ive been on instagram

Hello there folks, sorry for the shameless promotion buttttttss

Lately ive been using instagram more since ive been drawing a lot of traditional doodles

For those who like to see the process of my drawings or more updates, im around insta more than here so….
You are free to check my works there or here ;3 i will try to update here more pften as well!

My insta is akkacrow, just like my tumblr!


hey cuties, I just want to apologize if I haven’t answered your texts, messages on here, or on instagram. Ive been in a really not so good mental state for a bit (eating disorder wise i’m doing okay) and it’s getting to the point where it won’t be sustainable anymore. i don’t think that i necessarily need a break from tumblr but i just wanted you to know where i’m at in case i don’t answer you. in any case, i’m sorry and i will probably answer eventually when i can 💛 love you lots

xx D

Bedforddanes: Rehearsing really hard

Posted on 4/5/2014