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ok but like....u know that iconic scene where T'Challa's jewelry and Bucky's arm do that weird repellent thingy...ok so imagine that in reverse. Some time after Civil War, they get stuck together until they figure out how to reverse it. Gotta use the bathroom together. Constantly fighting where to go eat. Being next to each other 24 hours a day and witnessing each other at their lowest. ✨✨💦💦 Awkward Showering together 💦💦✨✨AWKWARD "R U GOING TO HANDLE THAT" MORNING WOOD ✨✨✨ (ok trash OUT)

Lmaoo all right ik this was prolly meant to be crackish or wahatever but i kinda got into it and since it’s prolly gonna be a little ont he longer side, I thought I’d drop a lil bitta it here :)

Misery and T'Challa had never been strangers, but the past few days had brought them closer than ever. And worst of all brought along Bucky Barnes for the duration of it.

This was all Mordo’s fault.

He’d done it in the split second that Bucky had walked into the library where they had been talking — finally talking, if a little heatedly, for the first time since Mordo had come to Wakanda, misty-eyed and tight-lipped — and the only reason that T'Challa had ever gotten distracted in the first place was because…

Well, because it was Bucky. When he charged into the library, it was to grab T'Challa around the wrist, his grip so gentle, yet acutely searching, that it perched heavy at the top of his mind; commanded his attention.

Even worse — or better; he couldn’t tell the difference anymore — it had been Bucky’s left hand, the metal one. Smooth adamantium fingers formed a ring of chill around T'Challa’s wrist where his bracelet dug into his skin under the touch.

And they looked into each other’s eyes, Bucky’s a little wide with apprehension, the sternness of his face asking, “Are you okay?”

But why? T'Challa and Bucky… They didn’t do this. They didn’t even really talk to each other all that much outside of the darkest, coldest nights they spent together; frantic, breathless hours that never lingered past dawn; and few and far between, at best.

In that moment of hesitation, though, when all T'Challa could see was Bucky looking straight into him, Mordo had dipped out, and T'Challa hadn’t heard from him since.

It wouldn’t have even been that bad if, before he left, Mordo hadn’t conjured a brightly sparking metaphysical cage around where they were joined, which they only even noticed after they tried to pull away from each other as if the prolonged contact was too much to sustain for so long.

All it had taken was a second or two for T'Challa’s whole life to change (and, really, that was nothing new to him; at least everyone was still whole and breathing).

[Aldnoah Zero/Orangebat] Impeccable Boyfriend

Even after a day, I am still traumatized by that exam i took yesterday…..aghhhh finals week sucks. 

This is for any orangebat shippers who needs a little bit of university AU Inasure. You can do this! 


“Slanie. That is too much caffeine in one day.”

Slaine almost screamed when he sees Inaho reaching for his coffee mug. He immediately moves his cup to the other side of the table before Inaho can get to it. “I need it! I have a paper to turn in tomorrow morning and an exam to study for!” Staring at Inaho with his wide turquoise eyes, Slaine makes it clear that he will not allow him to take this away from him. Not his coffee.

“But this is your fourth cup.” Inaho frowns. He may appear to be emotionless most of the time, but Slaine knows how stubborn he can be. “Plus, you need to get some sleep for your exam.”  

“I would sleep if I have the time to sleep.” Slaine growls as he types furiously on his laptop. Finals week is always unforgiving. This paper is worth a large portion of his grade so he has been working on it tirelessly on top of all the other school work he had been given. Despite his best efforts, Slaine is still slightly behind on his coursework and he doesn’t felt prepared for this upcoming exam. But a deadline is a deadline. He has to get this paper done before he can move on and study for his classes.

Seems like it’s another sleepless night. He thinks pessimistically.

Inaho gazes at the textbooks sitting on the table thoughtfully. “Which exam do you have tomorrow?”

“Biology.” Slaine sighs, he actually enjoys this class a lot, but it will be impossible for him to organize all his notes and study them all in one night.

Without saying a word, Inaho walked over and takes a seat next to Slaine. He turns on his laptop and flips the textbook and Slaine’s biology notebook open, his eyes quickly scanning the words on the page.

