ive never been so happy ever

speaking of acting tho…………
its about a black witch girl that moves into a new town and she hasn’t gotten her powers yet and i might be playing the best friend who shows her around
im so scared because i don’t want to fuck this up
the guy whos casting has worked on The Walking Dead so im extra nervous because i am not up to par BUT
im stoked
i head out friday to LA and 
this whole experience is so surreal because i never ever thought id become an actor or even try to pursue it

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I think Im about to be in my first relationship with someoneeee! Ive dated and been in relationships sorta in the past, but they were bad and one guy was mean and the other used me. The rest that have gone on dates with me just arent nice. And dont really like me. But this guy is so great omg. And adorable. And he kisses my neck and tries to hold me and literally no one has ever been that gentle with me? Never done this stuff before so I'm super awkward but??? Wow

Ahhhh im so happy for you!

i. you’ll always be better than the person you were yesterday. sometimes i fall into the trap of thinking i’ve always been in the same place, but that’s just it: it’s a trap. it’s my mind tricking me again. it’s searching for one good thing i’ve done in the last year and finding twenty because there really are infinite.

ii. maybe i’m still not over it and maybe i should be but maybe i shouldn’t be and maybe it doesn’t matter because every day, i’m healing, even on the days where i don’t think i’ll ever be. i’m looking back and seeing only smog where my trauma used to be, but when i dare push through it, i find behind it, well, everything.

iii. there are things that are worse than last year but there are things that are better and i guess that’s life - nothing is ever going to be all great at the same time, but there’s always going to be little accomplishments worth celebrating.

iv. and yeah, some days it hurts so bad, i think my trauma controls me. some days i think i am nothing without it, that i need it for my art, that there is nothing artistic about being happy, that the only people who are are living inside of a delusional feeling. and maybe i’m right in a way: the most amazing people i’ve ever met are, in their own way, hurting. but that’s everybody. that’s everybody. really. i know it’s been said so many times, but once you really realize that everybody is struggling do you realize that you’ve never been alone in this. you’ll never be alone in this. really.

v. we’re going to get through this. it’s going to be gradual, never all at once. maybe it’s never going to be over in the way we want it to be. but we’re going to get through this. together. always.

—  5 things about trauma

wow what an awful banner kgjfdc

so i hit 1k followers the other day which is so awesome and i really never thought i’d ever get to this point; i never thought i’d get 5, much less 1000 followers so thank you guys so much fkdfrkd

i’ve met some super nice people on here in the time ive been around and everyone is so lovely that it makes me happy to be part of this community a majority of the time

i wanna give a big shoutout to @singaporeditl before i start tho because she’s been such a lovely friend and is all around so wonderful :( the things we’ve talked about and ranted about the the moodboards we made together make me so happy so thanks for being my friend and i’m so glad we clicked immediately

without further ado, here we go

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twin andrews part three | jughead x reader

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part one:https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158708863703/twin-andrews-juggie-x-reader-an-im-hoping

part two: https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158896154168/twin-andrews-part-2-jughead-x-reader

part four: https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/159002098033/twin-andrews-part-4-jughead-x-reader

a/n: wowie part three!!! lemme know if you’d like a part four!! requests are open for all you lovely little nuggets! happy reading👱🏻‍♀️🌈🤴🏼

tonight was a totally flop, my feet kill from standing so long, the food was served cold and to top it off no one asked me to dance the entire night so i stood and watched an awkward Betty try and confess her feelings to my brother and so far it didn’t look like it was going to crash hot

just when i thought the night could get worse if it possibly tried i spot cheryl walking over to me and at this moment i just wanting the ground to swallow me whole.

“hello my fellow riven vixen” she smiles sweetly

“hey cheryl” i smile and muster up as much enthusiasm and fake smiling as i could manage “what’s up” i tilt my head blinking to let her know im not a robot.

“are you coming tonight to the after party? im in the mood for chaos” her smile turns sinister as she batts her eyelids. “not tonight im super tired but enjoy!”

i try and walk past her but she catches me arm and yanks me back “i beg your pardon?” i roll my eyes pulling my arm free “i said no cheryl i will not be in attendance tonight- now if you’ll excuse me-”

she begins her snappy come back when i see reggie mantle walking over to us “care to dance andrews?” i breathe a sigh of relief “why of course mantle- if you’ll excuse me” i tell cheryl before grabbing his hand and letting him guide me out into the middle of the dance floor

“i never thought I’d say this but ive never been so happy to see you ever in my life” i sling my arms around his neck as we begin to slow dance. he chuckles at my remark and places his arms loosely on my hips

“things looked a little intense so i thought I’d go help my damsel in distress, you are my river vixen after all” he teases pulling me closer to his body.

