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That Tag Thing

i was tagged! on the tag thing! by @hyejinbee so yeah here goes!

Name - giovanna
Age - 21
Height - short lmao really short 
Ult Bias – wheein (but also the rest of mmm i mean) 
Nicknames - gio
Zodiac sign - aquarius
Ethnicity -  white latina
Favorite fruit - pineapple! no doubt but also kiwi
Favorite season – winter
Favorite color – green (+ black)
Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa – coffee
Favorite animal(s) – dogs, elephants, snakes, cats
Dream trip –  tbh i have no idea. i guess algeria + morocco
Number of blankets you sleep with - one
Dogs or cats - dogs but also cats honeslty both
Side blog - i used to have one but i dont anymore
Follower count - 39
When did you start this blog –  february 2017 lmao though ive been on tumblr since 2009

i don’t know who has done this already or who doesnt want to but i tag @byulyi @wijung @queer-mac @melayshaa @mamamooboo @thelovelycaptain