“What are you doing?” Confused, Slaine inquires.

“Making a study guide. It will save you some time when you study.” Replies Inaho without looking up from the textbook, typing every once in a while to jot down important points. “As long as you have these memorized and look over your notes, you should be fine tomorrow.”

“…….Inaho, it’s fine, you have your finals tomorrow too, you should go to bed early.” Knowing how much Inaho cares for him, Slaine couldn’t help but to feel a rush of warmth on the inside, but he doesn’t want Inaho to stay up late with him. Yes, he knows that Inaho can probably ace those exams in his sleep, but he should be using this time for himself.

“Two of them. Neither of which is more important than your health.” Inaho glances over at Slaine, his voice gentle. “Don’t worry. I won’t stay up that late. Just promise me that this is your last cup of coffee for tonight.”

“Okay. No more coffee.” Slaine smiles a little and agrees. With Inaho sitting by his side, he suddenly feels a lot calmer than before.

What was there to be feared when one of the smartest person he knows is sitting right next to him? He has got to do well on this paper and the biology exam tomorrow. He won’t let Inaho’s hard work go into waste.

Feeling a rush of motivation, Slaine begins to type again.


Slaine can vividly remember the night before his entrance exam. He had spent months studying for this exam, countless hours staying at the library till late. Similar to many other students, he was definitely feeling the stress.

Perhaps it is because of the anxiety, Slaine can’t fall asleep no matter what he does. He can feel his heart beating fast against his chest, and his mind is filled with fear of failure. He is frustrated, but there is nothing he can do. After not being able to sleep for two hours, Slaine resigns to the fact that he might just have to go in and take the exam without getting much sleep.

Since he can’t sleep, he might as well just go study some more. Slaine tries to get out of bed as quietly as possible, yet his movement still wakes Inaho up. His burgundy eyes are filled with sleepiness at first, then he blinks a few times and sits up from the bed.

“Come here.” Slaine doesn’t even have to say anything, Inaho understands. He opens his arms and hugs Inaho tightly, “You are going to be fine.”

“I am just…….worried……” Slaine whispers. This exam matters too much. Although he honestly believes that he has spent enough time studying, there is no way of predicting what will happen tomorrow.

“You have been studying nonstop for the past couple of months, Slaine.” Inaho pats Slaine’s back softly. “You got three hours of sleep everyday on average all last week. You did all the practice tests you could get your hands on. You are prepared for this exam.” Noticing that his words seems to not have a big effect on Slaine’s anxiety level, Inaho changes his tactics: he lifts Slaine’s chin up gently and kisses him.

Slaine’s eyes widen in surprise, and his cheeks quickly turn red, his hands gripping on Inaho’s shirt and he closes his eyes. Getting kissed by Inaho always feels really……good. Since Slaine knows that he is the first person that Inaho has ever dated, he has always wondered where he got that kissing skill from.

“Better?” Inaho lets go of him and Slaine blushes. He nods a little. It is strange, but that kiss actually has a calming effect to it.

“Try to get some sleep. I am right here.” Slaine feels like he is surrounded by Inaho’s warmth. He can feel Inaho’s hand gently stroking his hair and he is getting closer and he kisses him again, and again, and again. The kisses landed gently on his lips. And slowly Slaine begins to feel the sleepiness returning to him. He is very tired. Inaho is right. He has spent countless hours studying, and barely got any sleep all last week, he should be sleeping right now……

Before his consciousness drifts away, Slaine can feel the last kiss on his forehead, and a soft whisper of “good night, sleep well’ from Inaho.

And he falls asleep.

He can’t believe it.

Slaine is ecstatic when he received his test results. It is a nearly perfect score and he cannot be any happier. When he rushes into the kitchen to tell Inaho the good news, the first thing he sees is the brunette taking a cake out of the fridge. The smile on his face tells Slaine how proud he is of him.

“I knew you would do well. Let’s celebrate.”


Rainy days are the worst.

