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do you think micolash thought he was from a different world. or like a great one reborn. i think so.

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A-Age: 19

B-Biggest fear: I mean i dont like bees and wasps like ill start crying if they’re near me but other than that its just bad anxiety. I dont like going out unless im with a certain friend or family member and i get stressed if i go to new places

C-Current time: 15:17 in the good ol uk

D-Drink you last had: lmao tea its literally all i drink

E-Every day starts with: if its a weekday and im in college i get straight in the shower otherwise i put the news on and make a brew

F-Favorite song: atm its fucking we are one from world cup 2014 ive had in on repeat for the past week

G-Ghosts are they real: yeah i think so

I-In love with: adam lallana

K-Killed someone: omg no

L-Last time you cried: whenever liverpool last lost lmao

M-Middle name: Jade, pretty boring

N-Number of siblings:0

O-One wish:  to have lots of dolla

P-Person you last called/texted: @alguersaurus as usual tbh

Q-Questions you are always asked: okay this is stupid but “can you eat potatoes” i have a gluten allergy and for some reason they associate it with that

R-Reasons to smile: bobby

S-Song last sang: i trusted u

T-Time you woke up: hm, 8:30 i think

U-Underwear color: yellow

V-Vacation destination: japan

W-Worst habit:i never shut up about the things i love

X-X-Rays you’ve had: ankle, chest and hips

Y-Your favourite food: Cheese

Z-Zodiac sign: libra

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Time Manipulators in Anime
  • Homura: How do you guys go back in time?
  • I can go back when I want to
  • Satoru: I once went back to my elementary days
  • Homura: I just wanted to save my girl Madoka from dying, you?
  • Satoru: I had to stop the kidnapping murders of three classmates so I could prevent my mom's murder in the present
  • Subaru: Let's see there's Emilia, Rem, Ram
  • ...so everyone
  • Satoru: How many times have you failed? I failed once after Hinazuki was murdered
  • (feel free to continue bcuz i haven't watched all time-travel anime)

Im usin the strat you told me about during the Christmas event and just using 3energy each turn. I had like 200+ energy before the event and I used it all got like 9 candies, cashed them in got like 300+ energy… and repeat. Ive gotten 54 candies so far and 200 energy to use tomorrow! lol

Blindspot (Eisuke x MC x Soryu)

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Part 2:

Her environment crept into focus. There were beeping sounds. The place smelled of hospital antiseptic. Yeah. Selina knew where she was. She took a deep breath.

Time to get this going.

She screamed.


They found her at the corner of her room. She had pulled the the IV from her arm. The machines were going crazy. The bed was pushed away from her. On both hands, she warded the nurses with the IV metal rod.

“Where am I? Keep away! Stay away from me!” Selina repeated over and over. She was highly agitated and no one would dare approach her in this state.

Luke appeared helpless even with the pleas to calm her down. Thankfully, Soryu was just nearby when the commotion started. Eisuke was very reluctant to leave her so soon but Tres Spades London’s opening needed to be delayed. That, he had to do personally over a conference meeting. So Soryu stayed with her at the clinic. When he was called, he could not believe what his best friend said. Not until he saw her face once more. There was no mistaking it was her. Like Eisuke, Soryu could not believe that she was blind.

Until he saw this chaotic scene before him. What happened to her?

The nurses and Luke warily eyed her, waiting for an opening to grab her. She must have sensed that and swung the rod once more.

Soryu sent Eisuke a text before he stepped into the room.

“Selina, you remember me, right? It’s Luke! We’ve met…” Luke tried to explain to her.

“Lies! I don’t know you!” She vehemently denied him.

Soryu really did not want to hurt her but if it comes to it, he’ll make sure that it would be on him. Besides, he needed to do this for her and for Eisuke.

He took steps towards her as Luke signaled for the nurses to back away. They would have done it anyways. The Ice Dragon leader was impressive as he was intimidating. He towered over others. His hair was slicked back and finished with the crisp navy blue suit.  

“Selina!” Soryu shouted at her.

Her movements stilled, the rod pointed towards him. But he has her full attention now.

“It is me. Soryu,” he calmly followed.

The rod wavered for just a second. “Sor…” She shook her head vehemently. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused. “No. You’re trying to deceive me. Like them!”

If it was any other person that doubted him, they would be dead on the spot. He will be patient with her but it is running thin.

“SELINA!” Soryu repeated her name once more.

