ive never done gifs like this before

1993 - FOREVER

“It feels like an out of body experience, having someone look at you with so much goddamn fondness in their face.”  

“You should not look at Jake and watch his face transform from anxiousness to something warm.”

- ‘You can only take what you can carry to the edge of the sea’ by @callmearcturus :D

Read the fic if you want hella incredibly well written dirk/jake interactions!! 

I did a moving thing!!!! Its my second ever gif xD I am 100% going to babble but Ill have it under a read more to spare the eyes of the uncurious haha

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  s o o o o o    here  it  is  ! !      A little while overdue, and not nearly as extravagant as I
  was      planning.           You      know,      when     I     first     started     Phillip     as     a
  secondary   account, I  never  expected  that  I would  develop   this  much  muse.  I’ve
  made such  wonderful friends that I could spend   hours   gushing about,        and have
  met    some   of     the     most      FANTASTIC      writers    ever.          I’m  privileged to
  be even acknowledged in my portrayal of this nerd prince!!      I    started   this  account
  with     the     intention     of     reminding     people     about     the         MAGIC          of  
  Classic     Disney,                but I never knew you guys would be reminding me just how
  GREAT    people    can    be.      You    know?        Like   I   can’t   be   amazed   enough.

                                                                       ♡ ♡ ♡ aqssa

   As     a     small,    small     token     of     my     thanks,    here’s   this     giveaway  !!!
   There’ll  be          TWO WINNERS         chosen  randomly  who  will  receive either
   1 full sketch or 2 mini (more rough) sketches of whatever they choose!    Some    small
   examples    are    here:

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B I A S    L I S T (continued under the cut)

   WITH A DISTINCTION!   For my buds Katy ( asundrop & xbastion ) and Al ( ababwa )
   who’ve been with me on tumblr rp since day ONE,     and who I literally would not be
   writing without.     You guys mean everything to me, but I tell you that enough for you
   both to know.     We’ve been through SO MUCH! these past two and a half years and
   I can’t imagine a second of it without you both   ! !   I love you two so, so, sooo much.

also s/o to disneyismyescape !! not a rp blog but literally my fav disney blog ever and who has an appreciation for sleeping beauty  i wish more ppl had !! im v happy we’re mutuals EwE

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with shortness of breath, you explained the infinite; how rare and beautiful it is to even exist.
                                                                                                        saturn (sleeping at last) 


buy art from loren so she can get her kool-aid plane licence!

just kidding, i’m not actually going to be flying the plane. BUT! for once in my lazy life i’ve got an actual legit goal in mind and that goal is —> the USA, where a wonderful friend of mine is waiting for me. and i can’t get there without some mullah, so here’s the deal.

i’m offering lined and flat-coloured drawings!

  • the standard price is for a full body image of a single character, which will be £10 ($13.03). for two full body characters on one image, it’ll be £17 ($22.07).
  • if you want just a bust/waist-up image of a single character, then it’s £8 ($10.39)! for two characters, it’ll be £14 ($18.18).
  • i’ll draw most characters, canon or OC, whatever you’d like, but…

stuff i won’t draw:

  • anthros/furries, excessive gore, big mecha-type robots or hardcore NSFW. pin-up style i will do, though!

if you’re interested, please contact me via email ! that’s loren.hardy@hotmail.co.uk <— right over here. we can bash out the specific deets there, and we can discuss what you’d like! payment will be done through paypal, so please do have a paypal email ready!

last but not least, please do reblog this even if you can’t buy anything right now! and thank you so much!

this is an old post! updated info is HERE!


Just testing gif stuff 

Just something i thought about for Sub and punch during cut scenes and the cutting to the fight 

ive been thinking of this idea and idk why but im actually working on a little story  

 idk if i would show it to @cheapcookiez because its not my game and for me would be an idea or a thought that i would like to share

 i dont know i really just have jacks story i haven’t really wrote on any others im probably going to do  work on pewds next

(if your wondering jacks story is about 8 pages long)

 of course this isnt something The team  should be really thinking about as they havent even released  any tests or betas and its probably something they should be thinking about  after they get the games animations and mechanics working and then work on some type of story but again i dont know how they will do which makes it more exciting but if it was up to me i would do it that way 

I really am i sorry but im so addicted to this concept of the game and i know i say every time i draw an artwork for this game but im telling the truth I really do mean it 

The reason why i love it is because its so amazingly supported by so many people which is amazing! i love how it was just a little concept to now a team working on a beta or test of pewdiepie kicking ass!

Not only that but the creator @cheapcookiez is so nice of writing down all these ideas that she may put in the game with either attacks or costumes that you could put on the player which is INCREDIBLE! 

im just giving ideas im not saying this is how it would look or anything

just another idea i really REALLY love this game and i will stay for the rest of the development and keep supporting @cheapcookiez and her team <3