ive been on instagram

And suddenly I’m really, really, really into the avatar AU?

sketch page full o’ OCs


“happy #worldmentalhealthday !

just a little reminder that we all have mental health and sometimes it doesn’t run as smoothly as we’d like; and it’s just as important to look after it as it would be for something a little more physical or obvious.

woo! brains”

doddleoddle, via Instagram

I'll be very inactive

Short way…. I’m just dyin ya know- I’m home alone, no siblings, no sharing chores anymore- all of my siblings went to visit my cousins in Almaty, so I’m responsible on taking care of my garden, cats, chickens and my house- not really alone.. But kinda- all of my energies has been sucked out tbh- and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish anything. But I still try to draw everyday and I post most of my wips in instagram.. Also couldn’t sleep for so many days which brought me to this state- 3 am and I’m rewriting my schedule cuz I can’t do anything better.. Soon I’ll be away too- I’ll be going on a road trip on July 6 to either July 9 or 10.. To pick up my siblings from Almaty- so I guess that’s all. I’ll suffer a lot that’s for sure.