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Joyeux Noël à @abadmeanman! I was your @mlsecretsanta 💝🎅✨

It’s a mutual reveal scenario! In which its a direct mirror of the ever infamous umbrella scene (sans the umbrella and rain).

(Shocking, I know) 

So a for the longest ive been wracking my brain on what to get you. Honestly i considered many possibilities and i still am but those, i decided, were better off as separate projects ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because i wanted to go for a sfw approach.

I know it’s not much (trust me i wish i could have done more bc ur a cool dude) but this is the best i could do atm. it was my first time working with animations and i came across a lot of technical difficulties (like finding the right size so the finalized thing fits under 1MB or tweaking with the settings so it doesnt look wonky) but im actually proud of the outcome :)

anyways, i hope u like this and that you have a neato x-mas and a happy new year!💛🎉🎅

Be More Chill - pt. 3

ive seen this “what if there was a be more chill reprise where michael sings for jeremy?” thing
and decided to just write the entire song
cause why the hell not
now, i know some parts might be a bit off with the melody, but i tried my best so bear with me!


also, im on mobile, so formatting sucks.


Be More Chill pt. 2

[Jeremy, spoken]
Michael, what are you doing?

[Michael, spoken]
Helping my friend.

[Jeremy, spoken]

Ooh, everything about you is so wonderful!

Everything about me is so terrible…

No! Everything about you is so full of life!

Everything about me makes me wanna die…

No! Jeremy, can’t you see? Buddy, just listen to me.. Listen to me!

Everything about you is just so freaking wonderful!

I love everything about you!

Everything about you is just so alive!

I could never live without you.. You’re not so left out or unsure, you’re not that lonely anymore!

Everything about you is so cool
And wonderful

[Jeremy, spoken]

[Michael, spoken]
Repeat after me. Please.

[Jeremy nods. Michael starts singing.]
Everything about you is so wonderful!

[Jeremy, quietly]
Everything about me is so.. wonderful?

Exactly! Everything about you is so full of life!

Everything about me is so.. full of life!

[The music fades as Michael and Jeremy hug.]


so yah
reblogs appreciated!!

moon eyes (/•‾⌣‾•) ̑̑♡

this is the most ridiculous sparkly anime thing ive ever made in my life omfg

lance: i think im gonna have some cereal

lance: gets out a plate then immediately goes to get a bowl

lance: pauses on his way to get the bowl

lance as he slowly turns to look at the plate: wait why did i just get a plate out for cereal wtf


So im not a vet sb or anything but ive been reading blogs and looking into the bowl for a few years off and on. Most recently ive decided to actually give it a shot but i did extensive research and read countless stories both bad and good from all sex workers. From what i gather there are a few BASIC things everyone looking into this business need to know and understand. Correct me if im wrong and you are reading this please.

1: NEVER get into a car or go anywhere with a guy you are meeting for the first time or two. Take a cab, uber, train, bus and have him pay for it if its more then $15.(Thats just my preference do what you want sis)

2: Carry a form of protection i dont give a hell if its a fork bitch carry something to protect yourself hide it under your wig if you have to.

3: Tell someone you trust family, friend, tumblr sisters, leave a detailed note at home about who you are  meeting, where, what time, and his information. If something were to happen to you the police/family will know where to start. Delete/trash it when you get home of course.

4: ALWAYS get your money before any sexual acts. For some its before they even have dinner on the first date/meeting. Its really up to you and what you prefer.

5: NEVER spend your own money with hopes of being reimbursed. The reason you got into this line of work was so that you didnt have to spend your own money sis, use your head.

6: Trust your gut, i dont care if his ass is worth a trillion dollars nothings more important then your safety. These men dont give a fuck about you at the end of the day everyones out for self in this game so be about your money first and all that other bs later.


there they goooo

hey yall ‘member that time i was homestuck garbage

hiveswap is a really cute and charming game, i’ve been playing act 1 a lot because theres just so much cute dialogue to find through replays. i really like it!!

listen tho im sharing this with you bc ive been cooped up sick all day and out of curiosity decided to translate this to do list in xefros’ hive and i was really sure “dams hive” was “damnheck” and im extremely disappointed its not but im gonna call him damnheck

anonymous asked:

(lowercase) i have this whole scenario in my head about otabek moving to st petersburg? like ive got the whole thing. im trying to decide if i should write it or not. do you have any thoughts?