“woah steady eddie i think your getting a bit ahead of yourself there. i can handle myself but thank you” he smiles down at me “your welcome”

the song ends and we break apart i catch a glimpse of the others watching reggie and i closely as he snakes his hand around my waist and tugs me toward his side. my brother mutters something to Betty before walking over to me and breaking us apart.

“if it isn’t the inferior twin, hey bud how you doing. did i tell you that your sister got mega hot” he winks at me before smirking up at my brother “jesus reg” i roll my eyes at the hormonal teen before walking toward my brother “let’s go home”

“actually Betty, Ronnie and I are going to the Blossoms- you should come-” i shake my head “no thanks im just going to hit Pops and then head home for a well needed bath”. he nods before turning and disappearing in the crowd.

i start the walk over to Pop’s my clutch in one hand my shoes in the other the cool wind blowing through my hair. i quicken my pace when i see the shimmering neon signs of the diner “thank god” i mutter entering the only place open at 11pm

it was much warmer inside then out my whole body shivered as it adjust to the warmness, “hey pop” i greet “the usual?” he asks and i nod searching for a booth when I spot the brunette boy huddled over his laptop.

“ill be sitting with juggie” the old man nods turning and placing my order into the kitchen, my stomach growling at the mouth watering smell of burgers and fries.

i approach the table with caution my whole body shivering from the cold “jug?”

his eyes shoot up from his laptop annoyance across his face as he realises it’s me, my heart sinks as i wrap my arms around my body “can i sit?” he doesn’t say a word he just nods focusing his attention back to his work

i slip into the open seat opposite him placing my heels and purse next to me, we sit in silence and i tap my fingers against the table hoping that he’d break first.

“god dammit!” i bang my hands on the table causing jughead to look at me in an instant closing his laptop. “what?” he says panicked

“im sorry for bailing today okay! i got swept up with B & V and my brother forced me to this stupid dance and i don’t have your number so I couldn’t message you to say no and i just had a really crappy night and I had to walk all the way from school to here in these damn shoes- and it’s like minus 2 degrees out there and I’m cold and hungry and annoyed because i flaked on you and i never flake- so im sorry please don’t do this-” i blurt resting my head in my hands.

the diner falls quiet and i keep my eyes close not wanting to see a Jugheads expression “here” i hear him mumble

i lift my head and see jugheads outstretched hand with his jacket hanging from his grasp, i grab it softly slipping into it and instantly feelings it’s warmth “thank you” i mumble.

“it’s okay-” he pauses to clear his throat “i actually only got here about an hour ago-” he chuckles grabbing a few fries off my plate and popping them into his mouth.

i drop my face into my palms and turn red in embarrassment before making eye contact with him again a grin wide on his face. i narrow my eyes at him pulling my plate closer to me.

“i can’t believe you made me think you were mad at me you jerk” i complain somewhat relieved at the concept “i tried to stop you but once you start ranting it’s extremely hard to stop you”

i laugh at the brunette boy as i sip on my milkshake “you’re an idiot” i mutter “you’re a an idiot” he mimics my voice making extremely offensive hand gestures. i throw a napkin at him and roll my eyes at him before sticking my tongue out at him. mature i know

we talk for a little bit before the bell in the diner goes off my brother walking in looking rather guilty “s'cuse me” i mutter to jughead before slipping out of the booth and walk over to the service desk where archie stands

“sorry kid she hasn’t been in here tonight just these two-” “who” i ask catching the end of their conversation “uh betty” he confesses itching the back in his neck he walks past me and toward jughead

“archie what’s wrong with B?!” i ask annoyed but he ignores me asking jughead to sit before taking my place in the booth “earth to archie?!” i complain annoyed.

