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omg G to the D + 6 (pregnancy/parenting) please 🙏🏻 because he would be such a great dad 💕

➸ word count: 1k

➸ fluff, like so much floof i feel ;___;

➸ general audience

➸ a/n: honestly my friend, i too believe jiyong will one day make a great father and it makes me so emotionally unstable. i love that man. anyways, i really hope you like this, i had fun writing this and i think it’s the quickest ive ever gotten a fic done. started at like 11, it’s now half past midnight lol. anyways, carry on, thank you for the request! xoxox

“Come on little one, what’s got you so excited tonight?” ________ calls out softly in hopes of settling down the baby’s incessant kicking. Rubbing her baby bump, she peels away the covers from her body and makes her way towards the kitchen. 

Maybe a warm cup of tea will help. 

Jiyong sets down his luggage and sighs as he reaches his front door, the excitement bubbling inside of him is a little too hard to contain. He’s finally home after being away on tour, it’s been about three months and he’s missed his home. 

Most of all, he’s missed his baby girls, the two most precious and cherished beings in his entire world. 

He slots in his key, opening the front, and lugs in his belongings as silently as possible. 

Though he knows ________ is most likely sleeping by now, being that it is well past midnight, he can’t wait to curl up next to her in their shared bed and just soak in her peaceful beauty–maybe even pepper her face softly with light kisses. 

He’s also very much excited to see her growing belly in person. Although he’s kept up with the pregnancy via FaceTime, Instagram and photos from friends and family members–he’s yet to actually see how big his wife has gotten. 

In the midst of his excitement, he had yet to notice that the usual darkened house that greeted him when away for a long time was actually not so dark after all. There was a lamp dimly lighting up the living room, and there was also light coming from the kitchen. 

With knitted brows, Jiyong shrugged off his jacket and kicked off his shoes, quickly making his way towards the kitchen. Soon enough, he could hear a small ruckus of pans clinking against each other while one of his newest songs played softly in the back. 

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Kanej first kiss headcanon

One anon requested “Kaz and Inej kiss” and one anon requested “Kanej first kiss/sharing a bed” so i thought I’d combine them in one post since they are pretty much the same thing! I hope thats okay!

And there will probably be crooked kingdom spoilers in here, just a warning for anyone who hasn’t finished it yet!

- it takes a long time for them to kiss
- but thats expected
- when inej leaves on her first voyage to sea, kaz comes to say goodbye
- of course
- but they dont kiss
- they hold hands though
- ever since kaz took his gloves off and held hands with inej the first time, they hold hands a lot
- at this point, when theyre not ready to take it any further, thats enough

- when inej comes back to ketterdam after her first voyage, kaz watches her come off the boat
- he watches her as she throws her arms around jesper and wylan, as jesper kisses her cheek
- he feels a pang of jealously that she can touch them so freely
- but he knows that its pointless, that they’ll get there
- eventually
- she walks over to him after the others have finished greeting her
- “Kaz”
- “Wraith”
- “No, not anymore, just Inej”
- “Okay. Inej.”
- she smiles at him
- he tries not to smile back
- gently Inej takes his hand
- “ive missed you” she says
- “good”
- he wants to kiss her
- but he doesnt
- not yet

- the next time Inej comes back to ketterdam, jesper and wylan are away in novyi zem, visiting jespers dad
- so inej cant stay at their house like she normally does
- kaz says she can stay in the slat
- of course
- inej doesn’t want to
- not because she doesn’t want to be with kaz
- because she does
- but that place holds bad memories
- shes inej ghafa now, shes free
- but back in the barrel, shes still the wraith
- so kaz books her a hotel in the city, the best room he can get without it seeming suspicious
- and because she arrives late at night into the city, he insists on walking her there
- “kaz, i can defend myself, you dont need to act as my bodyguard”
- “i know” is all he says
- he carries on walking with her anyway though
- when they get to her hotel room, its late and its started raining, making kaz’s leg a lot worse
- but he doesn’t complain about it or anything
- inej notices though anyway
- of course 
- she asks for him to stay
- “it will only make your leg worse if you walk back” she says
- “where will I sleep?” he says simply
- “with me” she says, also simply
- she acts like it isn’t a big deal
- but they both know that its a huge deal
- Inej goes into the bathroom to change
- Kaz takes his shoes and coat of and hesitantly lies on top of the covers
- “you can lie under the covers you know” says Inej when she comes back in
- Kaz knows this
- but he stays on top of the covers anyway
- he knows that if he lies under the covers with Inej, the scent, the feel of her body next to his might be too much, and he wont be able to control himself
- and he knows that theyre not ready for anything more than holding hands yet
- “Goodnight Kaz”
- “Goodnight Inej” he whispers once he hears her breathing slow down next to him
- the rest of the nights during her stay, she sleeps alone, it would be impractical for Kaz to stay so far away from the Slat after all
- she’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss him being there though
- later that week, when she goes to the harbour to leave, kaz comes with her
- and just before she gets onto her boat, she turns round and hugs him
- for a moment kaz freezes
- then he slowly wraps his arms around her too
- after she pulls away and her boat is pulling out of the harbour, kaz realizes he is smiling

