ive been sobbing for an hour

{To Eremika} 
I try making the face that you used to like
But my face keeps getting ugly
With tears flowing down
So I can’t even look at you.

Shout out to Train To Busan for being the single most amazing and heartbreaking zombie film ever made. This film had me sobbing for the last fifteen minutes. That’s a long time to be ugly crying, face half buried in a pillow, yelling no at a phone. Anyway, I tip my hat to the zombie film that has finally defeated me.

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It Fucking Hurts

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  • Teamiplier x Reader
  • Summary: The reader is at the ER and trying to keep it on the down low as to not draw attention to themselves or worry their friends, but thanks to the fandom, they find out anyway and come to rescue.
  • Non gender specific pronouns.
  • Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of hospitals and medical conditions and equipment. Proceed with caution.

The pain had taken over, your body was shaking and your face was pale. Nothing else mattered in that moment, you wanted to be okay again.

Your name was called and you had your vitals checked and you described your stomach pain, and then you were given a bed as you waited for a doctor. 
You were in desperate need of something to distract you from the pain as you knew you could do nothing but wait. You opened up twitter and froze in fear at what you saw.

A fan account had posted a photo that hadn’t yet loaded on the slow hospital wifi, captioned “is that Y/N? What’s wrong? :<” and as the photo appeared, it was you, sitting in the waiting room. You calmed yourself as you were sure there’s no way the team would see, but the calm soon faded as you saw the numbers rocketing up, people RT it and tagging your friends. Before you had time to think, a call came in from Kathryn.

Despite how guilty you always felt when your friends helped out, you couldn’t act tough anymore. As your body shook and your stomach burned with the taste of stomach acid lingering in your mouth, you answered.
“Y/N what the fuck? Are you in the hospital? Why didn’t you tell any of us?” She sounded slightly angry, but you knew she just cared, a lot. You broke down at hearing her.
“I hate to be in the spotlight but fuck Kat, I’m in so much pain. I don’t know what’s wrong but I’m not okay. I’m shaking and vomiting and I don’t know what’s happening.” You started to sob, keeping your voice low as to not to disturb other patients.
“Where are you? I’m coming.”
“I’m sitting on a bed in the ER, not sure where just ask at the desk”
“Okay. I know the gang are gonna see it too, they’re probably trying to call you now, so I’ll tell them I’m on my way." 
You whimpered a "thank you” between sobs as you hung up the phone and hugged your knees, crying in pain as it flooded your body and mind.

After what felt like a lifetime you saw a doctor, who asked too many questions and poked and prodded before coming to the conclusion he was sure you had appendicitis and would need surgery to remove it, which you should go down for within the next few hours. He put you on IV fluids to combat dehydration. As if the overwhelming pain wasn’t enough, you were now also awaiting surgery and terrified. You had been rolling from side to side trying to find something comfortable, something to even slightly to take the edge off of the searing pain in your appendix. You turned onto your side with your head on your hand, resting the other on the bed as fluids flowed into your IV. Your body jerking constantly causing the bed to shake slightly, you closed your eyes as the tears poured down your cheeks and you clenched all your muscles as you tried to remember to keep breathing.

You heard footsteps go from a fast pace to stopping dead in their tracks followed by a soft whimper. You slightly and slowly opened your eyes. Ethan took the seat by your bed and perched on the edge, moving his hand to gently intertwine his fingers with your hand, trying to not touch the IV. His hands gently shook and you met his gaze to see sad eyes filled with tears.

“I think he went this-” you heard Tyler’s familiar voice, cutting his sentence short when he saw your quivering body lying limp on the bead. Mark, Amy and Kathryn soon poured in to see you too. They took seats in your little cubicle, speechless with shock.

“Hey stop shaking, im okay” you say to Ethan, stroking his hand with your thumb.

“Could say the same for you, Y/N. You’ll cause an earthquake.” You heard from Mark with a giggle. You managed to slightly smirk at his comment.

“She can’t help it Mark she’s clearly not okay.” Ethan retaliated turning to Mark, who hadn’t yet realised the emotional state that the blue boy was in. Mark met his eyes and got up and hugged him, trying not to tear up himself. The team all pulled their chairs closer to your bed so they could sit close and comfort each other as well as you. You could tell nobody knew what to say and were probably scared to ask you decided to speak up.

“Appendicitis. Going in for surgery soon.” You managed to get out in between sobs from pain. Marks eyes lit up almost in anger.
“Y/N! That shit is fucking insanely painful! How did you not tell us earlier?” He asks, having been through it himself.
“I said you seemed off at the office, I should have bought you here regardless of how fine you said you were…” Ethan said with tears in his eyes. You felt terrible. 
“Ethan I didn’t want to worry anyone, and if it wasn’t for that fan tweet I wouldn’t have.”
“So you’d have just told us you weren’t gonna be in as you had surgery overnight and kept it secret?” Tyler chimed in.

You had too much going on to argue and gave in. 
“I’m sorry. I hate making you guys worry about me. I hate feeling guilty for you caring for me. But you’re here now, and to actually be honest for once, I appreciate you caring about me. I’m really scared. It fucking hurts.” You whimpered out, and within seconds you’d made Mark and Tyler Cry, and for the next ten minutes the entire team comforted you, gently rubbing your shoulders and whispering how well you were doing in your ears.

“The OR is ready, were gonna take you down. Your friends can stay here and wait if they want, but only one friend can come with you until your put out.” A surgeon said and waited as everyone looked at each other, apart from Ethan, who almost seemed as if he didn’t hear, and remained twiddling your fingers between his.

“Alright blueberry, hop on the bed.” Mark said gently touching his back, making sure he was listening. You saw the confusion in his face as there was no discussion as to who would go, but he happily agreed, you scooted over and he laid next to you, making sure the wires of your IV didn’t tangle. He wrapped his arm around you as you rested your head on his chest. He ran his free hand through your hair, and Amy snapped a photo of the bittersweet moment as the surgeon wheeled your bed away from the team. You gripped onto Ethan’s shirt, feeling unsafe of the moving bed. He gently squeezed your arm and pulled you in tighter. Suddenly you felt just a little bit safer.

A/N: This is already pretty long so I stopped, possibly a part two in future? What  do you guys think?

- lost keys - BTS Jimin

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a/n: idek, this was sitting on my drive. t’was for a friend headcannon and decided to re-write it

word count: 1.2k
genre:mainly fluffer, not requested.
summary: in which you are roomates with Jimin, Yoongi and Tae, and you forgot your keys :o
pairing: JiminxReader(she) - Ft. Yoongi & Tae


Y/N: Please tell me you’re home

: I am…What’s up?

: I forgot my keys!

: I’ll be down in a sec.

: My hero!!

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okay im honest to god sobbing, your kiribaku drawing in the aquarium is so great?? Ive been incredibly stressed all day but seeing your drawing made me calm down and smile, there is just something so soft and great about it! thank you so much for drawing it, ill go stare at it for 10 more hours now!

Ahhh I’m so happy I was able to brighten up your day!! Thank you!

My Sunshine| Mark Sloan

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Obviously song lyrics come from You Are My Sunshine - by Johnny Cash. 

I was rewatching the Season 6 and 8 finale over the past couple of days.. and it just occurred to me again how absolutely phenomenal Marks character development was for the time he was on the show!

Prompt: You and Mark are head over heels in love with each other. but he believes you deserve someone better and you, on the other hand, have never wanted anything more then to call him yours. But time.. you never seem to have enough of it. 

Key: bolded italics are lyrics

Italics are flashbacks

Set during 8x24-9x01

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