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Weakness (Remus)

Requested- hi! may I request Remus x reader where reader is a shy gryffindor & Remus’s gf & is bullied by “popular/mean girls” and doesn’t tell Remus and she finally speaks up one day (“JUST SHUT UP, IVE HAD ENOUGH!”)? and then runs away where they can’t find her & Remus finds her… (the request was long)

- - -

You shut your eyes closed, trying your best to ignore what they were saying. They were the popular girls in Gryffindor, and you were just a shy girl that didn’t want any trouble. You knew they started to pick on you ever since you started dating Remus, a boy you love wholeheartedly. You didn’t tell him about those girls because you didn’t want to look weak in his eyes, but it was all starting to impact you. “Leave me alone,” you said, walking away.

A dark-haired girl that you didn’t bother to acknowledge her name stopped you, “oh let’s see, the cowardly y/n y/l/n is escaping to her little boyfriend!” The two other girls laughed. Their laughs were sharp to your ears as they continued mocking you. “Why is she even in Gryffindor? She’s not even close to being brave!” “I don’t get why Hogwarts accepted her in the first place!” You clenched your fist hard, and you could feel your hard nails against your own palm, “shut up.” You finally said. The first girl asked, “what? What is it that you said?”

“I SAID JUST SHUT UP, I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” You shouted with all of your strength and ran as fast as you could. You hid in your dorm and locked the door with a charm. Holding your head with both your hands and closing your eyes, you dropped yourself onto the carpeted floor. You heard a knock on your door, and the voice of Remus came through, “Y/n, are you here? I need to tell you what had just happened! James, he-”

“Remus, not now,” you spoke weakly. There was a pause, and the next thing you heard was him mumbling “Alohomora.” The door clicked open, and a worried Remus hurried in. He sat next to you and pulled your fingers away from your face. He saw your face which was stained with tears.

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GIRRRLS So sorry for my lack of updates! Ive had the most amazing past few months.
I finally saved up enough from sugaring to go on the solo trip of a lifetime across the US. You American babies are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

Went all across Cali, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New York.

San Diego, Santa Barbara and Sedona were favorites (I like warm weather lol)

I would have enjoyed NY more but went there on one of the coldest weeks! Also saw snow for the first time and looooved it… as a result had an accident and broke my arm lmao.

I would have loved to meet some of you but despite being a solo trip I was crazy busy all the time.

Met an amazing SD over there who paid for a LOT of expenses. I was so sad to leave him. we have been talking every day and wants to take me to japan soon!

Back home now and I will be seeing Eugene this week to get my allowance. So bummed to be back. I WANNA LIVE IN THE US