“what!” he snaps gazing at me

“Betty, where is she and what the hell happened at Cheryl’s”

“nothing!” he stammers looking to the both of us before looking back down at his hands “look ronnie and i- uh we kissed..” my jaw drops

“in front of here?!” i ask fuming “well not tech-”

“archie i swear to god-!” i yell anger pulsing through me

“yes!” he snaps yelling at me “i came here to apologise!” he tries to reason

i scoff “to who, to betty to me or to jug- because I’m pretty sure you owe us ALL an apology even damn ronnie needs one” i yell at my brother storming away from the booth before turning quickly on my heels and heading back to the boys.

archie flinches as i reach over the booth and give jughead a hug “night jug sorry again ill see you tomorrow- ive got to find Betty” he nods understandingly “to be continued?” i nod and turn around walking out of the diner and directly to the coopers residence

i sneak up into Bettys room and knock twice waiting patiently for her to open the window, within a minute the lights inside her room turn on and the click of her window unlocking as she pulls it up with ease “(y/n)?” she says surprised

“what the hell did that stupid ginger haired brother of mine do this time” she sniffles and i hold my arms outstretched and she rushes into them crying softly into my shoulder

“the kissed in the closet for seven minutes in heaven- she knew & so did he but they did it anyway” she wipes her eyes before siting on the edge of her bed “boys are stupid” i tell her placing my hand on her shoulder

“i don’t get why he doesn’t like me (y/n) what’s wrong with me i just-” she chokes on her words wiping her wet cheeks with her fingers.

“he loves you i know that just not in the way you want him to- but you know what sometimes they’re better of being friends then anything more” i try and comfort her letting her rest her head on me.

her phone vibrates and she sighs when she reads it “its arch-” she croaks “he’s outside” i give her shoulders a squeeze.

“you don’t have to see him if you don’t feel up to it, i can tell him you just want to be alone” she shakes her head “it’s okay” she gives me a weak smile before we both stand from her bed and walk downstairs

she pauses and turns around staring at me looking puzzled “what?” i ask “is that jughead as jacket?” i look down at the fabric and smile shyly “yeah i was at pops and it was cold so juggie leant it to me”

she raises her brows at me “jesus just open the door”!

she opens the front door to reveal my brother standing further down the drive way “ill be right here” i tell her giving her hand a reassuring squeeze before she walks down to meet him talking in hushed whispers before Betty turns around and rushes to me crying even more than before

i run my hands over her hair trying to soothe her as i catch my brothers guilty expression “call me if you need anything okay B?” she nods wiping her tears and mumbling a thank you before disappearing into her house

i walk past my brother and over to our house “i can’t believe you” i mutter slamming the front door in his face.

“c'mon (y/n) you can’t be mad at me okay” “watch me” i yell back stomping up the stairs

“why do you even care!” he retorts clearly annoyed “she’s my best friend arch what the hell is that supposed to mean!”

“hey hey what’s going on here, arch (y/n/n)?” “nothing dad just the same ole jerk archie, night”

i shut my door with some extra force due to the anger coursing through my body “i can’t believe him” ♕

“are you still mad?”

i stay seated in the passenger seat of my brothers truck, ive been giving him the silent treatment all morning and we’ve finally arrived at school & i was certainly in no mood for bullshit today

“look arch- i am still mad okay your my brother and she’s my best friend i hate having to pick corners it’s not fair- what you and veronica did was wrong okay? but i stand by you because your my brother but that doesn’t mean that i ive forgiven you for what you did”

he nods staring blankly at me “i guess I’ll take it” I give him a single nod before getting out of the car and walking off to find betty i was definitely not in the mood to wait for my brother and face her with him.

i spot her leaning against her locker, “Betty!” i call out. She smiles when she see,s me she looks a lot better almost like last night never happened. i approach her giving her a small hug and a small squeeze on the shoulder

“your still wearing that?” she smirks at me. i glance down at juggies jacket “it’s warm, plus i can return it to him today” i finish closing my locker

“yeah okay whatever, oo i have something to pick up from the office wanna come with” i nod following the girl “how you feeling?” she shrugs “im over it” i nod >

we enter the office and i spot a huge vase of yellow flowers, “are they for betty?” i point and betty widens her eyes opening the car perched on top of the bouquet, my eyes widen even more “from v? as in-”

“veronica” the three of us say in unison, we turn to see Veronica standing in the door way holding a box “i also got you some cupcakes i flew them in from New York” i side eye Betty and furrow my brows giving her the ‘are you serious look’

i sit back and watch as veronica vows to never do anything like that again and beg for Betty’s forgiveness and as Betty is in fact Betty she stupidly forgives her and now they are back to best buds typical

