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yurio shouldntve won the GPF

 — and im not even saying that bc i wanted yuuri to win (tho i did), but bc it just…. doesnt make sense, for 3 key reasons: yurios narrative, yurios scores themselves, & yurios stamina. 2 of these have already been written in two gr8 meta posts, so ill start there:

yurios narrative (link to better, longer meta): that boy needed to lose to gain some humility. his whole problem was he hadnt been challenged by ppl in his age range (& yes, yuuri almost beat him - but he still won. at his senior debut.), and hed already settled out his narrative goals - have an incredible senior debut, grow out of viktors shadow a little, and set a world record

yurios scores (link to better, longer meta): his SP score was literally impossible, simple as that. he shouldntve scored that high, and those few extra impossible points wouldve bumped him down below yuuri

and finally, my real contribution here: yurios stamina just shouldnt be that good

its been established before that yuuri has incredible stamina - thus why has can do so many difficult jumps in the second half of his programs. its a character trait for him, just like how he gains weight easily or is hella anxious. yurio, meanwhile, in ep9, “skated beyond his limits” with his free skate, and scored a personal best
thats gr8! you go, yurio!! but….
how are we supposed to believe that yurio, who had skated beyond his limits last time he did this free skate, is now able to throw in an extra quad at the end of his program?
yurio shouldve been too tired to pull that. he didnt practice it, he doesnt have yuuris stamina, and he had already maxed out his potential on this program before it had another quad in it. that shits not easy to just throw in!!! it doesnt make sense that he was able to do it

TLDR: it makes little narrative sense for yurio to have won, he literally couldntve scored that high on his SP, & he shouldve been too tired to throw in that last quad



part one

part two

part three

OMG iv’e been waiting for FOREVER to post these videos! i would’ve done it sooner but i wanted to post all three together!

These are a series of videos by @ashleymardell explaining everything you could possibly want to know about people that are asexual and aromantic as well as anyone on that spectrum! she (and her guests) also talk about and explain a whole bunch of ace and aro terms!

There is so much in these videos to learn! i even learned a few things myself!

spearofthemother replied to your post: zooms the fuck in on cid’s face on the patch notes…

((Nero will be there. You know he will. Can’t show all the pretties at once can we>))

ive been waiting forever SE. please give me my boy 

nero was in the big patch trailer and my friends are annoyed because im just *batman voice* ‘WHERE IS HE’

big thanks to officialcoups for the banner


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I have a special request: these next few days are very important to me, i have been waiting, like many of u, for a very long time to see zaynie this happy, so I am asking you to please keep negative shit and posts about zayn off of my dash, please tag them as negative so I can blacklist, I refuse to let these next few crucial days—ones I will remember forever—be ruined by asshole zantis

I’m honestly begging, please, Ive spent this entire year defending him, I just want some peace.