ive never liked a pic of myself this much


8/100 Days of Productivity
18/02/17; 11:00PM

hi!!! after logging off from tumblr awhile im finally back😁 and i will tell you story too ha ha anon you will never change me i love myself and you should love yourself too muah much love💖

aaah finally doing my bujo again i miss them!! i did it after i went to a little stationery haul omg im so happy i bought like 13 washi tapes (and wow it only costs 31.5k rupiahs im amazed) and 2 deco stickers but theyre not in the pic also a usa flag pouch!! (ye ive usa flag everywhere in my room even ive like 3 usa flag pouches already but really tho ever since trump won i feel guilty but sigh i cannot help that i love it)
((also i just kinda remember ive already ordered +15 washi tapes from a local online shop but i guess Lazada is in PH too lol but its okkk i feel happy about it and really cant wait for them to arrive!!))

and if you remember my 5dop post, there was a rose plant and it died already lol idk my dad bought it and guess yeaah ummm lack of water maybe?!? sorry rose i love you tho🌹💗🌹

and yes i used different vsco filter for this two pics but i guess A6 and HB2 dont really have that much differences soo yeaah😀 hope yall have a great day!!💖💖

waitt also big thanks to @pacifistpadme because now i finally have links on my bio after i read her answer!! much more organized😍

song of the day:
🎶 Heavy - Linkin Park ft. Kiiara 🎶

follow my studygram maybe?😊