ive lost you

i! dont know who i am! who the fuck am i!!! what the fuck do i want to do in life!!! what are even my own interests besides the things i cling to!!! i dont know !!!!

we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride

furidojasutin  asked:

Psst psst, if/whenever you've got inspiration to draw Freed could you either draw him in suit and tie or in some casual clothes? You can choose! BD also have a great week and keep up your amazing work wkbdkw ♡

I’ve always found Freed weirdly relaxing to draw! Thanks for the request! 
I hope you are having a good day yourself! 


Frisk, now a highschooler, visits underground to see their old pals. Based on a drawing I saw earlier today. I thought this was really precious.

Let them be happy for once. *wipes away tears*


made this comment because the video pissed me off a little bit

  • nt: those poor little Mentally Ill people just need a little kindness!! i know when i talk to them and make sure theyre never left alone, i make their dismal pitiful lives a little brighter. and being such a Nice Person makes me feel good about myself too!!!
  • me: every time youve spoken to me i fantasized about beating you up

I was tagged by @brohorel​ to do this, thank you!!!

Five things in my bag:
Spanish continuers HSC exam from 2015

Five things in my bedroom:
Those decorative block letters spelling out GORBES (don’t ask)
Tons of books
Framed photos of George Washington and Geroges Danton (again, don’t ask)
A violin

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:
Dye my hair
Go to university
Speak another language fluently (I’m getting there!!)
Sell my artwork
See snow

Five things that make me happy:
The colour blue
Flowers and plants
My friends <3
My dog
The Blue Mountains

Five things I’m currently into:
Les Mis
Harry Potter
idk what else?? i’ve been too busy lately

Five things on my to-do list:
Finish the painting I’ve been working on
Read all the books I have lined up
Get a job
Got to uni
Get my dang laptop fixed

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The Lake Of Hope

Theres a lake where you can secretly go
Theres a lot of comforting things below
Water nympths and gardens on the bed
do not be troubled in this place ive read

You find lost things youve missed so long
Treasure chests and shiny things are strewn
You can hear the songs of the music knave
Just stay away from the deep springs cave


I’ll meet you in our secret place
Where no one else can share you