Looking at the gray sky and pouring rain outside the window, Slaine realizes that he had forgotten to grab his umbrella before he left the door this morning. And to make matters worse, his next class is all the way on the other side of the campus, a good 15 minute walk from the building he is at now.

He has to take a quiz in his next class, so skipping isn’t an option. Seems like he will just have to walk in the rain and get soaked. Slaine sighs as he begins packing up his belongings. At least he didn’t bring his laptop with him today.

When he walks out the building’s entrance, he is shocked to see the the familiar face of a brown haired boy standing in front of the door, holding an umbrella.

It is Inaho.

“You forgot your umbrella today.” Inaho says calmly, “And I only brought one with me. Let’s walk together.”

“Thanks……I forgot……wait, shouldn’t you be in class right now?” Slaine stares at Inaho’s expressionless face, he memorized Inaho’s schedule on the first day of school. “Did you skip class just to be here?”

“It’s a lecture with 200 other people. It’s fine.” Inaho tilts his head slightly, his voice unconcerned. “I didn’t want you to walk in the rain.”

“It’s really not a big deal……” Slaine shakes his head in disbelief. There is just no way to predict this boy’s actions. But also at the same time, he is happy. He can feel how much Inaho cares about him and how much attention he pays around him…….he remembers every single bit of detail about him.

“It is a big deal. I don’t want you to get sick.” Inaho insists. He walks a little closer to Slaine so they are both under the umbrella. The close proximity to Inaho made Slaine feels somewhat shy, and Inaho reaches out and holds his hand. His heart skips a beat.

“Let’s walk home together after your class.”


Inaho Kaizuka, his impeccable boyfriend.


impeccable boyfriend (IV)

impeccable boyfriend (V)

Surprise-Bucky imagine

Ive had this idea in my head all week, I hope you guys like it!

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It’s 3:10am and you’re curled up on the enormous beanbag in the lounge, watching the sky light up every few minutes and listening to the rain fall outside, Elvis on the sound system in the background. The storm had kept you awake from a restless sleep, not because you were afraid, you actually liked watching them.
“I’m glad you introduced me to this Elvis guy, I really like him”. A husky voice made you jump from behind. You turned to see Bucky walking tired eyed towards you.
“Cant sleep?” You ask him, giving him a tired smile. You move up on the bean bag, making room for him to sit. He flops down next to you and sighs.
“The nightmares keep coming” He almost whispers, pushing his hair back from his face. He asks what you’re doing out here at this time and you tell him you like to watch the storms. It makes you feel peaceful.  You throw your legs over his extended body and he holds them with his cool hands.

Bucky and you had spent many nights together since he’d been at the Avengers house after you promised Steve to show him the ropes. On nights where he couldn’t sleep you watched all the movies you thought were the best throughout the years, and you’d lay on either of your beds together and listen to all the good music, right from back in Bucky’s teenage years. He opened up more as the months went on and you formed a tight friendship, although you had gained more feelings for him than expected. The night you realised was the night you made Bucky laugh for the first time. You had got a bit too excited demonstrating your amazing air guitar skills whilst stood on Bucky’s bed, and you fell bum first off the side. He gave his best efforts to catch you but you went down with a bang. At first you didn’t know whether to cry, but then you burst out laughing and the concern left his eyes and so did he. In that moment, the pain from the fall left your body and your heart swelled. From then on you get knots whenever you see him, and you do your best to play it cool around him.

