ive changed my coloring again idk how i feel about my life anymore

i have a 102 fever this is what death feels like

1. What color are your eyes? :

2. What’s your favorite type of milk? :
almond milkkkkk

3. What’s your passion?:
binge watching shameless

4. What’s your favorite color?:

5. Are you shy? :
yeah, but now I just don’t talk to anyone cause of my fucking invisalign 

6. What is/was your favorite school subject? : 

health because its my only useful class. all my other classes are way to stressful.

7. Do you celebrate Christmas? :

yeah but my family isn’t religious. it’s awkward when I go to my grandparents house during the holidays cause they’re super religious and they probably think im actually satan.

8. What’s your favorite quote? :
“fuck you and fuck your cross eyed daughter” -brandon rogers 

9. What is your natural hair color? :

10. Do you like it? :
no im dyeing it in a few weeks

11. Are you happy with the way you look? :
ahahahahahahahaha no.

12. What would you change about your appearance if you could? :
my cheekbones lololol

13. What would you change about your bedroom if you could? :
i would clean it but im too lazy & sick

14. Are you rich or poor? :
im pretty broke

15. Are you double jointed? :

16. What’s the most physically painful thing you’ve ever experienced? :
my feet hurt so bad from dance. I forgot to wrap my toes like 2 weeks ago before I started a 3 hr class and they still hurt so fucking badddddd

17. Do you like shots? :
no I hate needles, and blood and ewwwwwww. literally my knees buckle whenever people mention blood vessels or the heart ahh I can’t keep talking about this

18. Are you afraid of spiders? :

19. Have you ever had an allergic reaction to something? :

20. Name a food that you like that’s green.:

21. Do you like to read? :

not really

22. Do you know what your purpose in life is? : 

to live..? I actually have no clue this is gonna throw me into a full blown crisis yeeppp

23. Are you lonely? : 

being sick gives me something else to focus on but hahahahahahaha ouch my heart

24. What’s something you are good at?:
missing school

25. What’s a color that looks great on you? :
purple…. sike bitch

26. What’s something you would like to improve at? :
actually going to school

27. Do you believe you have great potential? :
my potential decided to abandon me

28. What’s one word to describe you? :

29. Are you spiritual? :
kind of, but not in a religious way. 

30. What’s one thing that you get a lot of compliments on? :
my eyelashes when I actually do my makeup 

31. What’s one hidden talent that you have? :
I can drop into the splits and sing halsey

32. What are three girls’ names that you really like? :
lana, marina n’ enya

33. What are three boys’ names that you really like? :
alex. that’s it, goodbye

34. What is the most beautiful scenery you have ever beheld? :
waimea canyon what a beauty

35. What is your favorite pizza topping? :
pineapple hahahaha

36. Name a food that you like that’s red.:
flamin hot cheetos please burn me alivee oh wait my fever’s doing that

37. Are you color blind? :
i dont think so

38. Have you ever had a crush? :
ouch my heart

39. Can you type fast?:


40. What’s your favorite type of cereal? :
ive only eaten cheerios for the past 2 days

41. What is one of your dreams in life? :
to get a clout hahahahhaahahaha jk

42. What are your top three favorite colors? :



43. What is your favorite book? :

looking for alaska

43. What is your favorite amusement park ride? :

the really old one at the santa cruz boardwalk that feels like it’s gonna fall apart whenever u go on it

43. What are three middle names you wouldn’t mind having? :
sick sick and sick

44. Are you flexible? :

45. Do you consider yourself religious? :

46. Are you bold? :
                                bitch what

47. Are you spontaneous? :

I can be

48. Do you have a significant other? : 


49. What’s your pet peeve?:
people who don’t put chapstick on their crusty ass lips

50. How tall are you? :

52. Can you sing? :

53. Can you dance?:

54. Can you draw? :

55. Do you play an instrument? :

I play the guitar and the ukulele

56. What school subject do you hate the most? :

adv. geo ewWWWWWWWWWW

56. What’s your least favorite color? :
I don’t have the energy to hate colors

57. Do you eat healthy? :
I try, im “vegan”

58. Do you think you look better with short or long hair? :
idk but my hair’s so damaged now ill probably have to cut it all off

59. What’s a color that doesn’t look good on you? :

60. Are you passionate? :
…about wasting my life on Tumblr? yes ofc

61. Are you doing the most you can with your life? : 


62. Are you proud of yourself for the way you are living?: 

bahahahhahahahahaha nope

63. Do you love yourself? :
I mean I don’t absolutely hate myself anymore but im not like lovin it, ya know

64. Do you have regrets? :
I don’t have time for regrets anymore

65. Do you have wishes and dreams?:
yeah but theres nothing I can do to work towards them at the moment soooo

65. Do you have a huge secret you are keeping from the world? :
my name is actually jimmy and my family lives in the outskirts of Chicago. they think that I’m at medical school, but the truth is im stealing cars for a living and im dating a girl on the south side who I met at a nightclub after some dickhead stole her purse. she thinks my name is steve. also im an inconsiderate asshole who should have told everyone the truth, and im probably dead now. 

67. Do you have neat handwriting? :
when I try

68. Name a current favorite song.:
ridin round by kali uchis

69. List a song lyric that you like.:
(ahaha 69)

everything I say is hot bitch I speak toaster

70. Are you happy? :

71. Are you a generally optimistic person? :
around other people, yes

72. Have you ever had something horrible happen to you? :
I had to go to high school :(

73. Have you ever been abused?:

74. Have you ever been harassed and/or bullied? :
yeah but she was half my size lolololol

75. Do you love nature? :

76. Are you free-spirited? :
define free-spirited

77. Are you carefree? :
im carefree not careless lol

78. Would you say you are an overcomer? :
im good at ignoring my problems till they blow up in my face

79. Are you a good friend? :

I try but I still sux

80. Do you like animals? :

my beans ofc

81. Do you meditate? :
only when im hellllllaa stressed 

82. Do you pray? :

83. What month were you born in? :

84. What’s your favorite season? :
winter cause I can wear giant sweatshirts to school without sweating my ass off

85. What’s one place you’ve been to that you want to visit again? :
anywhere that’s not here

86. What’s one place you want to go that you’ve never visited before? :
ANYwhere that’s not here

87. What’s your favorite type of tree? :

88. Are you laid-back? :
as long as I haven’t had too much coffee

89. Are you hard on yourself? :
I guess

90. How’s your self-esteem? :
rock bottom hate my school lololololollllolol

91. What medical conditions do you/have you had? :
I don’t think ive had any

92. What are you allergic to? :

93. Do you like to try new things? :


94. What’s one word to describe your style? :
cozy (code for I slept in this and im too fuckin lazy to change)

95. What’s one word to describe your bedroom? :

96. What’s one thing you like about yourself? :
my fucked up feet

97. What’s one thing you dislike about yourself? :
MY fucked up feet. no pain to gain

98. Are you competitive? :
only when I care

99. Are you faithful? :

100. Can you cook? :
I can make some vegan things hahahaha

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