ive given up on you real friends

You used to make me feel like I could walk on water
Now most nights I’m just sinking down
You’re the reason why I can’t listen to the same songs I used to
I write songs about you all the time
I bet I don’t run through your mind
I’ve given up on you but it still hurts to know you’re not alone
—  Real Friends~ I’ve given up on you

let’s destroy eachother// a kakuhida mix

“you may act like you hate me, but you really like me, don’t you?”


Hearts Swells/Pacific Daylight Time - Los Campesinos! // Kute - Alex G // I’m Still Your Fag - Broken Social Scene // Madness - Muse // Bridges - Fox Academy // Tim Wish You Were Born A Girl - Of Montreal // Breezeblocks - Alt J // Love In The Time Of Human Papillovirus - Andrew Jackson Jihad // Fucked Up Kid - Broken Social Scene // Bottled - Seahaven // I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends //