ive lost my ability to even

Ok so as you might know, Villainous has a ask.fm, and some of the questions are in spanish, so here are some translations

Why is the bears name 5.0.5?
Its the number that Flug assigned to his project.

Is Flug hired or enslaved?
whats the difference?

What abilities do you have?
Imagine your worst nightmares, the most unpleasant and most terrifying blasphemies; Because its all nothing compared to what i can do

How many suprheroes have you defeated?
Too many! ive already lost count of how many incompetent heroes have been victims of my evil!

Can i torment 5.0.5?
you can annihilate him if you want.

(there is one about artificial black holes but honestly i have no idea what it says and google leaves me even more confused)

how do you dress like a gentleman and at the same time be so intimidating?
I like to do evil with class

About the plane that is… crashed beind your mansion, could that be Dr.Flugs lab?
That plane needs to be removed, its generating too many questions.

Dear Black Hat, i see that you’re selling weapons to super villains, but but what about your goal of dominating the world? now you’re giving the weapons to other villains. why the change of plans?

Hey!! what plans do you have about world domination by dear BlackHat?
Demencia! you’ve already asked me this six times in person this month! and now this!?

Black Hat, What are you?

i’ll translate the rest if there is a demand for it

so i haven’t even seen Kisame and Gai fight yet but I wanted Kakashi telling off Kisame JUST BECAUSE. srsly gai just let your smol angery rival tell off people for being mean to you okay plz gai do it for me

also i totally have better drawing in the works but i have to pace myself bc my doctor is making me :c


jennyspring  asked:

this might be random but i was going through the rebelcaptain tag, my current obsesssion... and since you offered... do you know of good rebelcaptain fics especialy among the newer ones? i mean i was up to date with everything then exam period started and i did not have enough time to find new ones :(

Mehehehe these dorks have ruined my life, let me tell you. I pretty much spend all my time reading everything on ao3 (why can’t I read a “real” book for once?), so here are the ones I have bookmarked for later rereading, because they’re awesome and you should all read them if you haven’t already. I debated how to categorise them, but realised that they’re all basically AU because I can’t handle the canon yet, so I put them under faves, finished and unfinished stories. If you’re not a crazy person with too much free time (like me) you should at least try and take the time to read the faves, because oh man are they amazing. So without further ado, long list is long:


Under the Cover of Darkness (unfinished, T)
Holy shit my bros, I don’t know what we did to deserve this, but I’m gonna take it. If you ever read an Imperial undercover AU, let it be this one. Fuck.

floating, sinking (unfinished, unrated)
Save me, this is such excellent writing. It’s basically post-R1 running through EP IV. (Bonus: if you’re also a Bodhi fan like myself, this is almost required reading, the author gets his voice and character just perfectly. Well, they do that with everyone, really.)

Against the odds (finished,  T)
I have lost my ability to can. This fic did not help me find it.


In another life (T)
Why would you even write this, seriously, fuck you. Don’t read if canon makes you cry. On second thought, actually do read this and try and deal with your feelings afterwards.

Worst Kept Secret In The Rebellion (T-E, series)
Jyn and Cassian are married rebels and it’s awesome.

you were my new home (T)
Extends upon the time Jyn and Cassian spend looking for Saw together, and stamps on my heart in the process.

long way home (G-E, series)
I’m not convinced that the author isn’t trying to murder me with greatness.

Arm’s length (M)
Because angst!fluff is a genre.

Clean shaven (G)
This is really cute though. Also check out the other rebelcaptain stories by this author.

let’s give ‘em something to talk about (T)
Save me from these dorks, I beg you.

Flower Petals On My Pillow (T)
The tattoo parlor and flowershop modern AU you have all been waiting for.

i don’t care if heaven won’t take me back (E)
Jyn does what Jyn wants and the world is all the better for it.

run to me in the rising dawn (unrated)
Jyn’s separation anxiety is going to murder all three of my feelings one of these days.

in the spaces (T-E, series)
This whole thing keeps wrenching my heart apart. Send help. Be prepared to need ice-cream after this.

The Genre Does Not Support This (T)
K2 continues to be his ridiculous self.

A million more deaths (M)
They are, ahem, blowing off steam?

Statistical Likelihood (G)
Prepare to be highly amused and then CRY A LOT.

hold your child as tight as you can (G)


Captains, Rebels & Survivors (T)
The castaways!fic we never knew we needed but definitely did.

pretty scars. (M)
It’s a modern AU with computernerds and complicated feelings, what more could you ask for?

Color my cheeks (E)
This was evidently supposed to be a oneshot sex-pollen thing, but turned into a multichapter thing that I am in love with. It’s sex with confused feelings, basically.

deep inside this ancient heart (T)
Any pregnancy fic for this ship has my immediate approval, and this one happens to be a modern AU as well, soooo…

Cassian Andor’s Guide to Cohabitation (G, series)
If you want to feel happy after being murdered by R1, this is a good contender.

The Words Would Only Rhyme (T)
A Jyn-and-Cassian-are-both-imprisoned-on-Wobani AU that’s in the early stages, but looking really, really good. Also Jyn has visions, and I can totally get on board that train.

Cryptography (T)
Read this now, please.

cut out in little stars (M)
This looks like it’s gonna be reeeaaal good. And it also has the Fake Marriage tag, so there.

Chasing My Own Dreams (T)
Slightly angsty pregnancy fic you should all be reading right now.

