ive been putting this off for weeks

((hey all sorry to say mod aint doing too hot mentally and im gunna be taking a week off from guyslikeus. ill be back i have so many ideas im just kinda a hot mess right now and need to stop putting so much pressure on myself aaaahaha. ill be drawing for some other random askblogs so keep ur eyes peeled but other than that ill see u next friday! love you all!))

((EDIT: mod is back now but i like this doodle so im keeping it up lol look at them shruggy boys))



GerAme Week has been over for a while, but I can’t let go of the fact that I never finished that last day.  I got started, but this is as far as I got cause life threw me a screwball, and I’ve lost all motivation to continue it.  It was going to be a comic with a several more panels (because I am an ambitious SOB) based on a headcanon of mine that Alfred makes the ABSOLUTE BEST APPLE PIE IN THE WORLD.  

Anyways, if I didn’t find myself in such a stress ball, this would’ve looked better and more colorful.  All those words were thrown in there with little thought put into them.  I’m posting what I finished, and I’m glad that it’s enough that my original idea gets across.

anonymous asked:

So, ive been working 2 jobs, and i absolutely hate my second job. Its selling phones in Hellmart, and its the worst thing ever... plus my manager is straight up a fucking bitch. She will make you feel like shit about everything and anything. Put in my two weeks about 2 weeks ago bc StopGaming offered me full time. Welp i called off today and im probably calling off tomorrow because if i dont i wont get a day off until friday, and my last day off was last Tuesday. Fuck that.

and so begins the longest day of my life

24 hours of travel

good bye my friends! if i have wifi on my flight you bet your booties ill queue up all the asks that ive intentionally been putting off for the last week.

(( its been a tough couple of weeks, i think we could all use a little break))

I really need to get to work

I’ve been putting off writing stuff for a really long time. I’m going on vacation two weeks from now, which hopefully means I’ll finally be able to actually get some damn work done.

Hopefully on my list of “shit that needs getting done pronto!” is:
*the actual Abbadonian heresy itself
*the codex Astartes and how all 18 Primarchs would have reacted to it.
*the war of the beast
*the Age of Apostasy
*the Marcharian Crusade
*the Badab War
*the Conflicts with the Tau
*the Tyrannic Wars
*(I’m taking pretty much any suggestions here, if you’d like offer any)

*The Craftworld Eldar
*the dark Eldar
*the Exodite Eldar
*the Eldar corsairs
*the Men of Iron
*the Tau Empire (and Tau Auxiliaries)
*the Tyranids
*the Genestealer Cults
*the Loyalist versions of the canon Traitor Legions
*The Adeptus Mechanicus
*The Adeptus Arbites
*the Imperialis Militia
*The Dark Mechanicus
*The Renegades and Heretics

*Some various pieces about imperial life/industry
*maayyyyyybe some short, fluffy stories if I’m feeling confident enough.
*some more fleshing out of factions I’ve put out already (Squats, Slaan, Dracons, etc.)

I think that’s everything for now… Feel free to suggest anything else I should potentially work on and expand upon!

daily life

heya so ive mentioned on here that I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome along with Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, and I thought I would make a post to help you understand what this means/put things in perspective, since my experience with these illnesses hasn’t been nearly as bad as others. So here are the changes ive made in my daily life living with POTS/EDS


  • before standing (even to turn off my alarm) I have to rub my arms and legs to get my circulation going, and down a water bottle, so when i stand im not lightheaded and fall over (which happens if i dont do these things)
  • i have to take 50000 units of Vitamin D3 once a week, I take a multivitamin, small dose of vitamin B-12, a capsule of fish oil, and a 00 capsule with salt (that I put together, it helps me to retain water and raise my blood pressure since it is so low)

School life:

  • I drink four water bottles during the school day
  • i have a really hard time paying attention in a lot of my classes because im trying not to fall asleep, and because my mind is affected a lot of times with “brain fog”, that makes it harder for me to remember things or think clearly
  •  by lunch i have a decline through the rest of the day
  • take another salt capsule


  • by the time i get home from school, im tired beyond belief, achey in my legs and usually my arms, most days have a headache, and still have homework, chores, and other normal people responsibilities
  • i take a 30 minute walk (most) everyday, when i can handle it. i try to walk a mile, in order to strengthen my legs to help build more muscle and keep blood from pooling in my legs
  • i usually have to sit for the rest of the night with minimal movement, i get more lightheaded as the day goes on, and most nights i put the heating pad on my lower back, and my calves
  • drink a ton of water (by the end of the day i drink between 6-8 water bottles, I’m supposed to drink 12 ounces every two hours that im awake)
  • i shower every other day, hot showers use a lot of energy, and cold showers arent much better, my body is very sensitive to temperature
  • take another salt capsule!!
  • in bed between 9:30-10, if i get less than 10 hours of sleep my symptoms worsen

this is my life everyday, and many people have it much worse. i hope this helps you to understand my condition, as well as acknowledging the craziness that people whose POTS or EDS affects them worse than me, and those who have other chronic illnesses as well. it is not an easy life, and the lack of awareness doesn’t help, and I hope to play a role in changing that, and i plan to be completely honest and open about my sickness.


I wiped the faceup off of my 5 star doll mu ran head the other day, but i decided to take a few last pictures of it before i did so! this faceup is by the lovely @indigoparaflax !

Little did i know im having rainy humid weather for the next week and a half, so any MSC spraying is put on hold. Ive been starting some of the mods i wanted to do on this head in the meantime, photos of that in my next post!