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i drew my favorite raccoon boy. im also lying to myself if i dont say i did it for @connrcarricks.

A Small Problem.

Ok so awhile ago, I sent an idea to @chocobard, and then I got hit with a writing bug, and wanted to write it too? But if they want to write it as well, id still be delighted! ( also please send well wishes to both Alyssa and Wolf, they are going through some bad times right now.)

Noctis x Reader

(This is my first fanfic ever posted, please say if i missed anything, or if i messed up on something!) 

Noctis was pacing. Was this concerning? Normally no, it just meant he had a lot on his mind and needed to think it out.

Tonight however? Yes, it was very concerning. The day you’d both had, plus the fact that the night before, his insomnia had showed up after a few weeks of actual good sleep. Yeah, he should be out like a light.

You where sitting up in bed propped up with pillows and your favorite quilt up around your knees. Your hectic day was spent tasting wedding cakes for the most part. When he’d first asked Noctis had wanted to get married right away, but you had said something about wanting a winter wedding; so a compromise, a fall wedding. In about two months. 6 weeks to be precise. It was both the longest, and shortest wait ever. So to say the days where tiring was an understatement. 

But, Noct was having a problem. 

One you didn’t think would actually be a problem when you where not thinking about it. Now that you where though? Oh boy, was it big. Noctis couldn’t figure out which of the guys should be his best man.And to be honest, you weren’t very helpfull eather. Ignis he had known the longest, Gladio had been there through thick and thin; and really you where sure if Noctis wasn’t in love with you he’d have married Prompto, if only for convenience.

So yes, big problem.
You know this is a big deal to him. So you tried to help out. Emphasis on tried. You where so tired that before you could get the whole thing you fell asleep. 

What you meant to say was,
“ Ask Luna for advice.”
What you really said was,
“Ask Luna.”

What you didn’t get to see was the biggest grin ever on Noct’s face as he climbed into bed with, and him say “Perfect idea” before kissing you on the head and shuffling the both of you down to get some real sleep.

In the morning when you woke up to the sound of two voices in the small living room outside the bedroom, you where surprised to see Luna and Noctis sitting there looking at pictures of suits.

“She said yes!”

Well then, that promblem solved.

 Now who where you going to ask to stand on your side of the aisle, now that you where down a person?

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Tumblr Pagan fundies claiming their gods are all-good and perfect again, and coercing their cult following into obeying deities without question 👀👀

It only becomes dangerous because they A) present themselves as the expert on the Will of the Gods and B) insist that others who worship the same gods practice and believe the same way that they do. Therefore, anyone who practices religion in a way they disagree with are impious and disrespectful and no one’s allowed to argue based on either alternative evidence or on their own experiences. This results in them having some weird monopoly on what people can say about their religious practice without getting accused of being a “tumblr fake fluffbunny”, among other things.

Basically, it’s not their belief that their gods are perfect and must always be obeyed that’s a problem; it’s how they weaponize that belief in order to intimidate, dismiss, and generally bully others over beliefs that ultimately don’t harm any actual human beings.

Edit: it also encourages people who are influenced by them to go into relationships with deities with the naive and potentially dangerous idea that gods will never do anything to screw them over, and if they do it’s somehow “deserved” or “for the greater good” or “not their place to judge” because it was a god that did it. While I don’t generally believe deities abusing their devotees is common, it does happen, and for this reason insisting people believe the gods are automatically beyond reproach is irresponsible and increases the possibility of people being taken advantage of (especially newbies).