You’re woken by the sun streaming in threw the windows. Your chest feels heavy and when you look down you see Bucky curled up into the side of you, making you smile to yourself. You must have drifted off together. In the background you can hear the kettle boiling and you turn your head to see Steve in the kitchen. Trying not to wake the sleeping soldier, you wriggle from underneath Bucky and head over to Steve in the kitchen.
He smiles when he sees you and offers you a cup of tea.
“I didn’t want to wake you, you both looked so peaceful” He says. Steve was your closest friend and you’d accidently told him you had feelings for Bucky when you came in drunk one night with Nat and Wanda. You’d sworn him to secrecy but that didn’t mean he didn’t tease you about it in his subtle ways.
“It’s his birthday tomorrow you know” He grins and you look at him wide eyes. Birthdays were one of your favourite thing in this world.
“Why didn’t you tell me Steve!” You squeal at him, inside frustrated at yourself for not knowing already.
“I know what you’re like with birthdays, you get way too over excited and I don’t know if Bucky’s ready for that side of you yet. I don’t think any of us were actually.” He teases, handing you your tea.
You evil eye him and then remember a flyer you’d seen in the library the other day.
“Oh my god Steve, this is the perfect opportunity! I saw a flyer the other day advertising this 40s disco down at the town hall, we could all get dressed up and go down there for his birthday!” You grin.
He looks quizzical for a second and your heart starts to sink a little.
“Oh, unless that’s be too much you know I wouldn’t want either of you to be saddened by the past or something maybe it’s a bad id-“
“Actually I think it’s a great idea” He cuts you off, smiling.  “I think he’d like that, Buck was always the party animal when we were kids.”
“Great! I’ll text the guys and tell them to dress appropriately and get it sorted! Thanks so much Steve I cant wait. You should bring Sharon by the way.” You raise an eyebrow at him over your mug and he shakes his head laughing before heading for the door.
“I will. And you better wake sleeping beauty and tell him you’ve got a surprise.”

You set up a group message and tell the guys your plan before hoping out of the kitchen over to Bucky. He looks so peaceful sleeping. You kneel down in front of him and just look at him for a second, taking in his features before patting his knee to stir him. He opens an eye, confused at his surroundings.
“Rise and shine Buck!” He gives you a small smile and rubs his eyes before sitting up. ‘How can someone look this good in the morning’ you think to yourself.
You sit on the floor cross legged in front of him, a giddy grin on your face.
“Why are you looking like that whats going on?” He questions.
“Ok so, you’re probably going to hate me, but bear with me. I’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow and I need you to scrub up well and just go along with whatever Steve says ok?”
He grumbles but agrees. You jump up and clap your hands before shuffling off to your room. So much to do in so little time. And god dammit you needed a dress! You call Nat and arrange an emergency shopping trip.

At 7pm the next night, you give yourself one last look in the mirror and take a deap breathe, excited but nervous. Nat and Wanda call for you and you walk out to meet them, bumping into Steve in the corridor.
“You guys better get off, I’ve tried keeping him in his room for too long he’s getting restless.” He laughs and you tell him you’ll meet them there, the surprise had been kept so well under wrap.

You arrive at the hall and most of the guys are already there, along with a load of other members of the public who had come to enjoy the dance. Your phone vibrates in your bag and its Steve telling you he’s here. Your heart pounds as you grab all the guys together, just in time as Bucky and Steve walk through the door laughing together.
“SURPRISE!” You all yell, and Tony pops a bottle of champagne he’d purchased from the bar. Trust him to be prepared with the alcohol. Bucky’s mouth drops and he looks at all of you and then to Steve in disbelief. You see him mouth something to Steve and he nods his head towards you and winks. Bucky looks over and smiles at you before heading over and greeting all the guys. After all the birthday wishes, people start spreading out and Steve takes Sharon for a dance. You feel nervous as Bucky walks over, all of a sudden shy and anxious about how he’s reacted to all this. He stands I front of you and offers his hand out.
“(Y/N), may I have this dance?” He smiles, a tint of pink appearing on his cheeks. He’s just as nervous as you are. The knots in your stomach only tighten as he pulls you onto the dancefloor.
“I may be a little rusty” He chuckles, putting a hand on your waist and entwining your finger with the other.
“Oh I find that hard to believe Buck, Steve’s told me all about your dancing back in the day!” You tease him and he blushes again, leading you into the upbeat dance. You both laugh as you trip over your own feet until you find the right balance.

