ive been wanting to do this for forever

It was good to see you again, dearheart.  Take up Caladbolg, and protect this world.

Ive has been waiting for canonical closure for a very long time now.  Did he want to stay in that memory forever? Yes.  But it’s something, and one last time is better than never at all.

and for the first time in months im starting to see the good again, im starting to feel the sunshine again. people smiles ignite a fire inside of me and the wind doesn’t put it out anymore. the flowers in the field smell like heaven and the rain drops feel so gentle on my skin. the once raging storm has now died down to a slight drizzle, ive been smiling at the sky again and finally, ive decided, i want to stick around for a while.
—  i don’t know what to do with all this warmth, i want it to hold it forever

i wanted 2 make a quick follow forever (also my first follow forever!) 2 celebrate the new year and thank everyone! this year may have been a shitty one, but ive made a lot of amazing friends! onward!

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thats all for now folks! thanks 4 stickin with me and have a MOST EXCELLENT 2017! 

hi loves! happy holidays and thank you so much for 4.1k

i am so thankful for all of my followers, you’re all so lovely and im blessed to have you all! since its christmas time and ive been meaning to do a follow forever since i hit 4k, ive decided to do one now because i want you all to know how much i appreciate you. enjoy your holidays and new year i wish you all the best! love each and everyone of you <3


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OKAY so i drew this last night and i meant to post it last night but the thing is i recorded a speedpaint of it and i wanted to post it with the speedpaint and the speedpaint was taking forever to upload and it only just now started processing as im typing this but now i have the link to it so now i can finally post this thing with the link to the video!!! here it is: https://youtu.be/dtL4bamwaJc

its been a really long time since ive drawn any gravity falls stuff i think i made like a million mistakes in this but yknow i managed to do something that was technically done in time so thats good enough (also i hated drawing dipper’s hat it was the worst how do people do that)

Signs as songs from Made in the A.M.
  • Aries: Drag Me Down
  • Taurus: I Want to Write You a Song
  • Gemini: Perfect/Never Enough
  • Cancer: Love You Goodbye
  • Leo: Hey Angel
  • Virgo: Long Way Down/Infinity
  • Libra: Olivia
  • Scorpio: Wolves/If I Could Fly
  • Sagittarius: Temporary Fix/Walking in the Wind
  • Capricorn: A.M./History
  • Aquarius: What a Feeling
  • Pisces: End of the Day

 im really late on doing this tag !!
o ops

but i was tagged by the lovely @robbierottits ♥

Rules: Tag nine people you want to know better.

Relationship status: forever alone,, but mentally dating robbie rotten 😘
Favorite color: purple & pastels
Pets: 3 dogs
Wake up: grab a brush and put on a little makeup
Cats or dogs: dogs
Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
Day or Night: night
Text or call: text bc calling makes me anxious? (unless it’s fam)
Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick tbhh
City or country: country
Last book I read: Following the Sun: A Practical Guide to Egyptian Religion
Last song I listened to: uhh,,  Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone

Five facts about me :)

1. I lost $50 yesterday ))):
2. i am irl hippie witch
3. i’m not the biggest fan of chocolate?
4. i’m addicted to the mobile simcity
5. i collect and sleep with stuffed animals tbh

i tag: @nohbddy , @granadahollmes , @cinderhoney , @thelindwormprince , @thecatwhiskersfromwithin , @cutiejea , @ask-sportarobbie , @thewitchnextdoor , @lazytownsafespace

turkishangorakat  asked:

You're getting into witchcraft? :0 Ive been wanting to for forever but without a grimore i cant really start out

Oh heckie friendo! You don’t really need a Grimoire to start witchcraft! :0

Right now I’m starting a Book of Shadows, which ( from my understanding ) is basically a journal. You can fill it with spells, definitions,meaning of crystals or what they do,etc.etc! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I mean mine right now is just a small binder with notebook paper and a few dividers! Though it can be as colourful or as bland as you want! 

It’s best to be organized though, so that you’re able to easily find what you’re looking for, say a certain spell,for example, would be extremely difficult to find if you didn’t have different sections for different types of spells!

However, it is best to have physical copies of witchcraft books so you have them at your disposal all the time! 

You should do some more research before you start doing rituals or spells, and definitely have a chat with a witch! Everyone’s experience is different but it’s always good to have someone who’s already had a hands-on experience with it! Plus, you can ask whatever questions you’ve got on your mind! ^-^

And just because you’ve got the Grimoire doesn’t exactly mean you can cast spells immediately! You also have to have the materials to actually complete it! If you don’t preform it correctly, it could end in disaster :(

Plus, there’s always the internet that can help you! I’ve been going through witchvox.com for a while and it seems pretty legit! Though if any of my followers know a better source, please let me know!!

Also, silly enough, I found some pretty decent Wikihow articles ( I know it’s uh… got a reputation in the memes but these articles helped me! ) The one I’m looking through right now is one on how to start making your Book of Shadows

There’s a lot of other stuff that has to do with witchcraft, but please start off with the basics! Don’t just jump right into spells or rituals and expecting them to work out properly! D:

Also you can totally message me because I can continue to infodump on you because boy.. when I research I fucking r e s e a r c h 

anonymous asked:

Hey, Mint, do you know of any good All Time Low blogs that you'd recommend? My dash has like no ATL stuff on it and I need more!!

!! I just made a follow forever two days ago (here!) because ive been getting this question a lot, so if you want you can go through it and look up blogs to follow, and or check out my blogroll :)