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Patience Ch. 1

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Pairing: Som.va

Words: ~ 1,479

Rating: Mature


Every time Sombra tries to get more intimate with Hana, Hana gets nervous and backs out. She certaainly doesn’t want Hana to do anything she’s not comfortable with, but is getting more and more worried that her girlfriend’s hesitation might have something to do with herself.

Hana is demisexual, Sombra is supportive and patient.

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Catching Up to You

Originally posted by xdaddy-neganx

Summary: Charlie reminices about Negan and Daryl

Pairings: Daryl xOC / Negan x OC

Warnings: None

Author’s note: Don’t worry, it gets better ;)

Chapter One



I met Negan when I was 26; I had been released from prison after 3 years for possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. I had been a broke kid who couldn’t find a good job to keep a roof over my head and no family to help. Originally I had been sentenced to 7 years, but released for good behavior. I was put on probation and had to do community service work for 6 months. My probation officer got me a job at a community center, working with homeless teens, women and children.

Without a family to live with, I spent some time in a half way home until I finally managed to find a job working at a large retail chain store. My time was taken up by work and community service, so I barely had time to actually enjoy my freedom and to make new friends, as my probation officer had told me I should do so I wouldn’t fall back into old habits. But, I didn’t socialize, hell, I had zero time to enjoy the fact that I had my own teeny tiny apartment.

It was during one of the days I worked out in a park, cleaning it up after a huge Fourth of July celebration. The heat was overbearing and I was sure I was going to be sick by the time I cleaned up the mess families had been too lazy to pick up themselves. I stumbled a bit after having been out there for an hour and a half, and before I knew it, I hit the ground.

I had heard some kids yell, and a man call out to one of them to call an ambulance. My head spun and I felt like throwing up; I tried my hardest to get up, but my body refused. The sun beamed down on me, burning the hell out of my eyelids until a large shadow fell over me. My hand failed to raise as the man with a gruff voice asked if I was alright. My mouth was dry and I couldn’t open it and speak, my throat felt shriveled up.

“Hey, honey, can ya hear me?” The gruff voice asked; he knelt to me, I could feel his warm breath against my cheek.

I rolled my head and managed to moan, “Uh-huh.”

“The ambulance will be here in fuckin’ sec,” the man placed his hands under my arms and lifted me up so easily and slowly. “Can you tell me your name?”

I couldn’t even open my eyes then, I couldn’t speak, I just rested against the stranger, letting the heat take over. Passing out, I fell against him; for a moment I felt his body close to mine, holding me gingerly, like I was fragile, broken piece of China. Again, I was brought to, this time by the sirens of the ambulance, feeling and relishing in the man’s embrace, I whimpered wantonly when I was placed somewhere else.

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