MM you should definitely write it! <3 Their long distance pining huRts me so badly, it’d be so nice to have them live in the same city. I’ll just dot point a few personal headcanons!

  • Yuri being over the moon when Otabek tells him the news over Skype, freaking out and yelling so loudly that Otabek has to turn his volume down. Yuri even temporarily leaves the screen, running out of the room to go tell his grandfather. Otabek smiling as he hears Yuri’s speaking to Nikolai in rapid Russian, repeating “Otabek is moving here!” over and over.
  • Otabek initially being sad to move away from his family, but after a long chat with his mother being convinced, because she knows he’ll have a family with the Plisetsky’s. Yuri is all Otabek really talks about nowadays.
  • Yuri being there to meet Otabek at the airport, pushing past people and just pouncing on Otabek like a cat once he sees him at the gate, arms and legs wrapped around him tightly. Otabek is surprised, dropping his bags and being tutted at by the other arriving people for blocking the way, but he doesn’t care. He has to hide his face in Yuri’s shoulder to try and hide his smile, holding onto the blonde tightly. He doesn’t say anything about it, but he can tell Yuri is crying.
  • Yuri dragging Otabek back to his apartment to stay for a day or two before he goes to his new place. It’ll take a few days for the rest of Otabek’s things to arrive in Russia, but Yuri just wants to have a few days of Otabek all to himself.
  • Yuri, of course, insisting on helping Otabek move into his new place. They spend a long day in Otabek’s new apartment cleaning up and unpacking. 
  • Well, Otabek cleans and unpacks while Yuri opens boxes and looks through Otabek’s possessions, taking multiple snapchats of him grinning and pointing at Beka, because he’s just so fucking happy he’s here.
  • Otabek purposefully picking a place that’s close to Yuri and his grandfather’s apartment.
  • Yuri deciding that Otabek’s apartment is now his second home (and Otabek says nothing, but secretly loves it.)
  • Yuri also deciding that Otabek’s bed is much more comfortable than his own, sprawling his long limbs across it and hogging it entirely whenever he stays over. Otabek doesn’t mind, because he loves sleeping next to Yuri at night.
  • Yuri showing Otabek everything around the area excitedly, even though he’s already taken him to each place over the course of his various visits.
  • Yuri being a little shy to Skype with Otabek’s parents when they call one night, but eventually chatting away firmly about how he’s taking good care of their son.
  • Otabek showing up to the Plisetsky’s unannounced just because he can, and loving the way Yuri completely lights up every single time.
  • Just both of them being extremely happy and disbelieving of the fact that they’re finally so fucking close to each other

This got me real emotional, please

thank you so much for making me cry 

got7 as shit ive done or said within the past 48 hours

mark: “i would be getting lit rn but im saving my hype for the songs that REALLY matter”

jaebum: “how am i intimidating?” while having a knife in my back pocket

jinyoung: “do you feel oppressed” then throwing a celery stick at them

jackson: “in my defence, he has really fucking long ass legs.”

youngjae: “ive hugged SO many strangers today!”

bambam: deciding to cover myself head to toe in mud then walk around offering free hugs to strangers

yugyeom: capsizing my own canoe to go capsize my friend’s canoes and ultimately get yelled at because we’re not meant to be swimming we’re meant to be canoeing


hi. couple months ago after being away from the phandom for a year ive decided to come back because i missed my friends and making dan and phil content. originally i left because i considered the phandom a toxic place and my interest for dan and phil kind of faded. it came back though and i got into them again and also i made some amazing friends that i cherish to death. 

lately though, i can feel my interest in dan and phil fading again. i kind of feel guilty because im almost pretending to feel excited about the things they do, reblogging d&p content feels like a duty and i havent made any d&p content in a while. i was thinking its maybe because im busy with school and work but i still manage to update my kpop sideblog daily and i honestly enjoy it.

