ive never done a mix before

Translation: …since Shou-chan is a good boy.

casually takes a break from translating doujins to draw some panels

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hey sorry if this is a bother or anything but I really need some help!! I plan on lifting soon but ive never ever done it before. I've read a whole bunch of mixed stuff and I'm pretty sure about the ins and outs. I was just wondering if by any chance you could just like give me a rundown of all the basics like what to do and where's easy and where I shouldn't even even hit??? Also, I'm a guy if that changes anything. Thank you soooooooooooo much'nn

Alright lil mama, I’ll give you the best rundown I can, it’s not a problem at all!

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So this is Christmas! And what’s christmas on tumblr without this Mean Girls scene? Better yet: what’s christmas now that we got Carmilla? Why don’t we mix both?

My Carmilla Secret Santa was storm-diamond-the-dragon-queen and this goes out for her. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! :)


Hey guys, todays nails are neon rainbow frames with some yummy glitter. Ive done frames before but I never liked how theyd turn out on me, they always look better on other people. Im not too displeased with this one the only thing I dont like is that the glitter keeps it from lookin really smooth :) I started off with two coats of China Glaze Its A Trap-Eze & then used 5 china glaze neons and one milani (the purple) On my thumbs, middle fingers & pinkys I used my original colors and then on the fingers in between I mixed the two colors on either side of it to get a nice smooth transition to the next color :) I really love how the transition came out & the idea I absolutely loved just maybe I shouldnt have used glitter how ever I really do love this design & I got a lot of compliments on it! Well I hope yall enjoy it & have a great day.