“im actually surprised that you forgave her so easily, i would’ve made her grovel a bit” i tell her as i smell her flowers “yeah i know you would c'mon i have free period let’s go to the lounge”

“do you think if i act upset she’ll fly me in cupcakes too?” i joke earning a chuckle from Betty “atta girl” i wink at her as we exit the office. “you’re impossible” she jokes.

thats when we pass the familiar brunette standing a this locker his eyes already locked on me, we walk past him and i send him a shy smile “hey juggie” he’s cheeks tint and as he smiles stupidly at the ground “hey-” he mumbles a smile clear on his face

a/n: send me a request if you’d like a part 4!! i hope your enjoy this let me know commenting down below, sending me a message or by following my blog so you’ll never miss an upload!! lots of love nugs🌹🥂

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@ touken fandom
(version 2)

please don’t do this. i’ve never done anything to provoke you or say anything against you outright. all i’ve ever done is defend you until i was too tired to think of any reasons to defend you. i wanted to be supportive bec i have friends among you. but apparently that’s not enough.

i’ve only ever wanted to be understanding of everything the fans say, and everything that ishida decides to do. i stomached that sex scene bec i still love tokyo ghoul and i want to follow it to the end, even if i don’t necessarily like everything that’s going on. i’ve been a fan for so long that idk what i would do without it. i’ve met a lot of friends through it and it’s never failed to give me more happy moments than it has given me sad ones.

im just tired now and hurt because ive tried, REALLY TRIED, to understand and be supportive.

a lot of you tk fans seem to think that you alone are capable of being the mature ones in the TG fandom. a lot of you hate hidekane fans or tsukikane fans.


seems like we’re not the only ones capable of being the most childish ones here and i don’t think i can defend you anymore







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Aw thank you so much! I’m really glad you like them I really appreciate it. Here have a silly thing of them.

The one

A long distance relationship is never something I could see myself doing but I suppose I never thought about it. I always see the quote saying “there is 7 billion people on this planet, do you really think they live down your street?” and I think this is so dam accurate. I met the girl of my dreams over the wonderful world of tumblr in the most unlikely circumstances, in the most unlikely way, so unexpectedly. And I cant help but think this is ‘meant to be’.

I cant begin to explain how this girl has changed my life. Before I knew her I had no drive in life, I was just going with it, just doing as everyone else did. I had no plan on meeting anyone and I wasnt exactly looking for anyone. Most importantly I wasn’t myself, I was still coming to terms with myself and hadn’t come out too many people. I wasnt comfortable wearing what I wanted to as I was afraid of being judged or caring what people thought of me, I had a second hidden personality that only I knew about. But then this beautiful girl comes into my life and within weeks I am comfortable as me, want to talk about her ALL the time, the only girl ALWAYS on my mind, the more we spoke the less I cared about what anyone else thought because I was BEING ME.

Ive never been so proud to be gay and never been so proud to call someone mine.

I’ve never felt something so strong and never been so happy with anyone. A feeling I cant compare and something worth fighting for if times ever get tough.

I would do anything for this beautiful girl and I’ll do anything to spend my whole life with her. Im determined to never let distance win and love to always be on top.

Long distance is hard, extremely extremely hard BUT there is nothing more rewarding than having someone to love and someone love you, knowing that you always have someone there for you no matter what. Having someone motivate you to be the best version of YOU and love you for YOU. someone to be your best friend, your rock and your soul mate.

Baby you have my all, my 100%, you have my heart. I will love you with my entire heart, keep you safe and treat you like a princess. The days are couting down until I can see you again, every minute closer, stay strong for me and I will never give up on you. You are THE ONE

I love you🌍💞


Okay my mom took me to this meat place ive never been to before, she said she went there w her friends all the time and i was like well okay lets go have some pork

Its called hamjipark and i CANT REMEMBER the last time i had pork that delicious

Like not even in recent memory, i mean like… Ever????