thats why i came to the realisation that kpop makes me the happiest and its something im 100% interested in unlike phan. and i think thats what my main blog should be - something i really enjoy. therefore this blog will be a kpop/aesthetic one from now on with the url bfnochu. i didnt want to make a new one because this blog has been with me for so long (3 years) and i cant just leave it. 

i definitely understand and know that many of you will unfollow me and i dont blame you, even if we’re mutuals. but if you dont like kpop and dont want to unfollow me ive decided to make a phan sideblog with the url hcwll. i dont know how active ill be there but i will still try to reblog the amazing content the phandom’s creators make and make gifs there occasionally because i still love dan and phil, just not as much as i love kpop.

i really hope you understand this and trust me, this was a dificult decision but for now i feel like its the best option for me.

i love you all lovers

anonymous asked:

hey i was talkin to my therapist and we decided that bc ive been depressed i need to make a schedule for what im gonna do everyday and i gotta write it down for bc my adhd n shit (ill forget to do it otherwise yknow) do you have any recommendations on good like everyday self care sheets?

I’m not totally sure what things you’re looking for, so I found a few things that look interesting/helpful (I’m going to use some of them myself!):

http://www.primermagazine.com/2011/learn/15-hygiene-habits-that-you-shouldnt-miss-in-your-daily-routine is a list of things to do for your hygiene.

The third printable at http://www.mypersonalhygiene.com/personal-hygiene-checklists/ lets you make your own checklists and it’s pretty!

https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-17315/how-to-do-great-things-a-self-care-checklist.html looks really neat and is about keeping yourself in a good headspace.

http://www.depressiontoolkit.org/toolsandchecklists/ is a bunch of different things about depression. Some are checklists that could be useful.

I hope this is helpful!


eswstudies  asked:

Hi I was just wondering if you have any tips on bullet journaling 😊

hey!! yes, i can give you some tips and resources :)

first, ill give you some links of posts i and other people have made that would help you out :)))

bujoing for one month (made by me)

my posts (this will show you what my journal looks like)

my inspiration tag  (this will put some inspo inside of you :0)

how to start a bujo for students (made by @juliebunny-study)

bullet journal spread ideas (made by @eintsein)

a guide to bullet journals (made by @rhubarbstudies)

guide to bullet journals (made by @eruditeestudy)

those are a few, i know there’s so many more, but those are to start off with!

second, here a few quick tips from me:

- keep in mind bujoing isn’t for everyone. this doesn’t mean don’t try it! let yourself decide whether you want to continue or not, without any pressure. 

- have fun with it! make it yours.

- its never too late to start! pick up a journal and a pen and go!!

- im kind of speechless because ive said things like this before, but do check the posts up there ^^

i hope this was helpful! thanks for the ask!

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Where's King George?

GEORGE: I know many of you have just been dying to see me…. Feel free to ask me anything you wish!

HAM: No. No, no - oh God -


Christopher Larkin as Hershel Greene-Rhee

You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now…you don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you are risking it for.

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This blog is supposed to be badly drawn but I came here and all I can see is good drawings??

ive been slacking, this blog’s art style will now be stick figures from now on as it should’ve been from the beginning

The Pal with a Pen

summary: you used to think that having a pen pal was old and out of the trends these days, but when you end up becoming one with a guy carrying the cutest eye smile, you might just be unexpectedly loving it instead.

genre: fluff

a/n: @deepdickdaniel DIS FOR U ARIANE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS AND ILYSM // *also a disclaimer: i don’t know much about penpals and how it all works, so if something is inaccurate or just completely wrong, please understand !! i had to make up the “site for penpals” thing lolol so i know thAT’S NOT TRUE* **the title for this scenario is rlly cringy im sorry forgive me**

