ive fun out of clothes that i like ):

I wonder if White Diamond is real… like I bet shes real… but What if she was a fusion. Like Gems bodys are made of light…

Aaand combining Pink (Magenta) Blue (Cyan) and Yellow light… ya get white.

The gem placement… its easy enough for Amethyst to transform her body to look like shes got a gem on her head… a belly and chest gems would be easy enough to hide… say with a funky shoulder pad mantle thing similar to what Jasper wore in her first appearance or like the WD mural.


Maybe if Gems that have the same Gem placement… the Gem just grows bigger?

Like neither BD or YD even mention WD when theyre talking and we never see any Gems with a WD symbol do we?

Even Pearl who a lot of people think may be WDs Pearl due to her skin tone and gem placement has a PD symbol on her flight suit (and causes Sardonyx to have a PD on her shoes)

And with Jasper being orange (a yellowish shade of red) who was under PD but now serves YD (a mix of red/yellow)and Peridot whos under YD but seems more intellectual like other BDs crew (a mix of blue/yellow)

Rose shattered PD to stop WD from ever being formed again?

Perhaps YD, BD, and PD fusing and forming WD was what Centipeetle was trying to describe? (IDK the timeline too well so maybe not)

Do you ever just mess around with something for the luls but than accidentally convince yourself that its true?

WD and Anti-Cross-Gem Fusion is propaganda to keep weaker Gems in line…


…And if Pearl WAS WDs Pearl… that would explain her clothes colored with shades of Blue/Pink/Yellow… rather than like the other Pearls all in one color???? Peridot said she was ‘Fancy’…Maybe shes VERY VERY fancy.


i was inspired by this lovely bit of animation by genalovestoons

Monster Falls AU Dipper transformation.cause omg that AU is wonderful and transformation/body horror is just so much fun. And i ran out of monsterfalls fics and RPs :(

this is the first animation ive done (not counting two frame glowys or flipbooks on elementary school) so forgive how rough it is. I might go back and clean it up/ add clothes/ actually make it look like dipper later. but this thing has 266 frames o.o so clean up would be quite an undertaking.

im so touched…. my cecil cosplay blew tf up!! the notes!!! must have been the polyester jacket. maybe ill put together more silly Young Cecil outfits and get pics of them because ive got a few polyester jackets and i have SO many Wacky Clothing items