ive never gotten something like this before

a cheeky little wip that im almost done with! got a request for king au mavinseg (hell yeah) and i know they were like “ah you can do something silly or w/e” but ive never had them all in a post before and i havent done Michael and gav’s designs before so here’s just a gen. design of their formal attire in court complete with their crowns that i need to finish, and ignore the blue mist sucking meg’s soul out , in my verse She’s an illusionist (in respect to her cosplay skills) and i wanted to show her changing her dress and hair color but i havent gotten that quite down like it like it yet. Gav’s the toppest archer in all of Achievement city and bears the creeper tattoos of House Free on his face and those tattoos are kind of like conduits for his kryokinesis, Lindsay’s the vice-captain of the royal army under Ray so she’s got a sword in firebird colors, and Michael was a wild fucking thing before they found and took him into the achievement city fold so he still has the markings of his old tribe on his face. 

I should have the finished thing up tonight when i get off work

Commissions are also open, message me for deets. The speedpaint is also ready if you guys want it.