Hearing him made her suddenly swing towards his face. Soryu didn’t anticipate the attack but caught it just in time. There was strength in that swing. That was another a surprise. With one fluid motion, he pulled the rod towards him which in turn made her fall into his arms. With his left arm, he pulled her close to him. The other hand flung the rod away. This in turn freed that hand to place on her nape. She struggled against him. Selina’s hands curled on the front of his shirt. No matter how much she pushed him back, she was going nowhere. His fingers gently but firmly made circular motions at the base of her nape. Soryu whispered in her ear. “No need struggle any more, little one. You are with friends.” His voice was very low, reassuring and for her ears only.

She expected someone else. Not him. Where was Eisuke?

Those thoughts stopped when Soryu pulled her close. He was warm and comforting. His smell reminded her of crashing waves of the ocean. With how close he held her against him, there was no room for escape. The fight left her. “I won’t survive any more…lies. Soryu,” her voice so soft. She finally said his name in acknowledgement.

He let out a deep breath that he did not know he was holding. She was going to be ok. Everything was going to be ok.

“No more lies, I promise,” Soryu kept his word.

She just nodded against his chest.

He loosened his grip. “Selina, what happened? Where did you go?” Soryu gently prodded. Before she could reply back, her weight shifted more unto him. He was so intent on her that Luke’s arrival and administration of a sedative went unnoticed until now. Soryu slipped an arm under her knees and carried her back to the bed. Her breathing were deep. She was asleep once more.

“The strange environment might have triggered such an episode,” Luke remarked.

Soryu just nodded in agreement. His fingers lightly grazed her cheek. She instinctively turned her head towards his touch.


He abruptly pulled his hand away. Eisuke stood by the doorway.

“Tell me what happened.”


Get out. She needed to get out. Life should not be like this. This was not life. This is not living. There has to be an out. A way out! If she had to use her, she will! Because she will not die here! She will not!

Selina must have moaned in her sleep as she felt a reassuring touch land on her hand. Someone touched their forehead to hers. So gentle. So caring. Is this what it felt like to have someone care for you?

No. This was not for her.

Time to get this moving. Time was running out.

“Selina, are you awake?” The tone was soft but hesitant.

She nodded as her eyelids fluttered open.

Eisuke’s hand involuntarily tightened on hers. Soryu updated him on the episode that happened earlier. She must have been so terrified waking up without him, in a place where she was unfamiliar with. Here he was, promised to not let her out of sight and that was the first thing he did, to hold that meeting about Tres Spades. He justified that he needed to take care of that first and then he would not leave her side.

Then this happened.

When he entered the room, the curtains were drawn and a bedside lamp was the only source of light. She was asleep with the bandage on the temple. Her skin was as white as the sheet that she laid on. So Eisuke patiently sad beside her until the moans started. He hated that she now had nightmares. He vowed that someone will pay for those nightmares.

“Eisuke?” she called out to him.

He had been silent for awhile ever since she woke up. He probably observed her. Watched her. She never instigated before but there was another way to play this.

“I…I have an odd request.”

“Anything. What is it?” His reply swift and sure.

She bit her lower lip and proceeded. “I know you are you, Eisuke but…” Selina took a breath. “May I touch your face? Please? I need to…”

Before she finished her sentence, he placed both of her hands on his face. “Go ahead, Selina. This is me. This is your Eisuke,” he replied in a confident manner.

Her fingers trailed towards his forehead, slowly went down his face. She traced the outline of his face, his eyebrows, his nose and then settled on his lips. His breath stopped.

Tears spilled from the corner of her eyes. “It is you. Eisuke…”.

He roughly grabbed one of her hands, kissed the tips of her fingertips in reverence. The soft kisses traveled from those tips to the center of her palm, her wrist, up her arm and ended as a peck on her cheek.

“I’m so sorry, Selina. So sorry this happened,” His voice broke.

His tear drops touched her other hand. “Please, Eisuke. Don’t cry,” she begged. She smiled at him through her tears. “I want something else.”

Eisuke grinned. “Greedy, aren’t we?”

“You’d want it too.” Selina licked her lips. “Kiss me.”

She need not ask twice. He tipped her chin up and his lips pressed upon hers. This is not what he wanted. What Eisuke wanted to do was hold her, take her home and maybe keep her under lock and key. But with her, all his plans went out of the window. He liked being in control of everything and yes, everyone. With her, that’s just not something that will happen.

