ive been obsessing over it for a week


Hey y'alll!!! I was tagged by @rei-kazuhiko! Im Catherine, Im 16 and joined the kingsman fandom ~2 weeks ago, and just bomb-dived right into obsession!!

Im from Canada, and I decided to watch the movie bc Id realized that I just hadnt watched it yet and itd been on by tbw list for over 2 years. And I love it sm, its just a fun movie with really likeable characters so Im in love!!!

I ship both hartwin and merlahad. Those two ships are just really cute to me, and I could see them both happening! Now for these photos: the first one is from today bc I really like my hair in it and wanted to show a full-body pic! The second one is from when I was goofing off in IKEA (where the lighting is super good holy shit) I tag @hold-onto-your-heart and @sparx252 (you seriously dont have to do it if you dont want to, its only if you want to) anyone else in the fandom who wants to do it bc i dont know whos been tagged yet so now youre officially tagged! And also, I love new friends and talking to people, so if you want to hmu pls!!
Im not the only one S.S cover
Im not the only one S.S cover

Hey guys, Ive been obsessing over this song for the last 2 weeks and I decided to make a cover of it. I hope you like it.