You look over to the bar a few dances later and see Steve and Sharon watching you and Bucky both creased over laughing and he smiles and nods at you, happy to see his best friends in such good spirits. You nod back at him and look back at Bucky who’s still grinning, a glass of champagne in one hand. The music slows down and you let out an exasperated breath.
“Oh thank god, I can actually catch my breath.” You laugh and turn around to go and sit down but Bucky grabs your hand and pulls you back, setting his glass down onto the table next to him.
“I don’t think so Miss. You owe me this dance after the stress you’ve put me through these past 24 hours.” He smirks at you. You pretend to be offended, screaming inside that Bucky wants to slow dance with you. He pulls you in close, snaking his arms around your waist. You wrap your arms around his neck, your heart feels like it’s going to burst out of your chest. Just into the chorus, Bucky leans down and rests his head in the crook of your neck.
“Thankyou” He says, breathe hot on your skin.
You ask him what for, breathe almost catching in your throat at the thought of how close you were to him right now.
Sighing heavily, he lifts his head back up and looks into your eyes.
“For tonight. For everything.” He says, voice cracking slightly. Your eyes well up at his words and you pull him back down for a hug, not knowing what to say.
“I think I’d still be lost without you (Y/N)” He says into your ear, and his grip on your waist tightens as he pulls you closer. You stay like that until the end of the song. He pulls away to look at you and wipes away the escaped tears from your cheek. Without thinking, and forgetting it wasn’t just you two in the room, you place a hand under his jaw and lean up to place a quick kiss on his lips. He looks shocked for a minute and you bite your lip nervously, but he smiles at you, blushing.  He leans down and kisses you back, both of you laughing when you can’t stop smiling into the kiss.

Your fellow Avengers start hollering behind you as the lights come on, signalling the end of the dance, making you laugh even more.
“Jesus get a room you two!” Comes from Tony’s way, and you hear Steve shouting “Finally!”
Bucky takes your hand and leads you towards your friends. They’re all look as tipsy as you feel and Tony announces an after party as his place, to which you all agree. Everyone starts to head off, Wanda with her heels in hand, Banner and Tony cheering for more booze. You tug Bucky’s hand and pull him in for another quick hug.
“I think I’d be lost without you too now James”
He gives you a small smile and kisses you on the cheek before spinning round, offering you a piggy back. You laugh and shake your head before jumping on, legs wrapped around his torso. You tap his bum with your foot and tell him to get a move on, there’s more alcohol waiting. He laughs, eyes shining, and heads off to catch up with the others. You smile to yourself, happy to have made Bucky so happy tonight, and hopefully for a while to come.

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Silent Thoughts {Chapter 4}

Chapter four! I actually like how this chapter ended up, even though it took me ages to write. Sorry for not updating sooner!

Chapter Summary: Simon is struggling with his Physics revision and Baz is more than willing to help out. Some questions are asked and some are answered.

Word Count: 2,119

{Chapter 1} {Chapter 2} {Chapter 3} {Chapter 4}


               |To Baz: when do we have that physics mock? |

Most of the time the texts that he Baz sent to each other were light hearted and funny, exchanging stories and so on. School tended to be left out of their conversations, as the only time they really talked/wrote about school was when they were actually at school. It was more relevant there than it was when they were texting in the comfort of their own homes. But sometimes they just had to break their normal conversation patterns. Especially since Simon had no idea when their mock was and desperately needed to revise for physics because he genuinely sucked at it.

The answer came in a few moments.

               |From Baz: It’s this Thursday, 4th period |

Simon sighed internally. This wasn’t good, this wasn’t good at all. He had exactly two days to revise for an exam mock in a subject he struggled immensely in. He was going to fail, he knew it. Even if he did revise a bit alone he still wouldn’t be able to answer half the questions. He would be lucky if he managed to scrape five marks out of a total of sixty.

In other words he was completely and utterly screwed. Even if he did revise.

               |To Baz: i’m going to fail |

               |From Baz: no, you’re not |

               |To Baz: i am though |

               |From Baz: You aren’t! I believe in you |

Baz believed him in a little too much. Before he could reply to the last text, Baz sent him another.

               |From Baz: If you want I can help you revise after school tomorrow?|

Simon froze. Was Baz voluntarily asking to spend more time with him? He must be hallucinating. Simon rubbed his eyes and glanced down at the text again. Nope. Not hallucinating. Baz had actually asked to spend more time with Simon. This seemed like a dream. Simon pinched himself, once on the arm and hard. Nope. Not a dream either. This was actually happening. In real life.

