ive been working on this for hours omg

nymbix  asked:

Whoa yeah, I'd raise those $$ omg.. Ur art work looks so detailed n must take a lot of time. That's a v low price for ur HQ art work..

they actually dont take very long? ive never spent more than, say, 3 hours on a piece but youre totally right ive been getting messages abt this all day

ill raise them in my next run, mostly im testing the waters rn? thank u tho !

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OMG MY FELLOW CITIZEN. Congrats on your graduation! I'm currently a freshie in SP and ive been seeing the Year 3s having a bomb time graduating HAHAH. Enjoy your trip to korea! love you very mucheu <3

AYE FELLOW CITIZEN Omg freshieeeee >< I miss those days. I am sad that I graduated, actually, despite going off about how i’m fucking done with exams. I just had a 2.5 hour interview today and I think being a student is so much more blissful. To all my working mutuals/ friends/ followers, I salute you (> 3 <) Please enjoy your life in SP like seriously treasure your life as a student !!!! ><

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