ive never been so unconcerned with what he was saying before

NHL!Bitty, Part V - Single

The first openly gay NHL player can’t be single in Seattle! 

Since Eric can’t risk telling anyone he has a boyfriend (especially a closeted NHL-er), his only option is to play along as the Schooners go out of their way to find Eric a boyfriend. This wouldn’t be a problem if his well-meaning teammates didn’t keep trying to introduce him to other closeted players, of which there are more than he would have guessed. Now Eric has to survive a night with Kent Parson.

Origin: From Samwell to Seattle | Part I - Hug Check | Part II - Chirping |  Part III - Post-Season | Part IV - RPF 

As the first openly gay player in the NHL, Eric is used to being locker rooms filled with guys bundled up so tight a TSA scanner couldn’t find their genitals; but then there’s stuff like this. Brazen nudity of the ‘I recognize you’re attracted to men, look how cool I am with it’ variety. His new captain leans toward the latter in a way that would make Shitty proud.

“Bittle, we’re going out with a few Aces. You met Kent Parson?”

Mitchell ‘Cricket’ Crocker is pushing 30 and already going gray. He’s also standing in front of Eric’s stall, naked as the day he was born, unconcerned with the fact his junk is at Eric’s eye-level. 

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Winter Shadow - chapter 2

Work was really slow today so you get two chapters. Hope that’s OK, sorry. 

And all credit to @pixierox101 for the idea, not me xx

They woke at dawn wrapped around each other, bare skin cold in the unheated lodge. No time, or need, for words: they would be expected at the base and lateness would be punished.  They both dressed, strained and tired muscles complaining at the movement but disregarded, pain too familiar a companion to attend to.

He led the way, as always, out onto the hillside, skirting the treeline to stay out of view of early risers, but there was no one around.  They walked for four hours in silence before stopping to drink from a meltwater stream coming down the mountainside. The sun was hot on their backs now, the cool water a blessing as they cupped their hands and poured it over their heads.

They were used to spending time together without talking, their connection not needing words, more primal than language, so she was surprised when he spoke her name as they walked off. He stopped, and waited for her to catch up from her customary position a pace behind.  Walking side-by-side felt unfamiliar but comfortable, as if there was a half-forgotten memory of walking down a woodland path with someone once. She watched him, waiting to see what he needed to say.

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Author: Zoe

Warning: Rogue One Spoilers!

(A/N: Contains some Rogue One spoilers, but whew! Diego Luna has stolen my heart with his charm and his character! My, oh my, am I taken by him! Special thanks to @itsaconquestofimagination for helping me write this! I was stuck on it for so long until she helped me write it!)

Plot Summary: Cassian Andor narrowly escaped the claws of death, but not unscathed. You were assigned to be his full-time caretaker, considering his injuries were severe, but luckily not lethal. However, it’s going to be a bit awkward with K2-SO stating almost every single probability that could happen.

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“Move! Move! Get him into Unit 21, I’ll take it from here!” You quickly rolled his gurney down the hall as fellow nurses ran beside you with IV drips, blood transfusions, and an intubation tube, trying to get air back into his lungs.

K-2SO jogged behind your group as you wheeled him into his patient room. “Doctor Y/L/N, there’s a 89.2 percent chance of Captain Andor dying.”

You waved him off as you began cleaning up his wounds with saline and wrapping up his burns. “That means there’s still a 10.8 chance of survival!” You hooked up his heart monitor to the screen, a flatline displaying.

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anonymous asked:

so paul always says now that hes grateful he and john reconciled before john's death, but ive always sort of wondered if they really did or if paul was saying that more as a coping mechanism. i mean, obviously we'll never know what happened in private, but based on what they were saying about each other in the press in 1980 they didnt seem so reconciled as paul claims. also, whenever paul refers to they getting along, he always uses the same "making bread phone call" ex.. as if its the only one

There are a variety of things I could bring up in the answering of this, but I think part of your question hinges upon your own definition of reconciliation, specific to John and Paul’s relationship, and how their actions square up within it. If it can only be adjudged reconciliation by an unequivocal reestablishment of their songwriting partnership, then they were never reconciled. If it can only be adjudged reconciliation if there was a singularly defined watershed moment of unadorned emotional clarity from whence they never ever said a remotely negative thing about each other in the press again ever, then they were certainly never reconciled. So how and where does one measure it? The least I can argue is that while John and Paul consciously uncoupled, they were never really emotionally estranged or emotionally uninvolved; they never even managed to go without communicating with each other for a third as long as that other ardently involved partnership, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, did. And it would be inimical to dismiss the depth and involvement of their relationship and the strength of their emotional ties to each other based on whatever ugly sentiments that were communicated and disproportionately amplified in public, especially when said sentiments are actually a glaring demonstration of how much they were not Over Each Other.

… They were never indifferent about each other, is what I’m saying. Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it just to reach you.

(Well, John probably did perceive Paul’s no-comment-trucking-right-along manner of dealing with things as blissfully unconcerned indifference to and in comparison to his own markedly ostentatious divorce pangs, but that’s another issue for another time.) 

(More under the cut because this response got interminable.) 

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