ive blown up cha mind

THE ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS (or my stupid condensed version if you’re like me)


1) Light hits chlorophyll, and an electron gets super excited and horny.

2) Electron goes through all these ho’s called electron carriers then stops at this ho that is named Ferrodoxin, who hooks up the electron with this couple—

Now let’s pause there to explain the couple’s origin…

3) When the electron got horny, this threesome called H2O decided to break up and Big Momma Oxygen got the fuck out of the Stroma.

4) However, the twin Hydrogen ions couldn’t leave and their home somehow got really populated with other Hydrogen ions, which made the original two super uncomfortable and wanted to get out (concentration gradient).

5) And by some miracle, a guy named ATP Synthase got ahold of one of the Hydrogen ions and hooked him up with this girl named NADP+ and his employee, ADP got some money out of it (AKA energy).

6) Remember the horny electron? Well, Ferrodoxin hooked him up with NADP+ and the hydrogen ion and they had sex and had a lovechild named NADPH.

Well, I hoped this helped, but if it didnt make sense, at least you know that ADP got some money and the Electron and the Hydrogen ion lived a happy ending with NADPH.

And if you didnt get THAT, at least you got a love story out of it.

Have a nice day.