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Just went to check my settings and… We’re almost at 1K followers?! Where the heck did you all come from??? Holy shit.. uuh… excuse me but what?!

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So anyway, Ghost Quartet time 3!

Dave’s voice is beautiful, I was sitting near the piano, and when he’s singing harmonies he lovely
And was close enough to feel whenever he is stomping his foot…this is a Dave centric review, I was able to see him from where I was sitting this time.

During the Telescope as well as his really fuck boy expressions through it he does what I feel I can only describe as a seductive type wiggle. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but Dave is too adorable for The Astronomer.

So I hate the fucking exit sign, it’s in the picture, and is the only bad part of sitting on that side, because it’s right in my view, and my eyes focus on it during side 3 so they never quite adjust to the dark plus it’s just unpleasant and out of place but safety and all that crap.

Brittain singing after Pearl is thrown on the tracks, and the moment of the spotlight on her is something I adore deeply

Just in general, I wish they’d do another live recording even though that’d be improbable, because overall I prefer the performances at nytw consistently.

Brent…I never have anything specific to say about Brent besides I love him dearly and like sitting across from him to see him look like he’s making out with his microphone.

Gelsey, at points, gets this very guilty looking expression to her, the exact moments I can’t remember and Ive gotten lines and things happening during them wrong before but she’s so fantastic and I’m running out of things to say each time besides I adore this show so much….

Also, “I’m confounded by music, and babies and laughter, and stories and goodness, infinity and luck. I’m confused by the notion that somebody loves me and a clairvoyant told me once I’ve got an old soul, oh lord I wish I could sing like that!” Isn’t my favorite lines from Ghost Quartet but damn if it isn’t the lines that I relate to the most….
It’s similar to the middle section of Dust and Ashes where it’s almost like why should I even bother writing, someone else managed to write something I relate to too hard but don’t write as well.

Brittain in Family Meeting had me nearly crying for the one line “and not being alone in your stupid head all the time” sorry if I misquote by the way, I’m tired. But wanting to die for not being alone with your own head and voices in them is far too close to me…I’m just so glad I didn’t die so that I could be here at this moment, nearly said that to Dave but it felt too personal to say unasked for…Im probably going to write a letter the next time I go, there is a lot I want to say and to be able to thank him for but I am bad at speaking.

Ghost Quartet reviews are for overly personal thoughts in my mind apparently.

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i memorize patrols, tbh. it's fun and makes me feel like a secret agent/ actual bodyguard/ assassin (and... you could probably say it means something Immersion wise, 'cause like,, why woukld a trained bodyguard just resort to magic and ignore his previous skills. idk. thats not why i like it, but if i need a Real Reason) and? bend time is also kind of boring. like, its kind of cool when ur just slowing time, but its so... weird. (also ive never gotten bloodthirsy. idek the point of adrenaline)

it’s true! Corvo is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter and was skilled at climbing buildings and sneaking before he ever got Marked. He wouldn’t forget those things overnight and the fact you can complete the game with nothing more than Blink Tier I is a nod to that. 

question for the rest of the week for EVERYONE to respond to: what song do you sing very quietly/hum while you’re sneakng in Dishonored? 

  • the Pink Panther theme?
  • “Ghostbusters” (get it? Ghost-busters? geddit? geddit?)
  • the Mission Impossible theme
  • one or more of the Batman themes?
  • “Smooth Criminal”
  • feel free to reply/reblog/submit more songs/themes!

a cheeky little wip that im almost done with! got a request for king au mavinseg (hell yeah) and i know they were like “ah you can do something silly or w/e” but ive never had them all in a post before and i havent done Michael and gav’s designs before so here’s just a gen. design of their formal attire in court complete with their crowns that i need to finish, and ignore the blue mist sucking meg’s soul out , in my verse She’s an illusionist (in respect to her cosplay skills) and i wanted to show her changing her dress and hair color but i havent gotten that quite down like it like it yet. Gav’s the toppest archer in all of Achievement city and bears the creeper tattoos of House Free on his face and those tattoos are kind of like conduits for his kryokinesis, Lindsay’s the vice-captain of the royal army under Ray so she’s got a sword in firebird colors, and Michael was a wild fucking thing before they found and took him into the achievement city fold so he still has the markings of his old tribe on his face. 

