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Hoseok had a lot of turn-ons; thigh highs, fooling around in public places, strange positions, he’d suggested all of them at some point and your best sex always involved something kinky. But you’d found Hoseok’s biggest kink accidentally. You were rolling around on the floor, wrestling for control of the TV remote like you always did on your scheduled movie nights, and you’d somehow managed to pin him beneath you. His eyes grew dark with lust as he started up at you as you straddled his hips, but that was normal, your discovery came later.

Your wrestling for the remote inevitably turned into making out on the floor and you began to tease him, pulling back as he leaned up in an attempt to kiss crash his lips to yours. usually he’d overpower you easily, growing bored with the teasing but he remained beneath you, his arms pinned above his head. You smirked down at him, enjoying your rare chance at power as you ghosted your lips over his jugular, reveling in the breathy, needy moans that escaped his throat.

You pulled back, your eyes widening as he moaned your name and Hoseok’s cheeks flushed pink. He rolled you off him, scrambling to his feet and snatching the remote with a high pitched screech to let you know he’d won. You didn’t care about the remote at this point, you wanted to explore this new side to Hoseok you’d found, so you’d spent the length of the stupid movie he’d chosen coming up with a plan.

Hoseok slept in weird positions and you used that to your advantage. He laid on your bed, already asleep when you emerged from your shower and you grinned as you noticed one arm draped across his face, blocking out the light with the other resting just above his head on the pillow. You grabbed one of his ties from your dresser, padding over to stand beside him. You felt a little weird watching him sleep but you shook the thought from your head, tying the tie around his wrists without moving him too much. Thank god he was a heavy sleeper. You fastened the tie into a tight knot and moved to sit beside him on your bed, waiting patiently for him to wake up.


Hoseok sighed heavily beside you, rubbing his face on the arm draped across his face. You smiled as he tried to lift his arm, slowly realising that his wrists were bound together. He turned to look at you, eyes wide with shock as you tilted your head to the side, smiling as sweetly as you could manage.

“Y/N what-” he started, holding his bound wrists above his head, twisting them around like an idiot, tightening the knot further.

“We’re trying out a new kink,” you grinned, enjoying the way Hoseok’s cheeks flushed pink, “Ready to get started?”

Hoseok groaned your name as you pecked his lips, moving down his bare chest and taking one of his nipples into your mouth and Hoseok arched his back into you. You made sure to draw everything out, kissing, sucking and nibbling every inch of your boyfriend’s tanned skin. Hoseok squirmed underneath you and you relished in the breathy moans that escaped his lips, but you wouldn’t stop until you made him beg for it. you were careful to avoid the rather large bulge in his boxers, hooking your fingers in the hem of the fabric and swiftly pulling them off, Hoseok’s already half hard cock springing free. You stood, quickly stripping yourself of your pyjamas as he eyes followed you, licking his lips.

“Jagi,” Hoseok whined, straining to look at you as you ran your tongue along the inside of this thigh.

“Yes?” you responded as huskily as you could, causing Hoseok to bit his lip and good god did he look so hot. You smiled at him, lightly dragging your nails over the tops of his thighs, drawing goose bumps in their wake before you grasped his cock and stroked it languidly. Hoseok moaned, pushing his hips up, straining against his bonds.

“Do you like this?” you asked and Hoseok threw his head back against the pillows, groaning loudly as you lazily pumped his length. You released Hoseok’s shaft, crawling up his body and crashing your lips to his. You kissed him softly, ghosting your lips over his as he leaned up in a desperate attempt for contact. You pulled back completely and Hoseok pouted, staring up at you with lust filled eyes.

“What do you want?” you whispered, throwing your leg over his hips to straddle his waist .

“You,” Hoseok whined, arching his back as he lifted his hips to grind against you, “I want you,”

Your eyes widened at the erotic display, his movement shooting shocks of pleasure through your core and you could feel how wet you were just from his needy moans. You had no idea having Hoseok writhing in a needy mess beneath you would be this hot.

“Me?” you whispered and he nodded frantically, rolling his hips up against yours. You had to bite your lip to keep from moaning as his cock slipped between your folds, prodding at your entrance. You swiftly got off his lap before you gave up and sank down on his cock, ending the game right there, but you had another thought in mind. You felt nerves flutter in your stomach, you’d never done this before and you’d hope Hoseok wouldn’t object. You turned yourself around, throwing a leg over his chest so you were straddling him once again, but your back was to his face.

“Sit on my face,” Hoseok breathed and you felt your face flood with heat and you were thankful he couldn’t see you right now, “please… oh my god, Y/N,”

You leant forward, presenting your dripping core to him, moaning Hoseok’s name loudly as he traced his tongue along your slit. You were shaky and insanely turned on as he flattened his tongue against your pussy, but you were determined to have him moaning and begging for you to suck him. You grasped the base of his cock, blowing warm air over the head and smirking as he whined gruffly. In return, he delivered a long, slow lick to the length of your slit and you let more of your weight down on his face as his tongue flicked at your clit.

Hoseok bucked his hips and you let the head of his cock slip into your mouth. You began to bob your head up and down, only allowing the tip to slip into your mouth before you pulled back, causing Hoseok to whine rather loudly. You repeated until he was panting underneath you, his tongue slipping in and out of your entrance in a desperate attempt to please you. You grew bored quickly, swiftly deep throating his length and hollowing your cheeks, causing him to yelp in surprise and sink his teeth into your ass cheek.

“O-oh yes, Jagi!” he screamed, “Make me cum!”

Hoseok shoved his tongue as far into your entrance as he could and you could feel your orgasm approaching as the wet muscle moved inside of you. You bobbed your head shallowly, allowing him to thrust into your mouth as you rubbed a hand over the top of his thigh, the other moving underneath him to fondle his balls. With one last, gurgled moan of your name, Hoseok yelled as he came into your mouth. His tongue quickly withdrew from you, moving rapidly over your clit as you rolled your hips down onto his face.

“Fuck,” you breathed, your orgasm hitting your hard and you dug your nails into his thigh as he sucked you through your high. You lifted yourself off him, wiping some of his cum off your chin as you moved you untie his hands.

“Wow,” Hoseok panted, trying to catch his breath. He rubbed at his wrists as he stared at the ceiling, and you rolled your bottom lip between your teeth as you noticed your juices glistening on his lips. You leaned forward, catching his gaze as you ran your tongue over his lips, tasting yourself.

“That was unexpected,” Hoseok whispered in surprise as you pulled back.

“But good?” you asked, laying your head on his chest, listening to his heart race.

“It was okay,” he lied and you rolled your eyes.

“I think you liked it more than you want to admit,” You laughed, “O-Oh yes Jagi! Make me cum!” you mocked and his chest rumbled as he laughed with you.