ive been obsessing over it for a week

im obsessiveee and gross and the only motivation and sense of purpose i have in my life comes from wanting to impress or please ppl that i obsess over like

the only reason ive been drawing the past few weeks is bc i wanna make my bf feel special 

the only reason i try n take care of myself n do productive things is bc i live with my other bf and i dont want him to think im rlly a lazy sloth 

shakes my own shoulders bitch why r u so dependent or whatever is this normal like is this ok isnt that,, kinda yknow weiiird

i think ive said it already this week but im sorry i havent been very active/chatty abt the Boys this week!!!!!! ive been working on moving to another state and packing and transferring my nursing license over and also obsessively playing dishonored (high chaos corvo is Fun and Sexy) ITS JUST BEEN A LOT IM VERY… SCROMBLED RN and i should also quit making life updates on this blog this aint what yall r here for!!!

Im not the only one S.S cover
Im not the only one S.S cover

Hey guys, Ive been obsessing over this song for the last 2 weeks and I decided to make a cover of it. I hope you like it.