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1 May 1464

“Oure said derrest and moost entierly beloved wiff Elizabeth the Quene.”

Edward IV marries Elizabeth Woodville, widow of Sir John Grey of Groby, in a secret ceremony. The marriage probably took place near Elizabeth’s home at Grafton Regis, and the only people in attendance were a priest, Elizabeth’s mother Jacquetta of Luxembourg, and two ladies maids. Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England on 26 May 1465. 

sappy feelings (and a follow forever).

so, I’ve kind of been going back and forth about when exactly that I was gonna do a follow forever. however, I hit 2k followers a while back (screaming internally!!!) and I thought now would be a great time to do it! excuse the edit I made on PicsArt, I am not good at editing things lol

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