* it was a nice day, and lots of people were out meeting their friends
* you included
* you were at a cafe with your friends having countless talks on whatever popped into your mind
* somehow the topic of penpals had come up in your conversation
* because it was quite old and technically out of the trends, you always thought that having a penpal was stupid
* like who could have the time to wait for a single letter and then have to write one back ?????
* thats what texting is for lol
* at least that was your opinion
* anyways, your friend had started to talk about it
* “hey, i was doing research for a project and reading some things about penpals. having one seems really cool!” she gushed
* you furrowed your eyebrows and looked at her in curiosity
* “but all you’re doing is sending letters back and forth. is that not what texting’s for nowadays?”
* “gosh Y/N,” you other friend started, giggling
* “don’t be such a party pooper. people used to always have penpals back then. and in all those cliche romance movies, the girl and the boy fall in love sending those letters…” she teased, bobbing her eyebrows up and down at you
* you scoffed and jokingly pushed her slightly to the side
* “that only happens in the movies.”
* “but,” she began, “it could happen in real life too. don’t you think it’s cool?”
* you shook your head firmly
* “you could literally talk to someone across the world and be really good friends with them! maybe even lovers..”
* you shook your head again, tuning out of the conversation and looking outside the window of the cafe
* having a penpal couldn’t be that interesting, could it? plus, its a hassle having to get the letter to them.
* your friend grabbed your arm and threw it around
* “why don’t you get a penpal? then you can see how cool it is! i swear, by the time you have one, thats all you’ll be talking about.”
* “i doubt it.” you retorted back
* “you’ll see.”
* to prove her wrong, the two of your made a bet about this whole penpal thing
* if you ended up liking this whole penpal thing, you would have to buy her coffee for the next month
* but if you didn’t, she would be buying you your favourite donuts for a month
* it’s a win-win situation, you thought
* so fast forward to the next week
* you had found a website that connected you to many penpals around the world
* not wanting to talk to someone so far away, you chose someone in South Korea, where you currently resided
* you received their information, and started the letter after the site let you know that the person you paired with had been alerted that the two of you were matched together
* starting your letter, it was very awkward and embarrassing, despite being in the comfort of your own home
* “hmm… what am I supposed to put? this is so weird, ive never done anything like this.”
* finally, after a good few hours, you were able to muster up a short paragraph introducing yourself and how you were new to this whole thing
* “hopefully this’ll do, but im still not sure how much i like this..” you trailed off
* it was late, so you decided to send off the mail in the morning
* the penpal was in South Korea, so you expected that it wouldn’t take long for you to get a reply back
* and you were right
* about a week later, two pieces of mail had arrived at your doorstep
* one of them containing your bank account information, and the other being unknown
* throwing the known letter to the side, your eyes lingered over the white, small paper in your hand with an address you had seen before
* “hm?” and then you realized, it was your penpal’s address
* your eyes went big, and you almost tripped over your own feet
* not wanting to open the mail yet, you examined the front of the letter
* you noticed that the writing was very neat and organized
* and the name read “Kang Daniel” in both Korean and English with a smiley face next to it
* interesting, you thought
* you grabbed the pair of scissors on the counter beside you, and opened the mail
* you immediately saw a pink piece of paper inside, and a blue jelly candy along with a blue sticker
* “huh?” you whispered to yourself, “how old is this guy?”
* the colours and candy threw you off, and now you were thinking that you may have stated talking to a little boy and not someone your age
* if this was a younger boy you had began to talk to, there was no way you would continue this bet
* you would drop this so-called penpal right this second
* but because you were nice and didn’t like to judge, you decided that you would just open up the letter and choose then
* picking out the jelly, you examined it
* “hmm.. doesn’t seem bad.” you said, before popping it into your mouth and tasting the sweet flavour of blueberry
* you grasped the smooth paper in your fingers, swiftly flipping it open and beginning to read the continuously neat writing
* you read the words aloud
* “Hello Y/N! My name is Kang Daniel, and I’m excited to be your penpal..” you trailed off
* you slowly read the rest of the letter, and by the end, you unconsciously held a wide grin
* but once you realized, you immediately stopped grinning
* “no, stop it Y/N. you need to win the bet.”
* you quickly wrote a letter back to Daniel, and waited about another week
* this time in your letter, you bluntly asked for a photo of Daniel, just so you know who you were talking to
* when you had received a reply, and small photo had fallen out just as you ripped opened the white packaging
* you eyes stared at the photo of Daniel
* so he was nice and good-looking ???
* you scored a good one Y/N