Has it ever occurred to you
That maybe the sun
Feels weary
Of smiling
Down at strangers;
At an audience
That never even
Tried to chin up and glance?
And yet, each morning
The spectacular still continues to rise
Shining, singing
To the deaf ears
Blind minds—
Silent applause.

I have always loved the trees
The way it gives shade
How it changes its colors
From green to yellow, to brown
But I didn’t realize how
They are slowly dying
Yet I am still enthralled
How can I be so mean?
And where do they
Get the guts to stand
No matter what season
No matter how many times
They died and revived
Oh, how I wish
I can be friends
With a tree.

I can feel the breath of the wind
Crawling its way up my spine
And I can’t help but marvel,
Maybe the sole reason
he whispers is to be heard,
Maybe the wind is just as lonely
As the next stranger walking—
He tries to embrace
But gets lost in translation
Soft skin osculates
Transforms into blows;
This ability
He cannot control—
He calls it love.
But others have their
Own perception and
What they only ever see
Is catastrophe.
And I reckon, maybe,
Love and catastrophe
Are synonymous anyway.

A sea of clouds has
Appeared on my way
And I wonder if I
Can just touch it
But they are too far away
From my longing arms
Maybe she is created that way
That you can’t always
Have something you adore
Then I find out—
I even clasp it
And envelope it into my arms
She evanesced.
How lonesome the clouds are,
They can’t feel my affection
So she just
Lingers her emotions
Until she can’t grip
The melancholy
And turns it into a downpour
Nevertheless, I am petrified
That she can create
Storms and drift
Our memories away.

Upon seeing their point of views
I came to an epiphany:
Maybe they are composed
Of hidden sentiments—
Joy and misery
They are too dauntless
To express
Their feelings
To a blind, deaf, and
Numb audience
Just like how many
People experience
An unrequited feeling.

—  Feeling Between The Lines // s.a. & n.b.

the-rogue-of-space  asked:

if you're not busy, could you give advice for where to start in animation, program-wise? one of my goals for the year was to try animating and i'm so lost. where do i even start? i figured asking someone in the business would help.

not at all ! 

Program wise i’d start with something free or cheap , the old version of pap , pencil and theres even personal learning editions of toonboom. ( ive never tried those but why not ! ) . If not you could try flash or photoshops animation options if you happen to have photoshop.

The key thing to look for in these programs is ABILITY TO FLIP. When you see traditional animators animating they always flip paper back and forth , this is so their eye measures proportions , spacing , and details between the pictures. they dont draw it automatically. This is key in really getting your animation skills. When I animate in toonboom i use the F and G keys to flip back and forth between my drawings so I can mimic the same thing :) . Find out what program works for you , have fun and play around.

To the animation side of things , look into getting ’ animators survival kit ’ . Its a really great guidebook to animation. There are also DVD lectures of it and even apps ! just check out the website.  This book will show you about the principles of animation which you need to know first before jumping into anything too nuts. You can read up on the principles of animation here 

The really important thing to realize is you need to practice these principles first ! Which is why the very first animation assignments you get in school is the pendulum swing or a bouncing ball. Once you get a good idea of them its way easier to really UNDERSTAND what goes behind animation..this is the start of a great journey ! Now you can analyze animation and go , wow i really like what they did here with that timing…it really makes the action pop. WOW that was awesome squash and stretch and it made the character so flexible !

theres tons that goes on in animation that you’ll start to see , its a lot at first , but its so amazing to learn :) . And thats not to say you cant just jump right out of the gate making your characters sing and dance but…THATS HARD STUFF…if you slow down and take things step by step it will become more of a lasting skill within you. If you ever need some ideas on what to do theres a great list here when you’re ready to start :)

i’d get excited whenever i got a message from them. i would stay up to speak to them and talking to them made me so happy. it was only later did i realise you led me on and didnt actually care about me at all. you left me without a second thought and now i feel like you took a big part of my feelings with you. i no longer get excited when i see even the closest of my friends message me. i now have trouble falling in love and knowing what it is like to truly be falling head over heels for someone. ive lost the ability to feel. thank you for taking that from me. i hope you are happy now.

a lot has happened to me in my life. my dad was physically and emotionally abusive, angry, and then he left. my mom abused me emotionally afterwards. no one helped me. friends left me or bullied me. i went to the West Bank and never really fit in and saw and experienced threat to life of myself and others. i lost my best friend. i suffered an inexplainable neurological illness and lost the ability to walk and think like i used to do. ive thought abt how it was better to be dead than to keep living a life where people only hated me deeply and things were bad. my family is from raqqa Syria, the home base of isis. my life has been tragedy. but even as i remember the day i took my dad to the airport to never see me again, i feel now that i will be alright. i do not have to be a prisoner to my past. i try to remember that i am strong and good at what i like to do or at least try my hardest every time. i am a good person and i deserve happiness

a friendly reminder that you are beautiful and deserve happiness, strength and love. i love you and you are amazing

i. Phantom pain, according to the internet, is a pain that feels like it’s coming from a body part that’s no longer there.

ii. I feel where the bone ends, where it swallows to nothingness, where it could have been flesh and skin, but instead, there is only air or space or a filthy reminder that once, I was with you, and now, I lost you. I feel where you used to be, where you used to occupy me. I feel the place you planted your kisses on, I feel it with me, even if it’s not there.

iii. You are my phantom pain. You are the pain I feel from a part that’s no longer with me. After everything, you still have the ability to hurt me.

iv. I think there will always be a part of you in me.