ive been playing too much of

stammi vicino has been playing in my head for 72 hours

which super mario bros character are u

aries - toad
taurus - luigi
gemini - yoshi
cancer - rosalina
leo - princess peach
virgo - bowser 
libra - daisy
scorpio - dry bones
sagittarius - birdo 
capricorn - boo
aquarius - waluigi
pisces - mario

im finally playing this game and pit has such son status


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Request: Anonymous said: hmu with a boyfriend jaemin -vi

A/N: @jaeminnana hi vivi i hope u enjoy <3 also @sm bring jaemin back will u

  • na jaemin
  • pls his smile is worth more than all of the gold on this earth ahpzih
  • idek how much gold is worth but
  • listen he’d honestly be such a good bf like ik i say this about everyone in nct but ajekhgjhg
  • tbh he’d make u watch horror w him 
  • nana would use it as an excuse to be able to hold u closer aljrjgh
  • like ur both sitting on the sofa and he made u sit between his legs so he could hug u from behind and he’d cover ur eyes when rlly scary parts came on
  • would also pat ur head and tell u to not be scared
  • if ur not scared of horror tho
  • lbr he’d still scream for the fun like even if he isn’t scared he’d still jump ok and he’d still scream and like u just hav to liv w it it’s jaemin what do u expect pls 
  • ok but like
  • jaemin wants a dog
  • ajhjgh he’d see a dog on the street and he’d be like “i want”
  • pls get this poor boi a dog
  • omg he’d rlly want to go to the dog café for ur date
  • jaemin’s gonna be hugging every dog he sees aeghjehgjhe
  • he’d hold ur hand tho the whole time while u two r there
  • if ur scared of dogs he’s gonna hold ur hand the whole time and be like “its ok they wont hurt u!!!” and he’d hold ur hand while ur slowly petting the dogs
  • the type of bf to always buy u food???
  • like srsly he’d get u from class and he’d have a plastic bag w him again and ur like “??nana??”
  • and he’s like “,,it’s food”
  • would constantly feed u and be like “oooo my cute baby :”)))”
  • and ur like -_-
  • he always pinches ur cheeks whenever u pout or act mad at him 
  • which sometimes makes u a bit more mad but then u see his smile and ur like !!heart attack!!
  • shit man he’d always take ur phone when u go to the toilet and take a lot of selfies 
  • 1032482092048 selfies tbh
  • ur lockscreen and homescreen is never the same agjrhgj it changes like every 3 days
  • jaemin would make u play badminton w him
  • “y/n pls i promise i’ll let u win”
  • ok listen if u rlly can’t play badminton he’d sometimes let u win but most of the time he’d just easily win and be like “UR BF IS GR8 AMIRITE”
  • if ur good at badminton tho he’s gonna be so competitive ajeghjhgjeh
  • when u win, he’d attack u kisses all over ur face and he’d hug u too
  • while he’s sweaty y i k e s
  • jaemin is a dancer
  • hell ye he’s gonna show off those moves to u and he’d probs wink at u when u cheer for him
  • bye he’d turn into a shy bby tho when u start complimenting him and he’s like “stoooop ur too much”
  • but he’ll just end up hugging u and be like “did u kno ily”
  • nana would play piano for u sometimes
  • but like rlly rlly sometimes
  • and when he plays piano for u ur like “oh wow ive been blessed”
  • srsly u got a rlly talented bf rite there
  • dude im writing this and im getting like so emo i miss him sm wtf
  • afhrhgrhr im looking up some facts of jaemin
  • and it says that his fave midnight snack is chicken
  • bye can u imagine tho
  • he’s probably text u at like midnight and be like “hey bb”
  • and ur like “jaemin it’s midnight tf”
  • “wanna get some chicken an ramyun w me”-jaemin
  • and ofc u just say yes bc most of the time he’s pretty busy so now that u have the time to go out w him ofc u go out
  • ajgegjhejgh he’d be wearing his huge ass jacket and his mask 
  • would be holding onto u and probably whine about the weather
  • but he’d end up getting ice cream too tho and ur like “ok then sweetie”
  • aekjhfjeh jaemin is a weird bf
  • but he’s cute so
  • love nana
answering asks!

heheeyeyeheyehHE hey

oh also since this was asked a couple times.. chapter 4 will be starting after i finish the mini comic! i’m currently done with 1.5/10 pages of that.. so i’m unsure when EXACTLY but yea

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Vampires with social anxiety who are malnourished cos they hate asking people for blood

Vampires who are claustrophobic or scared of the dark and have panic attacks when they have to hide during the day

Vampires who used to be health freaks and now they’re supposed to bite people and drink their blood !? that can not be sanitary

Vampires trying to convince a hospital to let them taste test their patients’ blood cos they’ll be able to detect diseases faster that way

Vampires with PTSD who are triggered by the sight of blood

Vampires who are turned really late in life and their family is really confused but pleasantly surprised to see them running and playing around with their grandkids with youthful energy and strength

listen i know ive cried about this before but the latest episode just reinforced my need for malec dancing 

it could be a slow, intimate. the lights are low and the music soft in the background. they’d been cuddling on the couch - magnus reading and alec lying with his head on magnus’ lap - when alec hears a song he knows magnus likes start to play. sure enough he starts humming and alec grins before getting to his feet and holding out his hand. magnus tossing his book to one side with a flourish that makes alec laugh as magnus gets up and put’s an arm around alec’s waist. alec lightly nuzzling the side of magnus’ head. trading whispers and warm kisses as they move from actually dancing to just swaying in the middle of the loft. as the minutes tick by all semblance of any dance form is lost and eventually they’re just hugging and swaying, hands painting patterns on each other’s backs.

OR it could fast and happy and a little silly. it’s been a long day; alec had had nothing but meetings so he’s a little tense and fidgety. magnus is much the same - peace negotiations between two different gangs of water spirits had been tedious (”i’m not having sushi again this century” “not if you’re living with me you’re not. i love sushi” “more than you love me??” “it’s honestly a tie” - cue magnus throwing a pillow at alec’s head while they both laugh)

and when they’re doing paperwork later on magnus suddenly notices alec’s foot tapping to the song that’s playing on the record player; upbeat and jazzy. in a flash magnus is pulling alec to his feet and blasting the furniture to one side of the room. “magnus what -” alec begins but is cut off by magnus twirling him out and then bringing him back in so his back is against magnus’ chest. “dance with me” he whispers as the music begins to increase in volume; the record player sparkling blue. alec doesn’t even hesitate before spinning around and grabbing magnus’ hands and dragging him into the middle of the living room as the both laugh. (matt said he could swing dance. i bet u they swing dance) 

this post is a mess and so am i

fluffoftail  asked:

hey archy. in a year im wanting to go off to college to be an architect (something ive been wanting to do and become for a long time) and right now im concerned with what i can be doing to maybe improve my skills with becoming an architect. i know drawing is the main way to go but im horrible at it and its hard to get ideas down on paper. ive been mainly using (i know this will sound dumb) the sims 4 for small ideas but is there anything you recommend for me to do? (love your blog btw!!!)


I would keep working at drawing by hand, for your own improvement, and sims 4, if that is the way you have found works for you. Download a starter 3d modeling software like sketchup and play around with it. Beyond that, travel if you can and read about things that you are curious about (including design,architecture and art) but don’t stress up too much about being ready for architecture school, any preconceptions you might have will probably go out the window in the first month.

Just remember, architecture is not about making “pretty” buildings, is about solving problems and improving the lives of the buildings’ users.

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