* you just had to admit, he carried the cutest eye smile, along with his similarity to a bunny
* it made your heart warm, but that feeling wasn’t there for long
* you just happened to remember the bet, and how this guy might not be what you think he is
* as you read further on the letter, you noticed that he wanted a picture back
* you thought about it, and decided, why not?
* taking your polaroid, you took a simple photo of part of your face, not wanting to show the whole thing
* slipping the polaroid into your envelope, you began your response back
* as you wrote, you didn’t forget to mention that he had a very nice smile
* and as you thought about it again, your heart tingled and you felt yourself getting hot
* stop blushing Y/N! this is so weird…
* and as expected, his reply came within the next three days of sending yours out
* grasping the thin paper in the envelope and reading it, you almost fainted
* “he wants to meet me?! but we’ve only been talking for like, three weeks!”
* your friend sighed, “just meet him. you saw what he looked like anyway. what if he’s even better looking in person?”
* you blushed slightly at the thought, but brushed it off and responded back
* “even so, isn’t it dangerous? this guy could be a murder for all i know!”
* she shook her head, grabbed you by the shoulders roughly, and turned you around
* “for some reason, i don’t know why, just trust me. i have a good feeling about him.”
* because she was your closest friend, you had a hard time saying no, and in the end, you backed down anyway
* her puppy eyes and persuasive words got you every single time
* you got home that night, and had a lot of time for yourself to just think about what to do
* of course, you wrote a simple letter back to Daniel, giving him the okay and where to meet
* “hm.. maybe the cafe? yes, the cafe! okay, now, how do i make sure i’m not meeting a total stranger who could possibly kidnap me?” your night ended on those thoughts, as you wanted to complete the rest of the letter in the next day
* in the following morning, you rushed to complete the letter to Daniel
* “sit in the back corner of the shop, and ask for Jisung to make two iced Americanos for us..” you recited the words as you wrote them onto the page
* not long after that, you phoned Jisung
* it would have been weird if Daniel asked for Jisung without knowing anything, so you called him to let him know of the situation and who Daniel was
* (also to make sure Daniel wasn’t dangerous lolol)
* “hey, Jisung?”
* you instantly heard a cheery voice on the other end of the line, and knew immediately that it was him
* “Hey Y/N! What’s up?”
* “so..” you started, giving him the instructions so that you wouldn’t die the day you meet Daniel
* after Jisung heard all of this, the only thing that came out of his mouth was, “how many Americanos?”
* needless to say, you face palmed super hard
* Daniel’s letter got to you about a week later, saying that he was excited to meet you, and that he’d be expecting some good quality drinks when he got there
* (and so, about a week later, when you two were scheduled to meet, he did indeed enjoy the Americano, but never told you that)
* the day you both met would forever be unforgettable, especially because it was the day you saw that Daniel was very very good-looking in person with a beautiful smile
* you walked into the cafe that day, with Jisung greeting you at the counter and pointing to the furthest table at the back
* you quickly strode over to him, and asked him a question as quick pep-talk
* “Jisung! is everything fine?” your words were quick because you were nervous, and obviously he noticed that and laughed
* “don’t be so nervous Y/N. he seems like a good guy, i swear.” you nodded and bid him a small smile, leaving the area and walking off towards the back of the cafe
* your eyes immediately caught the familiar sight of light pink, almost peachy hair
* your heart started beating, and you felt your face become very hot
* as well as your hands, which started to sweat profusely
* as soon as you got close enough, you called out to him, getting his attention straight away
* “Daniel…?”
* oh my god
* his face was so much better looking in person
* “Y/N?” his mouth fell agape as you got even more nervous as he just stared at you
* “Yeah, its me.”
* “wow,” he spoke, “the other half of your face is even better than I expected.”
* you relaxed, and laughed at his cheesiness
* after that first meeting, there was no way you guys didn’t feel anything for one another
* it only took a few months for Daniel to ask you out at the same cafe, where Jisung happily congratulated you guys with muffins and iced americanos
* he would always back hug you, and kiss your forehead (its actually one of his favourite things to do)
* he prefers to hold your hand, so whenever the two of you are out together he’ll always just randomly take your hand and intertwine it with his, saying cheesy stuff like:
* “wow it’s like your hand was made just for mine.”
* “your hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you.”
* and the best one
* “can i see your hand for a second?”
* and whenever you mindlessly hold out your hand for him, he always smoothly slides his into yours
* “thanks, your hands looked lonely so i thought i’d keep them company.”
* and one day, when you were out with your close friend once again, out shopping with each other, she popped a statement that made you laugh
* “so, when do i get my coffee for a month?”
* you laughed and jokingly rolled your eyes
* “soon!”