- its 8 months before they see each other again
- and when Inej does come back, she brings kaz with her
- jesper and wylan too
- ninas already on the ship, shes been sailing with inej for a couple of months now
- together they sail around, as a crew again
- and they are all happy
- one night kaz is stood by the railing, looking out across the waves
- everyone went to bed hours ago, but he cant sleep
- hes got too much on his mind
- and by too much, he mostly means inej
- suddenly he notices a presence beside him, he hadn’t noticed her walk over
- of course
- “hello wraith"
- “i told you not to call me that”
- “i know”
- theyre silent for a while, just looking out at the water
- inej turns to look at him
- “kaz?”
- “yes?” he says, still looking out to sea
- gently she places two fingers on his cheek and turns his face towards her
- “i miss you, when im out at sea” she says
- kaz is silent for a few minutes, not knowing how to reply
- “i miss you too” he says finally
- Inej looks at him intently
- then she leans forward and chastely presses her lips to his
- part of his brain panics at the contact
- but he ignores that
- and leans towards her and kisses her back, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close
- they stay together for the rest of the night, side by side, holding hands and occasionally kissing
- and kaz finally has everything he wants

- (bonus: jesper finds them kissing later and shouts “finally” so loudly that the entire ship wakes up. kaz doesn’t talk to him for a week.)

So this ended up being way longer than I planned and about way more than just them kissing (i also think it all seemed kinda cheesy and cliche… idk…) but never mind! I hope you liked it!

And as always, feel free to add to this if you want to!


Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune | Part IV: dreamy | Part V: possibilities

December 28th

The pub was crowded and warm inside, they had been walking around the past hour just so Remus can show Sirius around a little but the night time was extremely cold and it was about time they went in. As they settled on a table for two they found in the far end of the pub, Remus called a waitress to order their first round. When the girl looked up at the both of them, she lost her words for a moment, Sirius Black had that effect on people.

“Uh, what can I get you?” said the girl almost as if she was choking. She was as pretty as they come but Sirius was just something else. 

“We’ll have two pints of Fosters please,” replied Remus causing the girl to finally look away from Sirius who was busy checking his phone. He put his phone on the table as he smiled to Remus.

“I was just talking to Reggie, sorry,” he apologised as he took off his black coat that looked like it cost more than Remus’ whole wardrobe. “Tonight, we get to know each other if you are going to force your friendship on me as you promised.”

“Exactly what I had in mind,” confirmed Remus. “So why is your brother in Italy during holidays, I’m sure they have holidays, too.”

“You can see the appeal of entering the New Year in Milan,” smiled Sirius but his smile didn’t reach his grey eyes. “After last year, he distance himself from our family, too. They had problems with Reggie studying art, he saw the opportunity and got away as fast as he could.”

“Well, good for him,” he said just when the enamored waitress dropped their beers. “I told you yesterday, too, but I really do hope we aren’t boring you.”

“Remus, your family is the loveliest people I have had the fortune to meet,” he began as he ran his hand through his damp hair. “Please stop pestering yourself, I am an adult and I can leave when I want to but I don’t want to.”

“I’m glad you think like that,” confessed Remus. “I don’t what I was thinking when I literally forced you to come with me.”

“Living in the moment?” laughed Sirius, his laughter filled the emptiness in Remus’ lungs and he felt like he needed it to survive. “Well, this is way better than sitting at home drinking by yourself, I’ll give you that.”

“So I have a question but–”

“Ask it. Come on Remus. All cards on the table tonight.”

“Oh, okay,” mumbled Remus and he took a deep breath. “How do you afford the house you are living in? I can’t afford a 1+1 in London without selling my soul.”

