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i decided to do a quick analysis of even bech næsheim based on some stuff i sent to @jeansmoreau

  • you know that part where isak texted even with an ultimatum saying break up with sonja or im gone? 
  • and even immediately showed up at his apartment? 
  • even was so scared of losing isak and he’s so in love with this boy who makes him feel something he’s never ever felt before 
  • and he knows he has to go
  • but i think
  • i think he went there to confess everything about his mental illness and sonja and all
    • because he knows that could make isak stay
  • just the way he stands back in the doorway
  • not leaning in for a kiss or a hug or any other gesture of a kind
  • he just stands waiting for isak to ask him anything
  • he’s finally ready to answer
  • because the last thing he wants is to lose this boy
  • and then he seems somewhat surprised when isak initiates a kiss
    • he expected to talk
    • not to makeout among other things
  • he had prepared to let isak know everything 
  • about sonja and him and love and mania and everything
  • no more secrets

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things ive noticed about the signs // harsh advice

aries: they’re just here for the fun of it. fucking hilarious, but usually in their own way, so they’re funny to just themselves and their close friends. wants to be more independent than they are. shitty drivers. dont have much of a filter. extremely adept at overcoming life’s bullshit, mainly because they do not have time for this. quick thinkers. // learn how to own up to the shitty things you do everyone is sick and tired of calling you out just apologize and be done with it

taurus: able to adapt to new environments. hard workers. good at everything they try. not always trusting of or open to new friends, but when they care about someone, steadfast doesn’t even begin to cover it. they aren’t going anywhere. // i swear to fucking christ if i catch you shit talking yourself one more time im gonna punch you in the throat(in a friendly loving way)

gemini: whether they’re an introvert or an extrovert, they know how to talk to people and make friends easily. 95% of people have a crush on them at some point solely for their magnetic personality. is a giant fucking loser but somehow pulls it off. makes good grilled cheese sandwiches. doesn’t really want to be the team leader, as they have a better view from the back, but they’re pretty good leaders. // if you make one more shitty pun im going to check you into a wall

cancer: fluid personality, often shifting quickly from sensitive to uncaring. they want to feel safe, whether this is emotionally, romantically, or financially. they love surprising people with gifts. they have a laugh that you can never forget. open about their feelings. if they love you, you will know. smarter than they’re given credit for. // for the last time, your day was not ruined because you stubbed your toe please calm down and quit crying

leo: they soak up all the attention within a 5 mile radius of wherever they happen to be standing. they want to succeed and be recognized for their achievements, but they would never think of dragging anyone down with them. positive and creative thinkers. persistent. weirdly flexible. natural leaders. when they speak, people listen, partially out of respect but also because leos are naturally likable. // QUIT YELLING AT PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST!!!step in someone else’s shoes for fucking once, goddamn

virgo: contrary to popular belief, not actually that excited about school. their room is generally a mess but like, theres one part of it that always has to be clean. they like to make friends, they like to be liked, but they know when thats not an option, and they will not hesitate to cut someone off to protect themselves. if you’re a virgo with a resting bitch face, i am so sorry and i understand. me too. // WHY DO U DO THAT THING WHERE U THINK UR BETTER THAN EVERYONE???U AINT BITCH THE FUCK

libra: ambitious. sometimes seen as shallow but theres often a lot more hidden under the surface. charming when they want to be. one of the funniest people you know, but you dont realize it until they’re mad at you. also, their anger is terrifying so watch your back. if they make a mistake, please just forgive them, because chances are they’re beating themselves up about it. like a lot. make great brownies. // YOU GET PISSY ABOUT THE LITTLEST THINGS. SHUT UP

scorpio: love making other people happy. sometimes manipulative, but a lot of times by accident. spend all of their energy worrying about others, but never themselves, and then some. loyal to the last breath. weirdly good at dancing. always a little bit confused about whats going on but pretends to know whats going on so they look smarter. compassionate. they love new beginnings, clean slates, and fresh starts. // stop dancing around what you wanna say and fuckin SAY IT

sagittarius: adventurous. just because they’re quiet doesn’t mean they’re shy. bad at listening to others sometimes, but they’re doing their best, really. curious. not bothered by a lot. probably would marry a good glass of chocolate milk. tries to be optimistic in most situations, but if they start crying just let them get it out okay they need a good solid cry rn. big hearts. sometimes nosey. want to make a difference in the world and to the people around them. // i have called your name three times you piece of shit PAY ATTENTION STOP ZONING OUT THIS IS IMPORTANT

capricorn: witty and self-depricating. loyal friends but bad at texting back. they dont shit talk people often, but when they do, its because that person is really, really awful. probably a fucking weeb. if they aren’t, then they’re a furry. if they aren’t either of those, then they’re lying. down to earth(literally, they’re an earth sign). they will kick your ass at cards against humanity. accept that they are funnier than you and move on. great hair. // you’re a passive aggressive little shit and you know it