Title: Sith Lords Don’t Sunbathe
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader
Genre: So floof, SO FLOOF, but also a lil spicy bc i was feelin it
Warnings: Language
A/N: Just some cute but also zesty fluff for the soul. It was really nice out today and I freakin LOVE spring (it’s basically spring here now ok) so this happened lol. Happy Valentines Day! :-)

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

Originally posted by coolfayebunny

The sun above you warmed your bare legs, giving the skin there a subtle glow. You flexed your toes and stretched, lifting your arms up above your head and letting them fall backward into the grass. It had started out soft but now you were beginning to feel the underside of your legs sweat, and you bet that if you looked, there would have been thousands of tiny, grass-shaped imprints against your skin. A breeze floated by, carrying the scent of the flowering tree above you on the wind and filling your nose. Taking a deep breath you closed your eyes, letting the air roll over your skin. While it wasn’t exactly warm, it wasn’t cold, either; it felt like the weather couldn’t make up its mind on if it was still winter or late spring. It was the perfect temperature.

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Request:  Can you do a Bellamy imagine where you’re ice nation royalty like roans sister and a total badass warrior and Bellamy has a huge crush on you??

A/N: sorry this took so long, i had to rewrite it a few times to get it the way i wanted it to turn out. so i hope you dont mind but i made it so that this is set when the ice queen is still alive and the reader disagrees with her moms leading style so she stays with the skaikru and helps them. also i kinda based their relationship in this off of rosa and charles from brooklyn nine nine. anywho this is mostly fluff and bellamy being a cute lil baby. + im trying something new, and decided to play with the povs a little but because it made the fic cuter. ill see how it turns out and if i dont like it i wont do it again after this. update: ive finally finished this and i dont rlly like the pov switch thing so i wont do it anymore and i dont rlly like how this turned out but im hoping you guys will like it. bye!


“Hey Y/n,” Bellamy greeted, interrupting me from my battle strategy talk with Clarke. “Hey,” I greeted back. He walked away and I smiled, looking down. “You like him, don’t you,” Clarke asked. “No! I could never, he’s a grounder. He just makes things a little more bearable over here, that’s all,” I explained. “If you say so.” 


I smiled and walked over to Raven and Abby after talking to Y/n. “Hey lover boy,” Raven said. I rolled my eyes and looked over to Y/n and saw she had began to start training other men, fighting with them and teaching them how to use Tricru weapons. “You like her, don’t you,” Abby asked him. “What? No I don’t! She’s Ice Nation I could never like her. She’s just nice to talk to,” Bellamy denied. “Whatever you say boss,” Raven teased. 

I heard a sword clatter to the ground and someone gasp. I looked up and saw Y/non the ground holding her arm, with one of our men above her holding a sword. “Y/n,” I shouted while running over to her. “Leave,” I demanded the man. He nodded his head and ran off.

“Are you okay,” I rushed out, kneeling beside her. “Yeah,” she muttered. My hands hovered over her arm, afraid of hurting her. “Look, my arm is kind of gushing out blood right now so if you could be so kind as to help me up I would be grateful, and might even let you take me out on a date. But we’ll talk about that when I’m not at risk of dying of blood loss,” she told me angrily. “Yeah, of course. Sorry,” I apologized, slightly breathless and in a daze from the thought of going on a date with her. I grabbed her waist and pulled her up as gently as I could. She muttered a thank you and began walking away. I followed behind her silently.