I should have the finished thing up tonight when i get off work

Commissions are also open, message me for deets. The speedpaint is also ready if you guys want it.

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hopping on dat "just re-read ice crew! please" bandwagon bc I did and I love it just as much as I did every other time I've read it, you're insanely talented and I love your writing !!!!!

Since it’s anonymously reread the ice crew au day I thought I’d let you know I’ve read it like 15 times and loved it even more each time

hahaha omg you guys are literally being Too Nice. I’m sorry I turned in and went to bed before seeing these last night! thank you so much– I’m glad you like the fic so much! :)  I feel like I’ve said this a thousand times but the re-read for me is like the greatest honor bc the first time you read something it can be a “i just want to see how it ends” or “welp, ive gotten this far, might as well” but then you finish and never think of it again. but the RE-read. you gotta like some to re-read it. anyway, it’s a honor. Thank you so much!

Nows the time where I`d probably be waiting for the livestream to start. And witht he anniversary stream going on, lets just say ive missed this feeling too much

It’s been a whole year since the last episodes were aired (hahah number 16 hahahaha) and wow has my life changed over the 2 years since I started watching YJ. I was going to do this last year after the show ended but I wasn’t comfortable expressing myself back then and look at me now. The shows have prompted me to move onto the internet more than I already was to meet some amazing people. If it wasn’t for ‘YJ, I wouldn’t have made a tumblr account, a website has impacted me in ways I never ever ever imagined. I’ve been more socially aware, more accepting and so on.

It was because of YJ that I discovered the live stream sessions (THAT’S WHERE I ALSO DISCOVERED GLTAS WHAT A FUCKING HUGE MISTAKE THAT WAS.), where I’ve made so many friends, all whom I love, who have inspired me, shared their joys and grief and listened to my own. It’s amazing, having people from all over the world, people I want to meet and hug so badly. Having friends in multiple time zones is something I never anticipated being a problem at any point in my life. Some friends I met because of the show even though they weren’t as involved, some who have moved on from it and some who are still tied to it. Thanks for messing up my sleep cycle btw. I dare say I’ve been more out-going, social and more confident. I’ve gotten happier compared to how I was before the show. (Ive also improved so much due to the copious amounts of fan art)

I can’t believe that 2 cartoons impacted my life so much and I can’t possibly imagine(nor do I want to) what I would be like if I hadn’t found them. It’s been a fantastic run and I doubt it will ever stop. It’s one of the first things I bring up, my default fandom, something I know I’ll never forget and I’m glad I managed to experience all this, especially during my teenage years where a lot of friends left, moved on or simply outgrew me and vice-versa. The show filled the gap they left and dragged people along with it and I am so grateful for the show, for the new friends for everything. It’s one of the best things to happen to me. Thank you for creating these terribly painful shows and to the fans for making it what it was and for shaping my experience. #heroesneverdie`

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yeah its kind of upsetting and kind of feels like theyre trying to destroy my life or something but ill get thru it. ive gotten thru bad friendship endings before and i actually rekindled a friendship with someone who got fucked over by Roommate A as well so! good came of it yknow. the real worst thing? halloween plans cancelled

well hopefully the reunion with new friend works out well! and cancelled plans are never fun


anyone ever get mentally over stimulated from a favorite fandom? like sometimes when i look up Undertale here on tumblr or youtube.. there’s just so many theories and art and fan stuff that it gets me thinking about the game so much that i have to stop and do something else.. which is weird cause ive never felt like that with any other fandom ive had.. idk maybe it just means the game is that special to me. but jeez its kind of an uncomfortable feeling. :/ almost feels like anxiety.. which ive never gotten for something that makes me happy before.