Was Baz asking him out? It was always like this in the books and movies wasn’t it? They go to the library and they study for half an hour before they end up kissing each other behind the school building.

No, stop thinking Simon, that’s never going to happen. Simon was obviously over thinking the entire thing. Baz was being a polite and helpful person by helping Simon to revise of an exam. Nothing more.


Baz waited patiently for the answer. Had he gone too far, asking Simon like that? Would Simon think it was something more? Would he think Baz was weird for asking to tutor him? Was Baz weird for even asking? After all, Simon hadn’t even mentioned needing or wanting help, and Baz had just asked him all too willingly.

A small ping stopped his train of thoughts. Well, this was it.

Baz clicked the new message pop-up and it led him to his messaging app.

               |From Simon: yeah, thatll be helpful, thanks |

Baz let out a sigh. Thank God that Simon didn’t think that Baz was being weird.

               |From Simon: Ive got to go, talk to you tomorrow tho? |

               |To Simon: Alright, see you tomorrow Simon, goodnight |

               |From Simon: Goodnight! |

Baz smiled slightly at the screen and then rolled over to place his phone on his bedside table, before shutting his eyes and going into the land of dreams, slowly forgetting about the day’s events.


An inhumane sound pieced Baz’s ears. Baz groaned and felt around the small table beside him for his phone to stop the persistent beeping of his alarm. The shrill sound finally shut off and he sighed as silence swept over him like a blanket of warmth and comfort. He didn’t want to go to school today, which was pretty unusual considering it was Baz. Starting his normal daily routine, he opened his most used apps to check for any new notifications. As he clicked on his messaging app, the last app he usually checked in his routine after Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube, Baz looked at the conversation he and Simon had been having last night.

Conversations between him and Simon that went on into the night causing him to wake up late the next morning weren’t a rare occurrence. In fact he and Simon had conversations nearly every single day by text, as it was easier than talking face-to-face. Baz often reread their messages the next morning, to make him feel that fuzzy warm feeling he always got when he and Simon talked. Their conversations often gave Baz an extra reason to get up each morning, usually with newfound energy, that Baz didn’t even know he could get, knowing that he would see Simon in just a few short hours.

But as he reread their latest conversation his heart stopped slightly. He had volunteered to help Simon revise. Which meant spending at least an entire hour with Simon after school. Usually, Baz would’ve looked forward to spending an extra hour with Simon, but with other people around so it would make things easier for him. But no. That wasn’t what was going to happen after school. He was going to be with Simon after school for a whole hour alone. Alone with Simon Snow.

Baz cursed himself for not thinking this whole thing though properly.


Simon walked down the mostly empty corridors to the library. He and Baz had decided to meet there after fifth period as it was easier for both of them, and the school library was open for at least an hour after school each day, if not for longer.

Butterflies filled his stomach as he neared his destination. He briefly wondered if the fact he had butterflies in his stomach was because he had eaten so much butter throughout the day, but he quickly told himself that he was being stupid. The only reason that the butterflies were there was because he was nervous.

Because he was going to be with Baz Pitch. Alone.

The thought alone made a little stream of happiness in his chest flow, creating a small smile on his face. It filled him with a warm fuzzy feeling that made him want to cuddle somebody. Preferably Baz. Definitely Baz.

But he worried so much about meeting him. It wasn’t like first time meeting each other nerves, but this was the first time they would do anything academic related together. And Baz, well, Baz was very smart. Like very smart. And Simon…well, Simon just wasn’t. He was nervous that Baz would think that he was really dumb, which he guessed he was compared to Baz, but he wasn’t completely dumb. He really wasn’t. But he struggled in physics immensely. So Baz was going to see him suck at a subject he probably found easy. Then Baz would realise that Simon was not worthy of a having a friendship with him, of having anything with him, and Simon wouldn’t be anything more than the person that sat next to Baz in form that he used to have conversations with.

