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I’m sorry but taken out of context this really looks like Cas’ spent an ungodly amount of time redecorating their cabin and all Dean’s got to say when he’s back is


…why pink???

BITE: Chapter 6

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover.
in honour of the season six premier (wooo!!!) stuff actually happens!!

6/? - Stiles

“Why can’t Derek ever just tell us anything?” Scott whined, hitting the dashboard of the Jeep with the palms of his hands. 

Stiles scowled. “Don’t take it out on the car, man. And it doesn’t go with his image. If he were to, you know, communicate like a normal person, it would just make life too easy. It’s much better for him to brood mysteriously and not give us information that could probably help save our lives, because this is obviously going to turn into another supernatural shit show. But whatever.”

They were in a convoy of cars, following Derek into the woods to the spot where he’d found the wallet of the missing boy, and both of them were on edge.

Whatever the hell had happened in the loft, it hadn’t been good. Stiles kept running through it in his head, trying to make sense of it. Derek knew something about where Percy and Annabeth were from, which had something to do with why he’d wanted to see their arms, and what was that tattoo on Percy’s arm anyway? Some type of trident? With some lines under it, like a -


Stiles violently yanked the wheel to the right, barely making the turn. “I’ve got it!”

Scott looked incredulous. “Sure you do.”

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“They won’t hurt you as long as I’m here.”

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Ive been playing with MV a lot in my spare time and i finally started writing the Story into the game so I guess its gonna be a thing? the cooking system is to make healing items of course and I’d like to make the form change system work in battle so the relationshp stats are tied to that if I can figure out how, its not really a romance system like the main game, All characters have relationship points with eachother

if whenever I get a playable demo out for this, it won’t be out until at least after the final demo for the main VN so dont get excited just yet :^p