ive missed saying that

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  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> Ive missed 3 chats and Ive run out of hourglasses and I think I'm about to get a bad route I have a miss call from 707 and my life is over my sleep pattern is fucked up I need hourglasses Rika needs to get the fuck out I need hourglasses I'm broke Cheritz have robbed me.<p/></p>

when u overhear someone talking about kidney function

and they say it’s a right not a privilege

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Dear Frisk: I'm sorry I called you a flirty little shit when you flirted with my mom... and I'm sorry I said you were desperate when you flirted with Papyrus... but seriously, isn't there someone your age to hit on? and isn't a 500 year old ghost child?

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ID love to do it but im busy rn with the gems ive recieved, and plus, right on the ask button it says to not ask for more gems !!! so Plz, Donut ask for more, thanks !

jack’s face after parse says “i missed you” is the saltiest thing ive ever seen i love jack and how he doesnt take any of parse’s manipulative shit anymore no offense


You had been out of town for almost 2 weeks, but finally you get to go back to you boyfriend Brendon. You wanted to surprise him so you didn’t let him know that you would be arriving today. Once you get to your apartment you quietly open the door and make your way through the apartment. You walk up to you bedroom door that isn’t completely closed but you can see Brendon’s head. You open the door just a bit more only to find out that he is jerking off! You walk through the door.
“Brendon Urie what in the hell are you doing?”
His eyes open up wide and he looks at you for a moment. He jumps up off the bed runs over to you and pins you up against the wall. He begins kissing you roughly and you can feel his boner against your leg.
“Ive missed you so much!” He says in between kissing you
“I missed you too!”
You make your way to the bed never unlocking lips. He lays you down and goes on top of you. He rips off your shirt and pants. You slowly begin to jerk him off.
“Oh god, please never leave me again!”
“I won’t but here let me make up for this time.” You say with a smirk
You get up from under him and remove you bra and underwear. You lay him down and take him into your mouth.
“Oh god damn that feels so good!”
You make your way back up and begin kissing him again while he massages your boobs. You unlock lips and slowly slide yourself into him. You both moan in pleasure. You continue to go slow for a bit but begin to pick up pace. He moans load almost to the point of screaming as he cums.
“Babe I’m not even done!” You say as you continue riding him
“Oh don’t worry about that.”
He lifts you off of him and throws you down on the bed and starts eating you out. It feels so good, he has to use all of his strength to hold your hips down.
“Holy shit Brendon!”
He continues until you cum. He lays down beside you and you both try to catch your breath.
“That was great!” He says
“I know!”
“I hate when you leave but if that’s what I can expect when you come back…”
“There’s a lot more where that came from, wanna take a shower you say with a smirk.”