ive been stalking for 2 years now

moonlitsunset3  asked:

do u ever plan on updating your default meiko? bc im using her right now and i was just hit with the sudden realization that the model is like what 2 years old now?? It kinda stunned me for a moment bc that means i've been (stalking) using ur models for like 4 years wow lmao (I'm sorry abt this its 3am rn and ive been working on a stupid animation meme for 4 hours now someone stop me)

ya of course i do hehe i already updated her (but i havent released her on the account that i haven’t done her v3 form (as with kaito bc he’s a shithead and i have a hatred for coats now #1 worst ENEMY)

but yeah that old meiko model is OLD ASF i’ve been considering taking it down for a while now bc they’re sooooo crap lawlelelle (but at the same time i only want to take down stuff if i know there’s gna be an update to the model asap which is probably not possible given my current situation zzz)

and also WOW U HAVE STALKED ME FOR A LONG TIME damn my account is literally 6 years old u’ve been w me for a while we’re like old bffs now wait when did i become jjinomu like 4 years ago or prior or after????? bc if u’ve been with me…… like…….. during pre-jjinomu era even for a shortwhile i’m so sorry i apologise for everything

also pls go to sleep wtf y u AWAKE