in the technical workings of svu and havent had a chance to speak to anyone else in the fandom

Hello! So yay to watching SVU from the beginning - I love those early seasons so much and they don’t seem to get enough love within the fandom these days (IMHO). I agree that it’s a real shame that they gradually focused less and less on Fin and Munch, and now there aren’t even any supporting/recurring characters we see semi-regularly except for certain defense attorneys.

As for the Mariska thing…well…I’m going to try to tread lightly here because I don’t necessarily agree with all of the criticism (hello, fat!Mariska troll, wherever you are lurking today) and some of it is pure speculation. 

For me personally, I am primarily annoyed with Olivia Benson, the character, as she’s become over I’d say the past three seasons (16 onward) and that it’s only gotten progressively worse. They aren’t writing her in a believable fashion as a commanding officer of SVU the way Cragen was (or Munch, or Murphy, etc): she’s constantly still out in the field, doing all of the investigative work instead of directing her detectives. She’s become this “Saint Benson the Holy Mother of Rape Victims” who dictates to Barba what cases to prosecute (even when there aren’t laws on the book to support her demands, like in Impostor), she acts like an expert in psychiatry instead of going to a real doctor like Huang for input, she just…does incredibly stupid things that in some cases has outright lead to characters DYING (RIP, Mike Dodds). And yet she’s supposed to be the heroine of the show we all cheer and still root for? IDK. To me she is not the same character she used to be. I know people change and grow, but other characters have done so realistically on this show; Benson is not one of them. They didn’t even deal realistically with the fact that she was clearly developing an alcohol dependency, which would have been very realistic for the character given her family history and some of the trauma she’s been through. Instead that was swept under the rug at the beginning of this season, with Mariska just flippantly commenting in an interview that Benson “self-corrected” at some nebulous point last season. Really?????

How this translates to Mariska annoyance: well, for me, a lot of it is her acting at this point. MH was never the best (let’s be realistic here), but I feel like she’s coasting on autopilot at this point, AND horribly OVERacting in certain scenes (especially any courtroom scene these days where we have to constantly cut to her “shocked” and “angry” or “confused” grimaces…which often just end up looking like she’s got a bad case of constipation.) You could put some of the blame on the directors for sure, of course, but…the other factor is that MH is now an executive producer of the show. So a lot of fans speculate that she’s dictating the heavy focus on her character before any of the others, the change in tone/focus of the show, the preachiness of it, etc. I’m not going to publicly add to that speculation here because none of us work behind the scenes to know these things for sure. For all we know it’s the network that feels that SVU = nothing but the Olivia Benson Happy Rape Hour and doesn’t care/understand that a lot of us have been fans for years of the OTHER characters (too), and we miss them.

(Oh and yay for Mike Sandoval! I admit the first time or two I watched “Haunted” I wasn’t sure how I felt about him - mainly because I selfishly wanted that episode to be more Munch/Fin centric what with Fin being shot and pushing himself to work no matter what, and who’s this guy anyway working with Fin instead? But the more I’ve rewatched, the more it worked for me, and I really liked Mike when he came back in “Ghost”. I kind of always wanted to head canon that he adopted little Antonioand maybe that’s why we didn’t see him again - the two of them had to disappear into WitSec. Hmm…plot bunny!)