ive had this idea since i saw the picture


HELLO FE:A MY LOVE OH HOW I’VE MISSED DRAWING YOU RUNS INTO ITS ARMS ε=ε=ε= 。・゚(゚ノT-T)ノ I’ve been dying to draw some fe:a for a while since it feels like I haven’t even touched it in ages so I thought while I’m trying to be productive today MIGHT AS WELL GIVE IT A SHOT and here I am a happy camper.

This is just kind of a random idea I’ve actually had for a while tbh.  Since Lucina and Emm both had their tiaras (headwear in Emm’s case?? what is that thing) and Lissa kind of has something akin to a tiara I thought well since Carinus is the princess of Ylisse being married to Chrom and the rightful heir to Plegia sHE DESERVES A LITTLE CROWN TOO SO..!!! 

It isn’t very well designed since I’m bad at designing and was inspired by pictures of pretty fantasy tiaras that I saw.  I mainly worked off the exalt brand in the middle since that was the main focus of the idea I’d had for a while.  But I’m pretty satisfied with it!!  And happy I got to draw my bae again (人´v`*) also it’s my headcanon that Carinus doesn’t like to be spoiled by royalty things and gets flustered when she has to wear fancy things since she isn’t used to it.