God it was so fucking good like it was so juicy and the texture and the TASTE like holy shit the yangnyeom was so good it was smoky and spicy and sweet and holy shit just ripping it off the bone was enthralling like oh my god my teeth were so happy my face was covered in oily sauce BIG ASS PILE of pork and we devoured it till it was naked bones and im so stuffed idk how im even lucid enough to even be typing this oh my god the sticky yangnyeom the huge slabs of brown-red pork w the seared crust and the succulent fucking meat

Oh god im so full i cant move im so dizzy i cant see straight my nose is running im gonna pass out im so sweaty

Listen… Even the banchan was delicious… Really good summer kimchi and bean sprouts and cabbage. Good ass namul. Im a huge fan of kbbq style potato salad and theirs was SO GOOD but yeah those pork ribs dude… I cant feel my face

I ate too much im dying

Both my mom and i ate till we saw stars and started feeling rigor mortis and it all came out to only twenty five bucks like oh my god

So much meat

Thank you hamjipark my whole soul is sweating and vibrating like a washing machine and im ruined for other meat now and i think i can see shangrila and im so happy i got to eat your pork

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Hey!!! I'm starting T in week!!!! I'm excited but starting to get really nervous!!!!! Maybe you've already mentioned this, but how did you feel like, coming right up to starting?

im not 100% sure what you mean so pls correct me if my answer doesnt apply but im gonna answer how i think u mean it: how did i feel in the time leading up to starting T?

honestly i was just, extremely excited! but thats also because i had been offered T by my doctor a year before, and i had all that time to think about it and by the time i actually got on T i was just plain impatient lol

but no, yeah, leading up to that point? i was also very nervous. i was afraid i might regret the decision, or not like the changes, and just the fact that i would be taking such a serious medication was intimidating. but,

8 months on T i want to tell you that ive never, ever been happier and more confident. i speak and love my voice now. i look in the mirror and smile instead of wanting to cry. im fuzzy everywhere and i adore it. starting T made me a better, happier, less anxious, more comfortable human being, and im so happy that i did

i hope it can do the same for you my friend

Happy 1 year anniversary to the start of Obscured Descent!

I realized that the day was coming up so i made this little sketch to commemorate it ^^

This is the largest, and longest project ive ever taken up and I’m glad I did! Ive been meaning to share this story for so long but i just could never get it started, until last year that is. I finally got the drive to just start making it out of nowhere. Even though this past year I havent put out too many pages which is entirely my fault, I’m hoping to finish the first chapter before the end of the year.

Here’s to finally getting off the ground and making this darn thing a reality >w<

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I wanted to let you know that your art is getting me through a really hard time. Ive been plagued with dysphoria worse than ever lately and bakugou is... kinda my physical ideal self in most ways, so seeing the drawings of him that you do especially where hes trans make me really happy. Ive never seen a character where i want tk cry bc why cant i be that way, and your art helps bc it kinda in a way shows me i can be that way. So just... thank you so so much.

hey! well first of all im cryin bc hell yeah man, fucking, i believe in you i love you you’re strong, and second of all, he’s always trans, that’s not a sometimes thing on this blog, i wanna make that clear

@satanaeruu [x]

He’s eager as he hurries Abel to the front of center stage, cradling one twin in his arm, and the other in a small bassinet with a handle, able to be carried around.

“Abel” He makes sure the mics are on as he speaks, his voice echoing over the room.

“For the longest time you kept telling me you felt like a replacement… You’re not a replacement, never have been and never will be. You’re probably the greatest thing to ever happen to me, honestly… Right from the get go you’ve done nothing but try and make me happy, and ive always felt super selfish for accepting so much of it and yet not being able to return the favor… So this? This ball was my way of trying to say thank you… Thank you for being there when i needed you most, thank you for putting up with my stupid bullshit… and thank you for giving life to these two beautiful little boys… Our family…”

He shudders, pressing a soft kiss to Abels forehead before pulling a ring from his pocket. Obsidian base with Rubies and sapphires- like twin snakes coiling around each other and biting the opposites tail… a symbol of infinity, of everlasting affection.

“But most of all… Thank you for loving me for who I am, not what I have…Thank you for existing, thank you for everything that you’ve created in your image… I only have one favor to ask…. Would you accept this? And if its not too much trouble…” He turns his right wrist over, displaying those three diamonds in full display, and then he gestures to his left wrist shortly after.

“I want to be yours for eternity… till the end of time… because no amount of words or gestures can ever properly express how grateful I am for you, and how much I love you… So I’ll give you all of my time instead.”


A section of Jeonghan’s interview about the time he first came to the company featured in a Japanese magazine. 

Trans: InsideMinJosh