ive been waiting too long for this already

if theres one thing i dont understand about rping these days, its rps advertising themselves for months?? like i get the need to build hype and i know releasing bios takes time but im talking about rps releasing teasers but taking over a month to do that, then trying to get a certain amount of followers on the teaser blog / certain amount of notes on one of the teasers before they release the main, and not even having all of their bios written already on top of it so they have to take a couple of months or so to finish all of those. it seems v counterproductive to me bc the longer you take to do all of those things, the more people begin to lose interest in it bc youre literally taking months to release everything   


hello!! so this is sorta late since im already halfway through summer but! i am opening commissions!! ahh im not going to get into too much detail but i will say that:

- the large icons are 10x10 inches, the small are 5x5

- any purchase over $20 will get a free sketch!

- i will not draw: R18 nsfw, mecha and furries 

- PAYPAL ONLY + payment is upfront, however i wont accept it until ive completed the service (its only fair)!

you can tell me what youd like/ask me questions at handesena@windowslive.com and pay through selintamer27@hotmail.com !! 

the commish is veryyy much appreciated thank you all in advance!!