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hey. ive been seeing you get a lot of anon asks asking you why you're even believing in a 4th episode and being really rude. fuck them man, i mean i barely believe in a 4th episode just bc its such a wild idea, but im really glad you aren't backing down even when people are trying to give you doubt. i will have hope until sunday and/or im proven wrong

at this point i’m like, this is the only thing that makes sense after having spent 3 years analyzing this show and everything the content creators have said about it to death, but if the realization that none of this is real is upon us, at least i’ll have mofftiss dragging rights for the next 100 years

and like, to be fair, if tjlc isn’t real, the show is good entertainment, but not the higher form of art we’ve been considering it to be, which would mean we did create a banquet out of scraps. so in any scenario, at the very least we deserve props for that 

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Do you have a follow forever or recs?

hi! ive been meaning to make a real follow forever for ages and still havent, but heres a few blogs i love :’)

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Hey! ive decided to unfollow because ive been going through identity shit and ive come to the conclusion im mostly a girl. I love this blog and im glad i could send asks n stuff n be supported while i was more a boy, and i know the purpose is for mlm. I mean deciding this hasnt been easy, ive identified as a guy for quite a while and coming to terms with me being a girl in a relationship with a guy hasnt really been easy. So yeah i love you guys and all the boys that submit and thanks!!

i personally dont mind if girls follow but if it makes you more comfortable then im very glad you did!! im happy you’re discovering yourself, and thank u for letting us know!!! best luck, ilu

my mom watches her shows in the family room of our house where everyone is always hanging out and sometimes theres a (hetero) sex scene in whatever she’s watching and no matter how explicit or non explicit it is no one cares. its not a big deal. i mean its a little weird sometimes to just listen to really bad moaning for a solid minute but its not like she changes the channel or anything its just part of the show.

but me? i flinch when i’m watching two girls on my laptop and someone walks by or enters the room. not sex with two girls just. two girls. thats all. i pause the video and i wait for them to leave, my heart beating really fast. im not even in the closet. if the girls kiss i feel like i have to hide my screen and make sure no one saw i was watching that. 

i hate this more than anything

My fav thing about this series is we have this canon line that Keith sleeps like a baby, but hes often made out to be an insomniac. Idk why I find that interesting.

Im off my work schedule so far I don’t even care. Sure I have a plan but Ive been interesting in trying to learn new things.. This time.. calming the fuck down. I tend to go over board when it comes to makeing stuff look perfect. I want a sketcher tone to my work.

I realize this line may be wrong cause im going off memory but you get the idea

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HELLO! I just found your blog and i can 100% say that im in love with your art they are the greatest thing ever! Also i hope you dont mind but i stalked you and probably saved all your arts. Dont worry though i wont repost or use it for bad purposes. AND (yes there is more) can you please give me some tips on drawing faces bcs ive been trying to draw bangtan for who knows how long but i still mess up their faces. I mean, like how do you make it so that it will resemble them? OK IM DONE THANK YOU

I apologize in advance for the people who will have to scroll past this (read more doesn’t really work on phone)
These are most of the things I keep in mind when I’m drawing them. There are some more but I can’t really explain them.
This is very much a sketch and I suck at explaining but hope it helps you.

In random order





JK (I struggle with his face too so this might not be very helpful):


Hairstyles and clothes also help make them recognizable. For example Hobi and Tae often have their hair parted in the middle and Jin has those pink hoodies.

Use references. Lots of references. They help a lot.

You can see the difference in the amount of explanation between Jin and the rest lmao. It’s because I started with him


Overwatch Festive Icons: Tank Edition!

I felt like making a bunch of icons. Feel free to use! (Just give credit please!)

Don`t see one you like? Check my other sets:

Offense | Defense | Support

hi. it’s la'shaunae
im in a very toxic and verbally abusive environment and im scared that ill hurt myself soon if i dont leave.
i cant find work (so pls dont send mean anons telling me not to “beg” online)
ive been trying very hard to sell my clothes but im still not really making money from that
and i do not know what else to do but i trust all of my online friends
ive been stressed and crying almost 80% of the day EVERY night and i just want to be more happier for once
ive been trying to get noticed online by modeling companies but i have been unsuccessful with that.
just donating a lil will add up eventually
i gave my family all that i had and now im left with nothing and not getting help
my bank account was closed bc of my hospital bills putting me in debt
im gnna save up in my paypal (bc my bank account closed) to move out
i dont know where the fuck ill go but ill have somewhere to go thats not here.