ive been playing too much of

stammi vicino has been playing in my head for 72 hours


I think I went a little overboard putting male Robin in a yukata

But I got the idea from an otome game I play bc I was admiring the kitsune mask of my fave chara (who also has white hair lol) which was my main insp for this and I was like…you know who else has a purple/gold color scheme and also has white hair? ROBIN.

Bonus: Robin’s a youkai or is the vessel of a demon spirit (like Grima lol)

which super mario bros character are u

aries - toad
taurus - luigi
gemini - yoshi
cancer - rosalina
leo - princess peach
virgo - bowser 
libra - daisy
scorpio - dry bones
sagittarius - birdo 
capricorn - boo
aquarius - waluigi
pisces - mario


consider this: a CRIMINAL (GTA) AU.

Rather than being known as for fame, LADYBUG and CHAT NOIR are found infamous, the rebelling teenagers donning their ‘alter egos’ for nights of thrills and close calls.  

some quick outfit sketches of our infamous ‘heroes’.

tried to incorporate their alter egos into both outfits on the left and right :0c

overwatch warmup/it was a crime I’ve never drawn Lucio… and D.VA suddenly appeared in my drawing, so, selfie