aquarius: independent. talk when they’re nervous. excellent liars, but also brutally honest. alien fuckers. EXTREMELY perceptive, often seeing things you didn’t want them to, or that you thought you had hidden well. organized. probably runs an aesthetic blog. the only people that can lie to them are themselves. hate feeling dragged down by others. // QUIT FUCKING COMPLAINING ABOUT TINY SHIT LIKE PEOPLE NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH WHEN THE LIGHT TURNS GREEN!!!!SOME PEOPLE ARENT ALWAYS HAVING A GOOD DAY OKAY

pisces: resilient. always wants to stay busy. honestly some of the sweetest people ive ever met, occasionally a bit misunderstood. obsessive. emotional, which sometimes pulls them in confusing directions. determined to get what they want. the supportive friend that just needs a hug. whatever skills they have, they’re just naturally talented. tries to be mysterious, usually ends up tripping over their own feet. // you’re some of the worst procrastinators of all time get your shit together buddy

ok so i think it’s pretty obvious that jaehyun’s been speaking english more often than he usually had in the past and im wondering if it’s because he feels more comfortable speaking it around johnny than anyone else. because i mean if he was really as comfortable about speaking english as he has been recently, i think we would heard him speaking it comfortably with mark. i mean, it’s cute because i was watching their vlive fro when they had their comeback stage and then the nct life mini episode, and now he’s on the Spotify ad with johnny and mark. idk maybe it’s just something ive noticed but it’s making me really soft for jeffrey and idk if im ready to head down that lane rn

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i couldn't pick between “You’re not gonna cry, are you?” and “I’m fine.” so you can choose or do both ;-; thanks in advance! i love your writing so much, thank you for all your nijiaka!

omg no aaaa thanks so much for your kind words;; i’m not sure if this is what you wanted but i hope you like it ;A; (also i’m guessing the pairing you wanted was nijiaka :)) )

The bar gets busy these hours so no one really notices when a boy, no older than seventeen, pops in and demands the drink the unconscious guy in the far corner had consumed.

That is, no one but the bartender himself.

“Right,” Nijimura says slowly, unimpressed. He steers back a little and cocks his head, grabbing the attention of Himuro, a co-worker, sharing a look with him only to receive a shrug in return. The rag falls from Nijimura’s hands, draping over the counter as he crosses his arms.

“How old are you again?”

“I’m twenty.” Unblinking eyes stare back at him.

“How old are you really?”

Nijimura almost jumps when a ten thousand yen note is slapped on the counter, the supposed adult’s gaze narrowing just so.


Nijimura said nothing. So did the boy, but Nijimura notices his jaw tense and the ice-cold fire in his spectacular crimson eyes, contrasting heavily with his false smile. He scans the area for a moment before sighing.

At least the kid looked satisfied with the drink.

Nijimura takes his money, gives him the right change, and glares when Kid protests.

“Just this once,” he says.


His name, Nijimura later learns, is Akashi Seijuro, and he has a freaking Wikipedia page. The next time obocchan visits (he’d been expecting it), the first thing he asks is if he had known that.

“I do.” Akashi replies without flinching, “although someone finds humour in changing my family name to ‘Brat’ every Friday.”

“Yeah that’s me right there.”


“You’re not gonna cry, are you?” Nijimura asks Akashi when he looks particularly down one day. “I’ve had enough babysitting for this week and no ten thousand bill is gonna stop me from kicking you out.”

“I’m fine,” Akashi says although he’s not. “I’d like a drink.”

The bartender looks sceptical at first but relents when his gaze is returned head-on. He places the drink he had prepared earlier on the counter and finds he isn’t disappointed with the furrow of Akashi’s eyebrows.  

“What is this?”

“It’s a drink.”

“This is not what I want.”

“This,” Nijimura says sharply, “is a chocolate milkshake. It is what everyone wants.

And,” Unfazed, Akashi stares at him. The man rummages through the hollow of the counter until his hand closes around a cylinder object. “You get one with cream,” a swirl is professionally produced atop the glass, “and a cherry.” He places it on the tip of the swirl, an image that is worthy of their brochure if he’d say so himself.


“Free of charge. Lucky you.”

“Lucky me.” Akashi says in monotone.

“Yes, lucky you,” Nijimura snaps, feeling some vein in his forehead tighten in exasperation. “Drink.”

Akashi complies. Nijimura has jut his hip to rest comfortably against a chair as he watches, a sight that, Akashi thinks, competes with the drink’s sweetness itself.


Akashi smiles, “a bit.”