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i wanted to make a little appreciation post for all the avpd folks on here, so here’s to all the avoidants who:

  • spend hours or days working up the nerve to make that phone call
  • still share things with your friends even though everything in your body is screaming at you to stop
  • don’t text back for days or weeks at a time because it’s safer to let them wait than to humiliate yourself
  • can’t do anything in public comfortably, not even read, look at your phone, etc
  • stress sweat all the damn time
  • spend 40 minutes reading and rereading a post to make sure you didn’t accidentally say something stupid
  • have to use anger, snark, etc, to fuel yourself when you want to say something
  • are unfairly labeled as weak and timid because of you disorder

this doesn’t really even begin to encompass it, but i see you and i believe in you.

connectere-deactivated20161026  asked:

Can I get the list of Jason x Shiro HCs no one but me seems to be asking for? //shot

”oh my god.. i have been waiting for this my whole life i already have HCs ready for this moment!!!!!!!!!! 

  • they’re both cheesy and sappy around each other (its mostly shiro’s fault tho)
  • shiro is the Mess of the relationship
    • can’t wake up before 10 AM on the weekends
    • doesn’t separate the laundry (i.e. dark and light) and it drives jason crazy
    • drinks out of the milk/juice carton
  • they like to wear each other’s clothes since they’re almost the same size, but jason is a bit smaller than shiro and when shiro wears jason’s sweaters/turtlenecks it stretches….and jason hates it
  • they’re the type who stays up late at night just talking to each other, or comforting each other
  • in this universe shiro works at the GCPD and jason loves to stop by at lunch just to chat with him
    • shiro’s team in the GCPD loves to bother him with things about jason
    • “What’s jason’s favourite sock?” “why do you even ask that???”
  • jason jokes that one day he’ll adopt pidge……
  • they love to babysit lian !!!
  • 98% of the time you can catch shiro with his arms/hands around jason’s waist for some reason
  • SPACE NERDS!!!! they love space so much they stargaze together, memorise names of constellations together, etc.
  • every morning is just a lot of cuddling because shiro knows jason is probably going to be gone for the rest of the day
    • and every night shiro would wait to make sure his bf returns!!
  • shiro calls jason “jaybaby” to annoy him
  • they’re both bilingual so they teach each other languages!! 
    • shiro teaches jason japanese 
    • and jason teaches shiro spanish
  • shiro is the taller one, by a few inches (he’s 6′3, jason’s 6′0)
  • ohmy god they kiss each other a lot. like in a day they can kiss each other 30 times
  • they’re always trying to help each other out, giving each other compliments and encouraging one another
  • shiro always patches jason up, no matter how tired he is at that time
  • Jason makes a lot of self-depreciating jokes and shiro is sad when he does that because??? Why cant his bf see that he’s beautiful and perfect in every way??? But then remembers he can’t even think that of himself (:

(a few under the cut bc this is lengthy)

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reunion falls- sock opera (part 2) (part 1) (part 3) (part 4)

sorry for the wait on this one, it has been a busy month for me and ive had to be working on this on and off for all of it! but it’s been a lot of fun and im excited to draw even more

next time: demonic possession

liSTen here

oKAY JJ’s i’ve been waiting mONTHS to post this, and now since Amelia’s “Office” fic is up i finally can.

So i was at work and it was a pretty chill job so I would spend a lot of my time on my laptop, drawing. One of the girls working there came over to me and was like “who are you drawing? is that an Asian boy?”….. like, of fucking course its an Asian boy!!

so I’m like “Yes, his name is Jungkook.”

and her jaw drops so fucking low and her eyes were huge and she goes “JOHN COOK? What kind of name is THAT !?!?!??”

and im sHITTING MYSELF bc holy shit no his name is not fucking John COOK!! 

but no one understand why i was laughing so hard thank u for listening i love u and hope u dream of sweet baby John Cook -Kaitlin

Siel: Part Nine


Authors Note: I’m apologizing in advance…

Sam woke up to his arms tied between two posts. His shirt was on the ground. He looked around. He was in a cave high up in the mountains.

“Hello princeling,” said a female voice.


Gavriel was stationed near Endovier to oversee the collapse of the salt mines. He had been here for the past few months.

His quarters had been breached. He unsheathed two hunting knives and opened the door.

Inside was Lyria and Ciel. They were standing, waiting, their arms crossed.

Lyria looked at him, her eyes bright and hard, “We need your help.”


Ciel looked between Lyria and Gavriel. There was a connection between them. Were they mates?

Gavriel sheathed his blades, and said, “Whatever you need, Princess. I’m yours.”

Ciel wondered if he there was a double meaning behind his words, but right now they needed to get to Sam.

“Sam has been taken captive by a legion of witches and taken to the Frozen Wastes.” Ciel said.

Alert shaded Gavriel’s tawny eyes. “Lets go get him.”

“Abraxos will be here within minutes. He will fly us to the edge of the wastes and we’ll go on foot from there.”

“It sound like a plan.”

Ciel nodded, “Let’s go.”


Sam looked at the witch and tried to burn himself free. It didn’t work.

“Your magic won’t work in this cave. There are wyrdmarks that are stifling your magic.” Taking a step up to him, “You and I are going to have a talk. And you are going to talk, or else it will get very painful for you.” A witch came out of the shadows, trailing a braided whip that had nine bards at the end, sweat started trailing down his spine.

He spat at the witch, “Fuck you, you rutting bitch. I won’t talk.”

The witch smiled, iron teeth shimmering, “Oh I was hoping you’d say that.”


In the clearing, Ciel let out a sharp whistle. Abraxos appeared, fully healed. Ready to fly the distance, hard and fast.

He looked over at lyria, “Will you be able to ride him?”

Her face was drained of color but her green eyes were vibrant, “I’ll do whatever I need to to get to my twin.”

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