ive lost it. please send help

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Saltiness month has arrived and I recall a year ago how after a certain bleach chapter came out, you rabid IR fans started to destroy bleach material and lash out at the very community who was just trying to pay our respects to our competitor ship. We were showing true sportsmanship despite our inevitable victory. And yet you IRs start making up stories about us sending you death threats and bad mouthing us. Is that anyway to treat people who try to help you get over your lost?

can someone come pick up their lost child please

Hello everyone. First of all my name is Alexia, Cielo’s friend (owner of this blog). I want to tell you guys that Cielo is safe. Shes sleeping now and nothing has happened to her aside from her cuts on her right wrist which is still a little sore and some other cuts on her thighs. So i treated it. Im so shock that shes cutting because she seems like a person who wouldnt do things like this.

I was searching through her phone to investigate or sometihng then i stumble across this app tumblr (im a former tumblr user ✌🏻️) I feel like i have to write something here bc everyone is so worried about her (not to mention these 350+ new messages and this bunch of followers she have)

Also i saw this on her drafts. Maybe it would be her final post here if she continued to end her life “its 2:30 am and im jsut waiting for everyone to sleepm them everything will be over all my sufferigns will be come to end im so sorry if it sounds attrntion skeeking but ive already conttemplated everything and this is ym final decisinn i guess im a weak pesrson and ive lost this battle and i deserve to die im so sorry i cant respond to all your msgs and pls dont bother yourselveds on sending me anymore i dont deserve itall goodbye”

Anyway it was 4 in the morning and i was about to go to sleep from doing my school work then my phone rung and it was Cielo. At first she was murmuring and sobbing then she hung up. I thought shes playing tricks on me then she phone me again i didnt exactly understand what she was saying but i heard “please help me” i was worried by the tone of her voice so since we life in the same street i came over and went to see if shes okay. She was sitting at the edge of her bed and was crying without a sound. I talked to her and told me everything but all she said was i dont want to live anymore. I was shocked at what she said bc she never told me her problems and i have no idea that shes suffering. She told me she has lost everything. She told me her head hurts so much and everything is not okay. She failed 4 of her classes, her friends are ignoring her for no reason, her mother is mad at her and her parent are fighting i dont know the reason. She feels like everyone hates her. Ive told her things that could make it better but she doesnt believe me anymore. Then i saw she was holding something in her hands, and its pills. I was freaking out bc the moment i didnt come over she could have swallow all those handful of pills so i talk to her and slowly take those pills from her hands. Then after everything she felt tired and told her to go to sleep and ill talk to her later.

Thank you so much for all the messages you sent for her i bet she would be grateful she didnt continue on ending her life and see these wonderful messages for her. Im browsing thru these messages crying bc she dont know how loved she is. I hope she realize that everyone here ob tumblr loves her so much. I still have to think if i should tell her parents about this whole thing.