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here’s samples of the main 4 kid’s skin tones, color-sampled from screenshots. Star, a white person, is left in for reference and in a line for comparison. Notice how significantly darker Janna, Jackie and Marco are

here are skin tones from fanart. uncredited, unsourced for just this once because i’m not trying to call any one person out in specific or shame. 

the blobs on the right are the color-sampled tones from canon. the left are from the art, again w star’s canon skin color as an anchor. It’s far too similar.

no one’s editing marco and janna to have blonde hair and blue eyes, all i’ve seen are victims of pastel filters and genuine mistakes. Often people give them peachy or golden undertones; try to keep in mind brown skin has less saturated/reddish undertones. 

y’all need to be careful. I do too, in what i produce and reblog; most importantly, we should not be stripping these brown-skinned characters of their color!! Thank you for listening, stay vigilant, and if you see a mistake, help the artist/editor fix it! :D


Sunshine Line - BTS [I hope you smile watching it c:]

female film directors

“It’s irrelevant who or what directed a movie, the important thing is that you either respond to it or you don’t. There should be more women directing; I think there’s just not the awareness that it’s really possible. It is.” - Kathryn Bigelow

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A sweet person who needs a hug and a cup of tea =u=

Judging by my Tumblr, post in my ask what you think I’d be like in real life

I really do need tea ((says the person who already had 2 kinds of tea today

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I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you.

i. Real Friends- Mixtape. ii. Weezer- Jamie. iii. Mayday Parade- Amber Lynn. iv. Jamestown Story- Show me Tomorrow. v. Hudson Taylor- World without You. vi. Landon Pigg- Falling in love at a Coffee Shop. vii. Mayday Parade- Hold Onto Me. viii. Chase Coy- If the Moon Fell down Tonight. ix. Matt Wertz- 5:19. x. Ben Rector- I like You. xi. Parachute- Kiss me Slowly. xii. Justin Timberlake- Not a Bad Thing. xiii. Train- Marry Me. xiv. A Rocket to the Moon- I Do. xv. The Cab- Endlessly. xiv. 5 Seconds of Summer- Beside You. xvii. The Icarus Account- Favorite Girl. xviii. Pierce The Veil- Kissing in Cars. xix. One Direction- Irresistible. xx. A Rocket to the Moon- If I’m gonna Fall in Love.