”What are you doing,” I asked him, watching as he followed me to Abby. “I’m coming with you to make sure you’re okay,” he informed me. “Why,” I asked suspiciously, narrowing my eyes at him. “Because you’re my best fighter… And I want to make sure you’re okay,” he confessed. I smiled slightly and nodded my head. “Okay.”


We made it to Abby and as soon as she saw the blood seeping through Olivia’s hand she dropped everything she was holding. “What happened,” she questioned loudly, the concern practically radiating off of her body. “I got a little scratch on the training grounds,” Y/n answered. shrugging a little. Her eyes shut tight for a second and she took a deep breath, her grip on her arm tightening. 

“Come over here. Sit down right here,” Abby demanded, dragging her over to one of the beds. Y/n sat down and watched as Abby ran over to grab her medical supplies. I saw her stiffen when she saw Abby grab a needle and medical thread. “Alright Y/n, first I need to clean the wound. Raven, pass me the moonshine,” she said. Raven gave her the moonshine and once Y/n let go of her arm Abby began to poor it over the wound. Y/n’s eyes shut and I could see her body tense up. “This is a really deep cut Y/n. I’m going to have to make a lot more stitches than I thought I would,” she told her regretfully. She sighed and looked up to me. I smiled reassuringly. “Okay, let’s do this,” she said.


Bellamy walked over and sat next to me, grabbing my hand when he noticed me staring at Abby as she prepared to stitch me up. I squeezed his hand subconsciously and out of the corner of my eye I saw him blush. “Tell anyone about this and I’ll kill you,” I threatened, gesturing to our linked hands. “Okay,” he replied, still blushing. “I’m ready,” Abby called out. I nodded my head and readied myself. She began the stitches and I felt my breath hitch for a second, before squeezing Bellamy’s hand again and taking a deep breath. I stayed calm for the rest of the time, occasionally squeezing his hand if the pain got to be a little too much. “You are doing amazing Y/n, I’m almost done,” Abby praised. I smiled, Abby has kind of been my mother figure ever since I left Ice Nation. “Thanks,” I murmured. 

A few minutes, later my stitches were all done. “Thanks Abby,” I thanked, smiling at her, “Thank you too Bellamy, for being my personal stress ball.” I got up and started to walk out the door before Abby called out to me. “Hold on Y/n, I have a few ground rules for you while you’re arm is healing,” she told me. I paused my actions and reluctantly turned around. “What are they?” “You’re going to have to wait go back onto the training grounds for at least a month. No heavy lifting. Lots of sleeping. Speaking of, you should get some sleep right now,” she told me. I groaned and walked over to the bed, laying down. “Goodnight Y/n.” Bellamy whispered. “Night Bell.”


I began to walk out the door. stopping when I heard Y/n call out my name, “Bellamy, wait!” I turned around to face her. “Yeah?” “Will you stay with me,” she asked quietly. My eyebrows raised up and I felt myself start to blush. “I-uh-of course,” I stuttered out. “It’s just because I’m injured and if we were to be under attack I wouldn’t be able to defend myself,” she explained quickly. “Of course, smart,” I replied. I sat down on the floor next to her. “You can get into bed with me y’know,” she called out. “I don’t want to hurt your-” “I’ll be fine just come lie down next to me, dork,” she demanded. I got up, blushing for what must’ve been the thousandth time that day, and laid down next to her. She hesitantly laid her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. “Goodnight,” I whispered. “Goodnight.”


so ive been seeing this meme “meet the artist” go around for a bit now and ive always avoided it because acknowledging my existence makes me incredibly anxious but today i decided to fight it and do a this little thing

drawing myself was the hardest but im glad i did the challenge

(i never realised how much pink stuff i own)

((and im so sorry about my handwriting!! but yeah i thought maybe my followers would appreciate knowing who i am and stuff so! yeah!))