ive had my fill


It was an ordinary day. I came home from school, and I realized I had mail. Then I realized my Thespian magazine, Dramatics, had come, and Lin was on the cover of it. I turned to the section that featured him to realize that our man, Howard Sherman, (I know, right?!) had written the article. And then it was a beautiful day.


I have had enough. The attacks and hate filled anon messages are getting on my last nerve. I’ve said before I’m not going to tolerate it anymore and I meant it. There are some things people should know about me. 

~I don’t make idle threats , I much prefer promises. 

~ I don’t tolerate bullying of anyone , especially my friends

~ I love to research and I’m very good at it. The key is to keep everything and I do .You never know when you might need a valuable piece of information, in case you need to prove the truth. That’s just an example. I prefer to be able to back up what I bring up so I arm myself with knowledge and facts first.

~Most importantly, I am fearless, don’t intimidate AT ALL and have a long long memory and a huge stubborn streak. Maybe that’s why you don’t send hate to me , but rather send hate about me to others. Scared ?

No words are really needed for this , but if I had to choose some they’d probably be these.

Confidence is quiet YOUR insecurity is LOUD