ive never done a mix before

Translation: …since Shou-chan is a good boy.

casually takes a break from translating doujins to draw some panels

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Favorite Blogs?

oh dear ive never done one of these before. I don’t follow that many people for anxiety reasons but these are all my mutuals and they’re all pretty Neat in my professional opinion:

@justahintofpayne @softhie @softsolouist @niallsrealglasses @organicstunts @organictm @boolondon @lostjams @pass-the-pencil @emolouie @sixteenandeighteen @queerlies @newmanagement @softpetallouis @warningselfie @larryalbum @leaaveouteverything

dancing in the snow

a wintry pop mix for the best pretty setters ship
this is a secret santa gift for eun @aegyoshin​ !!

1. gorgeous! // akemi kimura 2. elle me dit // mika 3. winter valentine // bo en ft mus.hiba 4. レトロメモリー // capsule 5. the tip of the iceberg // owl city 6. we flood the night // far east mention mannequins 7. prom night // anamanaguchi 8. funky at heart // owl city 9. i wish you // capsule 10. für elise // beethoven

(cover art by @skyrafter, i hope u like it too)