Simon closed his eyes and evened out his breathing as he sat down at an empty table in the library, one that gave him a good view of the window, so he could look outside and calm himself if he needed to. He always found the outside relaxing. He took out his physics book and pencil case and stared out of the window whilst waiting for Baz.

A few minutes later, Simon heard the door behind him opening, and he turned his head to find a very attractive Baz walking through the doors. Simon gave him a quick smile and wave when Baz found him and Baz returned that smile with one that Simon was sure made his heart stop and cure cancer simultaneously.

Baz sat down in the seat next to him, which was far too close for Simon’s liking as he could feel every time Baz moved and could smell a cedar and bergamot scent on him. (Actually, it was exactly to Simon’s liking. He was loving every moment of it.) Reaching in to his bag, Baz pulled out a physics revision guide, his own physics book and his pencil case. He then turned to Simon and asked, “So, what do you need the most help with?”

Simon opened the back of his physics book and wrote on the inside: Everything?

Baz chuckled slightly. He opened the physics revision guide to the index page and then said, “Which one of the topics do you struggle the most in?” Simon looked down at the list of topics. Barely any of them made sense to him. He sighed and then pointed at one of the main subtitles that read “Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.” He remembered a tiny bit about this topic. He also remembers hating every moment of it because he understood absolutely nothing of what the teacher had said.

Baz smiled, “Okay we’ll start with that.” He flipped to the page indicated on the index page, which was filled with diagrams and words that Simon didn’t understand. “Right, so we use waves to transfer energy and information. We have different types of waves like transverse waves, longitudinal waves, electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves,” Baz began. Simon nodded. Baz continued to explain to him how all the different types of waves were different to each other and all about the oscillations of the particles and all about the different parts of the waves.

As Baz was explaining everything, Simon suddenly found that he was slowly starting to understand everything that was being explained. Everything was just starting to make sense very quickly. Maybe it was because he had terrible teachers in class and Baz was so much better at explaining everything. Or maybe it was because Baz was right there next to him explaining everything in detail and making sure Simon understood everything before moving on to the next subject.

Very quickly, more quickly than Simon would’ve liked, the hour was over and the librarian was telling everyone to pack away and go home. So Baz finished explaining and they both packed away their stuff before walking out of the library and towards the school gate.

When they reached the gate, they both stopped and turned to each other. “So did you understand most of it now?” Simon nodded, a grateful smile making its way onto his face. Baz smiled back. “Glad I could help.”

Simon reached out gently for Baz’s arms and traced out the words “Thank you” on his forearm.

Looking up from his arm, Baz smiled again and said, “Anytime.”

They didn’t part from each other yet though. Baz looked as if he had more to say. He also looked very suddenly nervous, like something was on his mind, as he was playing with the ends of his bag straps, fiddling with them restlessly.

Finally, Baz spoke up again. “Simon…I was wondering if maybe –if maybe you would like to go for a drink sometime. Like, you know… a date?”

Simon wasn’t expecting that. Simon opened his mouth, his lips trembling slightly, as if he was about to answer with a voice he didn’t even have. He saw the fear in Baz’s eyes and knew that Baz was afraid of rejection. But Simon wasn’t going to reject him. Not in a million bloody years.

Simon closed his mouth, his lips instead quirking up into a smile.

And he nodded.

The biggest, happiest smile Simon had ever seen graced Baz’s just as he nodded. “Great,” Baz said, and Simon could tell he was holding back from squealing or doing something embarrassing like that. “Is Saturday good for you? I’ll pick you a from you house at around one-ish? Is that okay?”

Simon nodded. Of course it was okay. He had a date with Baz bloody Pitch. Everything was more than okay.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow I guess. Bye,” Baz smiled once more as Simon waved to him as a way of saying goodbye, before turning around and walking towards his house. He turned round slightly and waved to Simon and Simon waved back again.

He couldn’t get over the fact that he was going on a date with Baz Pitch. The person he had been crushing on for what had to be years now. Simon didn’t think he’d ever been happier in his life. He was going on a date with Baz Pitch. He couldn’t get it out of his head. He couldn’t stop repeating those words in his head. It was all so amazing and overwhelming.

Too bad for him it was only Wednesday.