ive lost you


Frisk, now a highschooler, visits underground to see their old pals. Based on a drawing I saw earlier today. I thought this was really precious.

Let them be happy for once. *wipes away tears*


I’ll meet you in our secret place
Where no one else can share you

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Okay building off your headcanon of Abby being the mother figure Neil has always needed, what if later down the line I'm talking 40+ years here Abby dies? How do you think Neil would react?

*insert gif of “Hey there friend, you may want to slow down*

Oh angst, my old friend. How it’s been so long since I’ve written thee. (I say as though I hadn’t killed off a beloved character and separated a family of choice a few weeks ago)
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  • after all these years neil is still living with andrew (and hes not moving out ever)
  • hes probably not playing exy anymore but tbh you never know with this boy
  • or man more like
  • he still calls abby and he takes care of her whenever he visits and he still sees her as a mother figure even if he never calls her “mom” (kevin be damned)
  • most likely this has been a long time coming
  • abby is a nurse and she’s healthy so it’s not like she had any major health problems
  • in the end, it’s old age
  • neil knows that people die–seriously, he knows this–but it’s still a bit of a shock
  • he knew she was getting weaker and he knew that she likely didn’t have long
  • but even so he feels this sort of numbness wash over him
  • because this was a woman who had taught him what a mother should be and he loves mary but abby was so much gentler and so much more caring than his birth mother ever had been
  • he doesnt cry in the hospital room and he doesnt cry at the funeral
  • maybe dan gets a little pissed off that he doesnt cry but andrew is andrew and he doesnt let her get near
  • he sees the blankness in neils eyes as the casket is lowered
  • it doesnt really hit neil for a while
  • then he fully realizes that he wont be able to call abby whenever and tell her about whatever andrews done this time
  • andrew doesnt do more than place a hand on neils neck while neil has his head in his hands
  • hes crying but he isnt sobbing
  • he takes shuddering breaths and gasps quietly but he’s not loud
  • hes not empty, not really, but theres always going to be that place in his heart only for abby
  • andrew lets him have his grief and helps neil to bed when he says “i want to sleep for a while”
  • neil mourns for a day or so and it’s not quite the same for another few days after that
  • but nobody expects him to be okay because they all lived through that grief before
  • and it’s the first time (maybe second, if wymack has already died by now) that he’s lost someone so important to him
  • but neil doesnt mourn longer than a few days because that doesnt bring the dead back and in the end, abby was happy so thats all that matters
  • so he wakes up in the morning and hes okay and life goes on even if he still feels a little lost without her
  • nt: those poor little Mentally Ill people just need a little kindness!! i know when i talk to them and make sure theyre never left alone, i make their dismal pitiful lives a little brighter. and being such a Nice Person makes me feel good about myself too!!!
  • me: every time youve spoken to me i fantasized about beating you up
Love Struck

Every waking moment
Every passing day 
Every last minute
These feelings for you are infinite 

You’re always on my mind
My thoughts forever distracted
Your presence weakens my knees
My heart knows what it needs

I never want this to end
Our attraction is everlasting  
These feelings I’ll never forget
You send my heart into orbit

You’ll never just be ‘that boy’
Our attraction to each other is irresistible 
Never resisting your arms embrace
Sweet little kisses I give your face

You will eternally hold a piece of my heart
Your presence I miss when you’re not near
Random and gentle kisses make my heart start to flutter
My mind gets so mixed up sometimes you make me stutter

Your support and advice I can always listen for
Appreciative when you listen to my venting 
In your presence I can’t help but be myself 
Around you feeling comfortable is effortless in itself

I love you with all that is possible
I love how easily we can relate
Meeting you was no mistake
This love we share must be fate

During our journey we’ve lived and learned
But the past is forgotten and now…
Loving you is all I can do
And all I really know is that I never ever want to lose you

(written in 2009 by yours truly)



goodness okay, so like… this isnt the full picture unfortunately.
tumblr said it was too big (okay i cant blame them the picture is 4329x4311 this picture is literally that big in pixels. so this is probably the biggest picture ive done digitally.)

i am going to send you the full picture some how @silvurgalaxies
now i have Peppermint and Dice to do in this style hehe

anyway i hope you like it! <333

Techno belongs to @silvurgalaxies

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Zolu!!! 😂

oh shIT let’s go

002 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • When of if I started shipping it: Like, early 2013? I can’t remember how it happened, I think it just kinda grew on me. But yeah I’ve always liked them together and even now I love platonic zolu just as much as shippy because. they’re just so good. 
  • My thoughts: there are soo many canon moments I could cry about forever. for example In Mock Town Zoro could have easily taken out Bellamy & co and I’m sure he knew that but he didn’t fight back because Luffy thought it wasn’t worth it?? Like Zoro is all about pride but basically all the times he throws it away it’s for Luffy. and im. help??
  • What makes me happy about them: I love the whole captain & first mate thing and when they go like “don’t worry!! Zoro’s with them!!” or “calm down, Luffy will take care of it” and I. die. I also love how Zoro acts all tough but he always gives in to Luffy’s whims and stuff and they’re so alike but so different at the same time and Luffy’s always making fun of Zoro even though he’s just as dumb and I just love them so so much I get 5 years of my lifespan back every time they stand next to each other
  • What makes me sad about them: They would do anything for each other and sometimes it makes me sad because they don’t care bout their own lives when the other is in danger??
  • Things done in fanfic that annoy me: This isn’t exclusive to zolu fics but sometimes people write Zoro as an actual mean person and that bothers me because Zoro is literally so kind?? and he cares about the whole crew so much?? heck, he gave himself in to the marines for a little girl and her mom who he just met, why would you write him as anything other than kind and supportive
  • Things I look for in fanfic: Weelll it depends on what kind of mood I’m in but I like slow burns and fluff and them being the best bros and shit. Oh and I really like character studies with these two. And stuff with loyalty oh boy, that’s like the best theme for zolu fics
  • My kinks: height diffeRENCE
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: *whistling* can’t hear you
  • My happily ever after for them: just keep my boys sailing with the crew forever and I’m happy



Are you guys actually for real? You don’t want Paige’s sex tape screenshots but the same people would happily ask for Seths nudes/ send in his & Zahra’s nudes? Such hypocrites!!