ive done pink so many times

I have had a couple asks about my hair so I am going to post the process I did and tag it so I don’t lose it. Here is how my hair happened:

My hair was super dark brown before like nearly black so I bleached my hair out 3 times. Yep 3. Which makes everyone cringe.
Buuuut Ive done sever bleaching from black to blonde so many times and my hair still has yet to fall out from doing that. Hurray! 
Anyways I bleached once, did a deep conditioning treatment and waited a week. Bleached again and waited a day. Bleached the third time and did the Shock Therapy deep conditioning treatment.
The dyes that I used are as follows-
The green at my roots is Manic Panic electric lizard mixed with Ion Color Brilliance’s Chartreuse and Splat turquoise (but only a little to make it darker).
The blue is Ion Color Brilliance azure.
The pink is Ion Color Brilliance Magenta.
And on the pieces besides my ear one is part azure Ion with a bit of the Ion  Chartreuse, and the other side is all Ion’s Chartreuse.

I also hardly ever wash my hair. I got a shower cap so I can just wash my body daily but not have to wash out my color.
I think Ive washed it once to remove the dye and then used a color locking after-color deep conditioner made my Ion, and once after Punk Rock Bowling because I had my mohawk up for like 3 days. But I wear a wig to work so it’s not hella necessary for me to keep my actual hair insanely clean, but dry shampoo is a thing and that helps for not being on a daily hair washing routine.

*Side note* Manic Panic is vegan, a lot of Ion products are vegan and do have that listed on their box but none of their products are tested on animals (not even sent out to another party to be tested. 100% animal cruelty free). I have no idea about Splat- my boyfriend has had that dye since forever and I never have purchased Splat before.