Selina deepened the kiss, tentatively biting on his lower lip.

“Please don’t let him notice,” Selina prayed.

HIs groan of pleasure demonstrated his want of her. That hand that tipped her chin up traveled from that place, slowly going downward on the graceful arch or her neck, softly trailing down her collarbones to the outside of her arms. Such ministrations made her press herself closer to him. Her mewl of excitement showed her approval.

“This is not her. A kiss is not just a kiss. This is not her,” a voice warned Eisuke.

He suddenly pulled back. Eisuke put the back of his hand to lips, surprised at himself.

“Eisuke? Did I…” Feeling bereft of his lips on hers, Selina felt disoriented. She reached out a hand towards him.

He captured that one hand and kissed the back of it. “I’m here,” Where the hell did that thought come from? This is not her? Eisuke massaged his temples. Maybe he was more tired than usual.

“Are we going home soon?” she tentatively asked. “I don’t want to be here alone.”

Clingy? Has she ever been clingy? The last time they argued was about her wanting her independence from him.

“This is not her.”

He shook his head. “Let me get the paperwork all sorted out with Luke. I am going to take you home tonight,” he replied decisively.

Selina gave him a smile and everything was alright in his world.


The male nurse assisted her in getting to the back of the car that will take both Eisuke and her to their home.

Eisuke held her hand and she squeezed it in return.

Selina kept that smile as she pondered on the scene just a few minutes ago.

Moments earlier, as the male nurse helped her in, he leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Remember the time limit. We are counting on you. Or else.”

Selina knew. Or else.

Author’s note: The reunion scene was a challenge to me hence the delay. Thoughts? Comments? Please look forward to the next one! 

“Don’t worry about whether you are making progress or not. Just keep your attention on the Self twenty-four hours a day. Meditation is not something that should be done in a particular position at a particular time. It is an awareness and an attitude that must persist through the day.” – Annamalai Swami

One of my favorite quotes, very powerful and uplifting. Had a wonderful practice this morning, Ive been focusing on Metta meditation for the past week now. Metta is first practiced toward oneself, since we often have difficulty loving others without first loving ourselves. Sitting quietly, mentally repeat, slowly and steadily, the following or similar phrases: May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease. After a period of directing loving-kindness toward yourself, bring to mind a friend or someone in your life who has deeply cared for you. Then slowly repeat phrases of loving-kindness toward them:May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease.

do you ever find a song that’s just… comfortable. like you just love it so much that it feels like it was made specifically for you to take a deep breath and slip into and settle down in

terrible things lyrics

cats sittin’ for kittens while wearing my mittens
the thump a heart makes when lovebirds are smitten
drawing a doodle of a poodle named noodle
the cinnamon scent of warm blorpberry strudel

old dusty scrolls on which curses are written
becoming a zombie right after you’re bitten
dancing ghost mimes that bounce just like springs
the dry mouth and shivers that true terror brings


It’s cute when people in school ask me if I’ve heard Taylor’s new song Blank Space and I’m just thinking “DO YOU KNOW ME AT ALL IVE HAD THE WHOLE ALBUM ON REPEAT SINCE THE MINUTE IT CAME OUT 12 WEEKS AGO” but on the outside I’m just like “oh yeah it’s amazing and the video slaysssss too”

Not a fuck customers story, but I just had to share the best experience ive ever had at a drive thru! 
So I order my food, the guy is very polite and sounds cheerful. He repeats my order back to me and I confirm that he has is right, and he tells me my total and I drive up. As he’s handing me my drink he goes “whoa I think I saw a snowflake!” And I’m just like “..what?” Because it’s 60 f which is too warm for snow. But he says “yeah! I saw one! Look there’s another one! Do you see that?!” And I do indeed see it, but I still can’t believe it’s a snowflake. He turns around and yells “RAY! GET OVER HERE BRO! ITS SNOWING MAN!!” And Ray says from wherever he is “no it’s not it’s too hot to snow” but he comes over to the window. The first guy goes “look! There’s white shit floating around that has to be snowflakes!!” And Ray says “Dude that’s like dust and shit falling from the overhead that ain’t snow!” Then Ray looks over and sees me and he’s like “DUDE. Give her her food you clown!” And the first guy looks totally embarrassed and apologizes after handing me a bag of food. I said it was fine and thanked him because it was so funny and I needed a good laugh. 
Tonight I’m gonna take a survey and give those guys a really good review because honestly it made my day ☺️☺️