“Actually I make decent money at where I work,” began Sirius. “But my uncle passed away a few months ago and he left me a considerable amount in his will. I remember the look on my father’s face, it was a sight to see.” 

“I’m sorry for your loss,” said Remus as he drank the rest of his beer. “You know what this calls for? Shots.”

“Are you trying to get me drunk Remus?” he flirted with a smile and Remus felt the air leave his body for good.

This should be illegal.

“Maybe,” shot back Remus bravely and saw the infamous brow of his shot up. 

“Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens,” he whispered to himself as Remus ordered a few shots of vodka, just to have back ups. 

When they downed the first one, Remus remembered how long it had been since he had gotten properly drunk. The vodka left a trail of fire in his throat and he tried to shake it off coolly as he could but when he stared at Sirius’ shrivelled face he lost every ounce of self composure he had and started laughing uncontrollably.

“I don’t do vodka,” laughed Sirius as he tried to look normal again. “No, correction: I don’t do shots.

“But you were… so… cute,” said Remus as he tried to catch his breath. “I’m sorry but that was the most helpless face I have ever seen.”

“Are you enjoying my misery?” he teased as he licked his lips for the remainder of vodka. “Now my turn, why university and teaching?”

“Because I’m a learner and I’m really good at teaching actually,” he explained. “Also I want to get a doctorate degree. I like to think that the researches I’m a part of will help people with diseases eventually.”

“What is your area?”

“Genetics,” he replied, his head held high. Remus always had enjoyed delving into the depths of life. “It’s where our future lies actually but I’m going to bore you with why genetics is important for our survival some other day.”

“I love how passionate you are about this,” said Sirius with a smile as he pulled the second shot in front of him. “I wasn’t very passionate about being an attorney until recently.”

“Why not?”

“Because it was what my family wanted for me,” he admitted as he raised his glass. “If it was up to me, I would have strayed as far away from law as I can. At least Reggie got away.”

The familiar burn made itself less recognisable this time and Sirius’ face was a little better, there were still two more shots on the table.

“What do you say we pick up the pace a little?” added Sirius as he pushed the shot glass towards Remus with such charisma that Remus forgot how to speak so he just smiled and nodded.

Another down and it felt good, Remus felt a bit more relaxed as he called the sweet waitress girl for four more shots, if they were going down, they were going down properly. When the girl came back, she had six shots on her tray.

“One from me and one from our bartender,” she said as she put the shots down. They both looked at the bar and saw an tattoed goddess waving their way, what was it with this pub and all the pretty girls that worked there?

“Thank you,” said Sirius with a grin as she helped the girl unload the glasses.

“Okay now that we are both a little bit tipsy,” began Sirius, his eyes locked on Remus’. “How’s love treating you Remus?” 

Er, well, not good I guess,” he babbled. “It’s hard to focus on dating when I have so much work to do.”

“Love does not require effort,” countered Sirius as he once again pushed a shot glass in front of Remus.

“It looks like you are trying to get me drunk,” complained Remus as he tipped the glass and swallowed the vodka for the fourth time. Sirius put his glass down and looked at him mischievously. 

“You’ll never know, Lupin.”

“So what’s your family like?” asked Remus, it was a very intrusive question but he started not to care anymore.

“Annoying as fuck,” stated Sirius. 

Yes please, more cursing.

“Loads of annoying traditions, stupid rules to follow and not being anything you want to be. If you don’t fit in their description of what’s right, you are absolutely wrong.”

“Family dinners must be peachy,” joked Remus to lift his spirits, no one should live in a house like that. “Another?”

“Sure, why the hell not.”

Fifth one was down and now Sirius shined a bit too bright, but it was a wonderful sight to witness.

“Is it just me or is this place getting hotter by the minute?” he asked and put his hair in a bun in matter of seconds, exposing his cheekbones to stand out with all their magnificence. The way his face was built could be studied as art and no one would object it.

Dear Black Family, I don’t like you but I like your genes. Thank you.

“So, what about your love life Sirius?” asked Remus. 

Vodka should be called liquid courage.

“I haven’t found anyone to get hang up on,” replied Sirius nonchalantly. “I mean, I have dated a few people the last year but none of them affected me the way I wanted them too and you can deal with casual sex for so long.”

Remus almost choked on his own spit, he tried to brush it off with a small cough but it wasn’t working.

“Oh, sorry. I’m a bit too comfortable with those subjects,” apologised Sirius as he laughed. 

“Are you one of those people who believe in soulmates?”

“No, not necessarily,” he said with a soft smile and spark to his eyes, he was kind of slurring his words but it was very lovely. “I just believe that someday someone will come into my life and it will be so easy and natural, that I won’t even notice.”

“That sounds–” began Remus but a small hiccup interrupted him. “That sounds beautiful.”

“The last shot?”

“Yes, please,” answered Remus and he raised his glass one more time. “Here’s to us finding what we are looking for in the New Year.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

“You know it’s so funny,” he began. “I never thought I would spend my Christmas with a total stranger let alone bring him home and then go to a bar and get drunk with him.”

“I told you before there was a reason we met,” said Sirius, now he was slurring his words for sure. “A reason with million possibilities.” 

Maybe they hadn’t drink too much but they had drunk too fast and somehow it felt right. The small head spin and the halo around Sirius was all worth spending a night with him, alone. The way he talked about love, like he was a hopeless romantic which he wasn’t, the way his eyes shined from the alcohol in his blood and the way he smiled at him right this second. Remus wished his dream was reality so much but that, that was also a possibility that came with the reason.

“Yeah, possibilities,” said Remus absent-mindedly. “Should we ask for the check and walk home?”

Sirius nodded and Remus raised his hand to get the attention of the waitress. When the check came both of them reached for their wallets but Sirius was convinced he wasn’t going to let Remus pay.

“Stop it,” he half shouted as he stretched his hand to hold Remus’ from reaching into his pocket and Remus felt his skin burn, it was the best feeling ever, even better than being drunk. “You are letting me stay at your place at least let Uncle Alphard buy us our drinks.”

“I can’t believe you used dead relative card,” said Remus angrily, he didn’t like when people bought him things.

“Stop being a killjoy and say thank you, I thought Hope raised you better.”

“Thank you,” snickered Remus, not being able to continue being angry. As they went into the winter air he felt happy that there was alcohol in his blood, because it wasn’t as cold as he thought it would be.

“Excuse me while I hold onto you like a lost puppy because I will most definitely fall on ice,” said Sirius just before he put his arm in Remus’.

“And you think drunk me is a good place to hold on?” he teased. “I’m very much suspicious of your decision making.”

“Shut up and walk,” ordered Sirius. Remus abruptly stopped and turned his gaze around to give him a look that probably was very effective that Sirius almost instantly shrunk in size. “Sorry, but you should do that look more often.”


“It’s hot as fuck. Excuse my language.”

Did he just?

“Are you serious?” asked Remus, just to be sure. Sirius raised his eyebrow as he does and smiled like a child and then it dawned on Remus.

“Why yes, I am Sirius.” he laughed.

“I just realised I won’t ever be able to use that word ever again.”

They walked silently as snow fell like cotton, it was peaceful and they were drunk. They entered the house as silently as they can and made their way to Remus’ room.

“Do you feel like sleeping at all?” demanded Sirius as he took his shirt off to reveal what dreams are made of.

Not anymore.

“Dunno,” replied Remus, he had taken his sweater off, too, he couldn’t be bothered with being embarrassed at the moment and he turned around to face Sirius, he was looking at him like he just saw a ghost.

“What’s– what’s that?”

Remus always forgot his scar, he had gotten so used to it that it didn’t even occur to him he would never want Sirius to see it.

“Oh, I had a massive heart surgery when I was younger,” he revealed as he stared at his own chest, Sirius had gotten closer to get a closer look. The more he got closer, the harder it was to breathe. Sirius raised his hand as if he wanted to touch it, Remus understood his curiosity since Sirius didn’t seem to have even a scratch on his skin.

“Can I?”

“Yeah sure, go ahead.”

Remus closed his eyes at the touch without intending to, his hands were cold but very careful as if he was afraid he would open the wound again. He didn’t know what made him trust Sirius enough to let his hands roam on his scar but it was a different feeling and he was praying that Sirius wasn’t feeling his heartbeats through his skin, each beat was another possibility.

“I’m glad you are alright now,” he whispered as he pulled his hand away. “We should probably sleep.”

“Yeah, we shouid,” repeated Remus as he went to turn the light off, it was going to take days for Remus to live that down.

“Night, Remus,” mumbled Sirius sleepily.

“Night, Sirius.”

As soon as Remus closed his eyes, all the possibilities flooded his mind like a tsunami and he just focused on one.